General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Guile
Occupation: Masked Magician
Origin: Zenan Mainland
Age: 26
Species: Human
Home Time: 1020 A.D.
Home Area: Termina (Bar)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Build: Tall & Slender
Hand: Right-Handed
Weapon Type: Rod
Innate Element: Black

Tech Learning:

  • WandaIn - Already Learned
  • WandaSwords - 15 Stars
  • LightninRod - 35 Stars
  • SwordStorm - WandaSwords, SwordTrick (Sneff)

Character Stats:

Star HP STR DEF HIT(1/2/3) EVD MAG MDEF Status
0 49 5 5 80 50 10 10 9 8 10 8
99 880 74 75 95 15 58 48

Guile is a dashing, handsome, enigmatic magician from the Zenan mainland. A member of the mysterious Magic Guild, he came to El Nido in search of mystery and curiosity. He became a friend of the Fortune Teller in Termina and learned of Viper Manor and its status as an impregnable fortress. Eager to disprove this myth, he entered into a contest with the Fortune Teller; if he found a Revive Element in the manor, she would give him a Brass Rod. Otherwise, he would have to reveal his face to her. While preparing for his attempt, he met Serge and Kid, who also planned to infiltrate the manor. Judging their usefulness, he decided to accompany them, and from that point on served as a member of the party (though briefly leaving while Serge regained his body from Lynx). While on the quest, Guile displayed exceedingly refined and cultured behavior and speech, and also developed an Element Grid capable of using many advanced techniques. A visit with Sneff revelead that he was the "rising star" of the Magic Guild, but Guile scoffed at his invitation to work magic shows, noting that his only real interest was discovering the truth behind the enigmas of the world. To this end, he accompanied Serge until the final battle with the Time Devourer. He then faded into history; little else is known of him, as Guile is an enduring mystery of his own accord.

During the planning stages of Chrono Cross, Guile was intended to be Magus in disguise, accompanying Serge to learn the true fate of his sister Schala. This would have paralelled his role in Radical Dreamers as the mysterious magician Magil. In the Chrono Cross Demo, Guile is referred to as Gil (Magil's name in Radical Dreamers) in the debug room, a relic of this plan. However, as more and more characters were added to the game, the developers felt that it would have been too difficult to represent Magus's story well amongst the sea of other characters. Guile's backstory was removed, and he gained his own identity as a mystifying traveler. Guile is regardless the same as Magil in appearance and behavior -- fiercely handsome, interesting, intelligent, good-natured, eloquent, and prone to having a bit of fun. Guile especially excels at the last point in his frequent toasts to enigma and lighthearted bet with the fortune teller. Because of Chrono Trigger DS, Guile may be Magus; see the analysis section.

Chrono Cross HD Remaster Twitter bio: Guile - "Mysterious wanderer in a mask" A skilled magician who travels in search of the mysteries hidden in the world. He is a handsome man, but he rarely smiles and always keeps a certain distance from his friends, giving off a somewhat cold air. He is very tight-lipped about his own life and always wears a mask to hide his true face, so no one knows who he really is. He claims that there is no mystery that he cannot solve, but it seems that the greatest mystery is his true identity.

 [Fortune Teller]
   Sir Guile,
   the deadline has
   already passed!
   ...Ma'am, this time
   I have lost.
   I have found the item
   in question, though it
   was too late...

 [Fortune Teller]
   Sir Guile, how did it go?
   Did you find the item?

   See for yourself, ma'am.
   Here is proof of my intrusion
   into Viper Manor.
   I ask that you give me
   my reward, as promised 
   at the conclusion of our bet.

 [Fortune Teller]
   It is my loss this time.
   Here is the reward I promised.
   Take it away!

   Guile received
   Bronze Rod!
 [Fortune Teller]
   Sir Guile, how did it go?
   Did you find the item?
   ...Ma'am, I have
   lost this time.
   I was able to penetrate
   into the manor, but...

 [Fortune Teller]
   Don't start whining!
   A promise is a promise.
   Now, take off your mask
   and let me see your face.

   I guess I have no choice...

 [Fortune Teller]
   M-My word!!!
   I see, so that's what
   it was...
   These old bones have
   just shaved an hour
   off their life-span...
   Ma'am, I have learned that
   the world is full of
   I will be joining their journey
   for a while. Take care, and we
   might engage in another high-
   stake gamble again.

 [Fortune Teller]
   You bet!
   Is this what I have
   been searching for
   all this time...
   Stop it!
   I am no such thing.
   What good is it...
   to possess such
   dark power...?
   Never did I expect
   this to happen...
   But very interesting,
   I would like to witness
   the outcome of this battle.
   It was an interesting
   journey, Serge...
   I will set out in
   search of a new enigma.
   Let us toast, in hopes that
   our paths may cross again...!

Analysis and Theory[edit]

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Translation: Alf

Name Origin[edit]

Guile is a derivative of Gil, used by Magus in Radical Dreamers ("Magil" in the English translation and Cross reference).

Alf is a play on Alfador.





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