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Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Starky
Occupation: A Stray 'Gray'
Origin: Another Planet
Age: Unknown
Species: Starchild
Home Time: 1020 A.D.
Home Area: Hermit's Hideaway
Height: 2'11"
Weight: 11 lbs.
Build: Alien
Hand: Ambidextrous
Weapon Type: Gun
Innate Element: White

Tech Learning:

  • StarLight - 3 Stars
  • StarBurst - 19 Stars
  • StarStruck - Take Starky back to his UFO after the anti-gravity device has been retrieved

Character Stats:

Star HP STR DEF HIT(1/2/3) EVD MAG MDEF Status
0 41 6 6 85 50 20 15 6 6 12 11
99 765 80 70 95 40 50 45

Starky is a member of another intelligent species based on another planet. While flying through space, his ship malfunctioned and crashed in the El Nido Triangle, shattering to bits called Star Fragments. Starky, with little knowledge of humanity or human interaction, immediately set out to find the missing pieces. This led him to Sky Dragon Isle, where he mauraded explorers for their shards. Eventually, he attacked Serge as well, but Serge overpowered the young traveler. Starky then joined Serge's party, postulating that his ship might be intact in the other world. While traveling with Serge, Starky learned more about human life; when retrieving his Plasma Pistol in Arni, he enjoyed courtesy from the fisherman and also learned how to say thanks. He also learned of human sadness by observing Harle weep on the S.S. Invincible about the condition of the world and her inability to stay with Serge. Soon, he located his ship in Another World, as he needed to extract the anti-gravity device from it to allow Korcha's Boat to reach Terra Tower. While there, he also found his ultimate technique. He then stayed with Serge until the defeat of the Time Devourer.

Starky's backstory is elaborated on in the ending "A Career Change...". His race was sent to earth to determine its fitness for some unrevealed purpose, which may involve its destruction. The veracity of this backstory is debatable, since it takes its exposition from an ending (and endings in the Chrono series are usually made for humorous purposes). Nonetheless, the fortune teller's statement about Starky having to make a grave decision seems to back up this history. Starky's decision would be whether to save the planet or simply let his comrades destroy it. Starky features in Another Eden. Masato Kato heavily implies in Another Eden's Starky mini-quest that Starky's home world was destroyed by another member of Lavos's species, and that his race is searching for a suitable planet to terraform as their new home. The party of Another Eden must defeat the Terracticon, the terraforming device employed for this purpose, to save Another Eden's planet. This development is in harmony with the clues given in Chrono Cross, including what the Fortune Teller states; per Another Eden, terraforming a planet necessarily involves the death of current living beings who dwell there.

Chrono Cross HD Remaster Twitter bio: Starky - "A stray alien dreaming of returning to his home planet" An alien who flew in from another planet a long time ago and crash-landed in the El Nido Triangle by accident. He can manipulate gravity freely and walks while floating in the air. He wants to return to his home planet, but the spaceship he was on was broken into pieces, so he is collecting "star fragments". It seems that he originally came to this planet for a purpose, and he is always interested in observing human common sense and behavior.

Another World[edit]

Another World's Starky is probably doing something else in the world; he might have been killed after exiting his inctact ship.

   My word!
   You are fated to
   make a grave choice.
   Whatever will be selected
   will be decided from the
   actions of those around you.
   Out of this world...!
   The liight of the big baang!
   All starts from heere and
   all ends heere...
   What liies beeyond that...?
   This must bee the
   fiinal gaate to the
   darkness of tiime.
   Wee've fiinally come
   this far.
   Starky will fiight to the
   end alongsiide youu, Serge.
   Youu are gooing hoome,
   Starky am gooing hoome, too.
   My comrades are
   heere to pick mee up.
   Starky learned a lot
   from huumans.
   Youu are welcome,

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Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Translation: Star Child





Starky Starky portrait

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