General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Sprigg
Occupation: Lovable Old Lady
Origin: DimensionVortex
Age: 224
Species: Mystics
Home Time: Temporal Vortex
Home Area: Temporal Vortex
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 86 lbs.
Build: Dwarfish
Hand: Left-handed
Weapon Type: Staff
Innate Element: Green

Tech Learning:

  • Doppelgang - Already learned
  • Z-Slash - DashSlash (doppelganged as Slash), FlyingArrow (Serge), RedPin (Kid)

Character Stats:

Star HP STR DEF HIT(1/2/3) EVD MAG MDEF Status
0 42 4 4 85 50 20 12 4 4 10 10
99 660 79 70 95 35 53 40

Sprigg is the enigmatic sole resident of the Temportal Vortex. Born in 796 A.D., Sprigg probably researched magic during her life, and was likely born in Medina (being a Mystic). At some point in her life, she met the Fortune Teller of Termina and also developed her Doppelgang ability, enabling her to transform into enemies she defeated. She lived on the outside world for much of her life. Eventually, Sprigg was somehow cast into the enigmatic Temporal Vortex, where she eked out a life of quiet thinking and subsistence on a strange fruit and Saururaceae juice. Her displacement there gave her a philosophy of chaos in life. When Sneff came to the Temporal Vortex as part of his journeys of magical training, she gave him a berry that allowed him to change people to cats and back. About the time of 1020 A.D. on the outside world, Serge as Lynx was cast into the Vortex as well. Sprigg was pleasantly surprised at the visitor and accompanied him back to the real world, where she visited her old friend the Fortune Teller and eventually discovered that her Saururaceae juice actually came from the water of the Hydra Marshes.

Sprigg may be a unidimensional being, dependent on whether she was thrown into the Temporal Vortex before or after the split of dimensions. Though never stated in-game, she is confirmed to be a Mystic via the Missing Piece art book.

Sneff's visit to the Temporal Vortex is found only in the Japanese version of Chrono Cross:

US Translation:

An old troll gave me a
mysterious berry during
my travels, long ago.
She was saying someffing
about the Bend of Time...



utunnels Translation:

"In the old days, when I was on my journey of training, I got a mysterious fruit. I think I was in a Temporal Vortex or somewhere..."

   It's been a long time,
   Lady Sprigg.
   Have you been well?

   Cackle, I'ma doin' fine.
   I've finally made it back
   to the real world.
   It be swell to hang with
   youz again!
   This is a power I can't
   make me own...
   There ain't no use tellin'
   me to do anythin', chum!
   ...You don't 'ave to tell
   me nothin'!
   I knows I might've led an
   easier life if I'da been
   kinder to otherz...
   Wot do we 'ave 'ere!?
   The final gate, which leads
   to the darkness of time, eh?
   Well, it's time to end it
   Someone's gotta do it!
   Wot an adventure!
   'Twas just wot I expected.
   I think it's about time
   I retired in peace.
   So long, Serge.!

Chrono Cross HD Remaster Twitter bio: Sprigg - "A jolly old woman who likes to drink" An old woman of the Fiends. She has the special power to take the power of monsters and reproduce their abilities exactly as they are. She has a hut in the Temporal Vortex, but she does not like to stay there. She has a foul mouth, but she is surprisingly good at taking care of people. In ANOTHER WORLD, she is acquainted with the old woman Fortune Teller of Termina.

Name Origin[edit]

Spriggans are legendary creatures known from Cornish faery lore.

Saururaceae is a family of plants encompassing flowers in Asia and North America.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Translation: Spriggan





Sprigg Sprigg portrait

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