Denadoro Mts

Denadoro Mts Vistas and BG Detail.png

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 600 A.D.
Music: Boss Battle 2, Manoria Cathedral, Strong Wind, Underground Sewer
Items: 1700g, 1 Bent Sword, 1 Ether, 1 Gold Helm, 1 Magic Tab, 4 Mid Ethers, 2 Mid Tonics, 1 MirageHand, 2 Revives, 1 SilverErng, 1 SilverStud, 1 Speed Tab
Enemies: Bellbird, Free Lancer, Goblin, Ogan
Bosses: Masa&Mune, Masamune

The Denadoro Mountains are a range near Dorino filled with majestic waterfalls and greenery. They are the home of several Mystics and house the Masamune, which somehow came to reside there after the Ocean Palace Incident. Embedded in the rock of a cave on a summit, it is protected by Masa & Mune, who challenge anyone wishing to wield it. It is unknown how long it was there before 590 A.D., when Cyrus and Glenn successfully retrieved the sword. The victory was short-lived, as Magus and Ozzie attacked them outside the cave, breaking the Masamune in two, slaying Cyrus, and turning Glenn into Frog. Cast into one of the streams, Frog briefly returned to the summit to retrieve Cyrus's body, which he carried to the Northern Ruins. It would be ten years before the Masamune was taken again, though only the Bent Sword remained at the summit (the Bent Hilt had been kept by Frog).

Chrono Cross[edit]

Garai and Radius locate the Masamune here presumably in 1005 A.D., and Radius slays Garai outside the cave. In the Chrono Cross ending A Career Change, Harle orders a cup of "Denadoro Mountain Blend," with two cream and ten sugar. Denadorite is also mined here to created powerful weapons sold abroad.




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