General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Van
Occupation: Penny-wise Artist
Origin: Termina
Age: 14
Species: Human
Home Time: 1020 A.D.
Home Area: Termina
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 88 lbs.
Build: Smallish
Hand: Left-handed
Weapon Type: Boomerang
Innate Element: Green

Tech Learning:

  • JumpThrow - 3 Stars
  • WetPaint - 15 Stars
  • PiggyBoink - 35 Stars

Character Stats:

Star HP STR DEF HIT(1/2/3) EVD MAG MDEF Status
0 50 4 5 80 50 10 7 7 7 10 10
99 770 75 70 95 20 48 39

Van is the practically-minded son of the artist Gogh. His mother died soon after he was born; forced to grow up in poverty, he became sarcastic as his father struggled to sell his paintings. Van soon developed awareness of the need for good income, and maintained his own piggybank. In his room, he also kept a jar of El Nido Blue, his father's original color, and a seashell associated with memories of his mother. Around 1020 A.D., he was nearly forced out of his home by the greedy landlord, but managed to delay the proceedings by noting that he would soon go on a quest to find the Frozen Flame. These events were witnessed by Serge, who had come to the house moments earlier. Van then retired to his room to sulk; Serge told him that his party really was on a quest to find the Flame, and Van incredulously dismissed this. He still offered his services as a travel guide, to which Serge accepted. His father wished him well, and gave him a Boomerang for combat. While traveling with Serge, Van had the advent of meeting his father in Another World -- a fat, distant father. Van learned the importance of the statement "money can't buy happiness" in seeing Gogh, and also visited his dimensional counterpart. The two wished each other the best. Van then accompanied Serge to fight the Time Devourer.

Chrono Cross HD Remaster Twitter bio: Van - "Money-hungry kid" He is a somewhat pompous boy who lives in Termina. His mother died when his father was an unsuccessful painter and they were poor, and he became obsessed with money in reaction to his continued poverty in HOME WORLD. In ANOTHER WORLD, where his father became a successful merchant, he lives a wealthy life in a mansion with a maid, but he still feels somewhat unfulfilled. In both worlds, he has a love of art.

Another World[edit]

In Another World, the roles of Van and Gogh were switched; Gogh became an affluent trader, while Van was offered all the services and tools needed to become a successful painter. As a result, Van became moody and cynical, spoiled by the wealth of his father.

   Take good care of the
   ones who love you, my boy.

   Is that you I see,
   No, you aren't her!
   You're just showing
   me what you think I
   want to see!
   Could this be the final
   gate to the darkness
   of time...?
   It's time for us to
   settle this...
   In the hopes of painting
   a more brightly colored future!
   Good-bye, Serge.
   We'll probably never
   see each other again.
   I won't be sad...
   Well, maybe just a little bit...

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Translation: Vancliff / Bancliff



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Van Van portrait

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