General Information[edit]

Full Name: Chief Direa
Age: Indeterminate; elderly
Species: Human
Home Area: Guldove

Direa is the sagely and elderly chief of Guldove. Raised and skilled in the ancient traditions of the Dragonians and her predecessors, she was versed in the legends of the Dead Sea and the Dragon God. After she became chief, she elected Steena as her assistant, and provided counsel to visitors while safeguarding the Dragon Tear. She maintained this open audience even after the Dragon Tear was stolen, eventually speaking with Serge; she possibly detected the air of the Black Wind about him, and instructed him to investigate the Sea of Eden. Later, she bestowed him with the Dragon Emblem so that he could gain audience with Steena in Home World.

In Home World, Direa died before 1020 A.D., causing Steena to take her place as High Priestess.



Direa portrait

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