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Full Name: Toma Levine
Age: Indeterminate, young man
Species: Human
Home Time: 600 A.D.
Home Area: None, possibly Choras
Died: March 6, 634 A.D.

Toma Levine is a swashbuckling, vagrant explorer in search of ancient treasure and fame. He is a self-titled Mystical Explorer; a bit of a flake, he can apparently persuade creditors to finance his ventures with ease. Despite his tendency to run out of money by purchasing good food and drink, he is well equipped with lore and information, making mention of the Rainbow Shell and Sun Stone. While at the various cafes around the world, he easily divulges interesting tidbits he's come across for the price of his tab, informing Crono, for example, about the Cathedral's infection by Yakra and where to find Frog in the Cursed Woods. He was hired to track down the Rainbow Shell by the village elder of Dorino. He ultimately did track down the location of the Rainbow Shell, which he narrowed to the Giant's Claw off the coast of Choras.

Unfortunately, he was not able to penetrate the lair itself, still plagued with Azala's old dinosaur henchmen. Before his first attempt at the place, he instructed Crono and his party to take his drink and pour it on his future grave on the West Cape. After doing so, his ghost arose and revealed the location of the shell. Back in the medieval period, he noted that he was not sour about getting beaten to the treasure, but declared that he would most definitely find the Sun Stone first (another treasure he was beaten to by the heroes of time). In the ending A Slide Show, Lucca remarked that she considered him to be sort of an intellectual, though Marle speculated that he had dozens of girlfriends. A maid at a cafe in 600 A.D. seems to confirm this, for in-game she wishes that Toma would settle down for awhile and stay in one place. In the Japanese version, Lucca wondered if he liked men.

Toma did eventually settle down, ensuring that a long line of flaky adventurers would continue to bless the world with charm. He possibly married a young woman in Choras who pined for him (this was lost in the English translation). One of his descendants, Toma XIII, can be found in a cafe in Choras.

Chrono Cross[edit]

Though Toma is absent from the game, an almost complete doppelganger of him (personality and all) is present as the aforementioned Toma XIII's son, Toma XIV.



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