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Eras: 600 A.D.
Music: Longing of the Wind

Dorino is a town to the southeast of Zenan Bridge, and prospered in the Middle Ages. Its official name revealed as San Dorino, it was probably a parochial town (a nun can be seen in the Inn), and was led by an Elder as were the other towns of the age. Dorino also sat near the Denadoro Mts, and its villagers often spoke of these landforms. It may have been razed or adversely affected by the Mystic War; Mystics at one time were present in the surrounding areas, probably during the raids that destroyed Zenan Bridge. Around this time, the elder desired the Rainbow Shell for use in creating armor and enlisted Toma to help locate it. Aside from sporting a local pervert who craves the Naga-ette Bromide, the villagers of Dorino are known around this time for their vehement hatred of Magus and the Mystical Knights; their defeat led to much celebration in the dwelling. Dorino was totally erased from history by 1000 A.D., apparently abandoned, or more dramatically, destroyed by the encroachment of a mountain where it used to sit or possible seismic activity. Or it simply had no bearing on the present's events, and thus was not programmed into the game.

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