General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Full Name: Mel
Occupation: Doodling Brat
Origin: Guldove
Age: 10
Species: Human
Home Time: 1020 A.D.
Home Area: Guldove
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 84 lbs.
Build: Thin
Hand: Right-Handed
Weapon Type: Boomerang
Innate Element: Yellow

Tech Learning:

  • Snatch - 3 Stars
  • Doodle - 19 Stars
  • Tantrum - 40 Stars
  • DoubleTake - Snatch, Pilfer (Kid)

Character Stats:

Star HP STR DEF HIT(1/2/3) EVD MAG MDEF Status
0 35 4 3 85 50 10 8 5 5 9 11
99 770 73 75 95 25 50 38

Mel is the adopted daughter of Macha who lives in Guldove and has acquired a reputation as a tantrum-thrower. Her origins unclear, she was taken in by Macha and soon developed a liking for her sibling, Korcha. She constructed her own crafts in the lower part of the residential tower, and also practiced her skills in combat. When Serge and Kid came to Guldove to heal from the Hydra poison, she mischeviously snatched Kid's Elements and hid. Korcha and the others soon found her; though she was upset at first, Kid eventually talked to her and convinced her to join the party. Mel was rumored to be insecure about Korcha, afraid that he would not reciprocate her liking him. Mel then accompanied Serge on his travels.

Home World[edit]

In Home World, Mel lived a simple life working on her crafts in the residential tower.

   There's no need to worry...
   Your love at heart can
   be hindered by no one.
   I'm n-not in love
   with anyone!
   How pretty!
   This is mine and
   nobody else's!
   Finder's keeper's!
   I know, I know...!
   Not everything in
   this world goes the
   way I want it to...
   So this is the final gate
   to the darkness of time...
   It's time to settle this.
   In search of a brighter
   future with nature!
   I guess this is good-bye
   then, Sergey.
   Hah hah! Don'tCHA worry,
   I'll be a good girl!
   Good luck in the
   other world!
   Bye-bye, Sergey!





Mel Mel portrait

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