General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Lisa
Age: Indeterminate, teens
Species: Human
Home Area: Termina

Lisa is the daughter of Funguy and a social rival to Leena. She grew up with her father, and was trained to take over his Elements shop; she saw many customers from around the El Nido mainland this way, and also kept abreast of the latest news in Termina. During her tenure, she met Leena, who she became friends with; however, Lisa was prone to teasing her often, especially about Serge. Lisa often made petty advances at Serge to anger Leena, and also openly flaunted her beauty around the Arni girl. A Magical Dreamers fan, she planned to go to the Viper Festival before it shut down; for the rest of Serge's quest, she simply sold Elements and complained about the Porre troops cutting off business. Her real featured moment was in the ending "The True Hero," in which she taunted Kid and Leena about her winning the beauty contest.



Lisa portrait

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