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Chrono Cross[edit]

The "Starchild" race hails from another planet; they have mastered interplanetary travel, though their technology is only beginning to scratch the surface of the genius displayed by Belthasar. Starky is a member of this race, and while traveling, crashed at the El Nido Triangle. His ship fragmented, and he set about collecting the pieces. Starky's backstory is elaborated on in the ending "A Career Change...". His race was sent to audit the human planet and determine if it was worth saving or should be destroyed. The veracity of this backstory is debatable, since it takes its exposition from an ending (and endings in the Chrono series are usually made for humorous purposes). Nonetheless, the fortune teller's statement about Starky having to make a grave decision seems to back up this history. Starky's decision would be whether to save the planet or simply let his comrades destroy it. Interesting theories have emerged concerning why his race are in the business of auditing planets in the first place; one suggests that the "Starchild" race is out to wipe the Lavos species from the universe.

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