Endings (Chrono Cross)

Chrono Cross features twelve endings, two of which can be had on a normal playthrough (the other ten being accessible through a New Game +. Similar to Chrono Trigger's, Cross's endings reflect on humorous situations or what might have happened if the game had truly ended at the point a particular ending was accessed. Because of this, the endings seem to fall outside the realm of canon, but the more serious endings do offer insight and character development at times.

Savestates for use with ePSXe of all the endings are available here.


Ending Code[edit]

Thanks to OneWingedAngel

IF(Chrono Cross is used on the Time Devourer) {
    RUN the "Chrono Cross" ending
Everything below is assuming the Time Devourer is defeated “normally”

IF(You completed Terra Tower all the way to Kid's final line on the boat) {
        RUN the "Bad" ending

IF(You completed Chronopolis all the way to Harle bidding you "adieu") {
    RUN the "Return of the Downtrodden" ending

IF(Harle has permanently left your party) {
    IF(Dario has decided to rebuild Viper manor) {
        RUN "Career change" ending
    RUN "Darkened Fate" ending

IF(You escaped from Viper manor after rescuing Riddel) {
    RUN "Onward Dragoons" ending

IF(Serge has body swapped into Lynx) {
    RUN "New Beginnings" ending

IF(You have decided whether or not to try to heal Kid) {
    IF(You took the Forest Route with Nikki) {
        IF(You chose to try to save Kid) {
            IF(Razzly is in your roster) {
                RUN "Magical Dreamers" ending
    RUN some version of "True Hero" ending

IF(You spoke with Leena at the dock) {
    RUN "General Kid" ending

IF(You recruited Poshul in Home World) {
    RUN "General Kid" ending

Request change to disc 2
RUN "Programmer's" ending


It's not just that you can't cross dimensions to get the developer's ending -- you can't make *any* progress in the game, whether by talking to Leena or recruiting Poshul.

Since the Chrono Cross can be acquired after the FATE battle, it is possible to trigger the Chrono Cross ending immediately after that without entering Terra Tower in New Game+.

Using a glitch to recruit Razzly before crossing dimension for the first time does NOT allow one to access this ending before breaking into Viper Manor.

From reading the fieldscript, it looks like there might be three versions of the True Hero ending, not just the two listed on that page. By my reading of the script, it looks like it's possible to cut to the final scene (with Solt, Peppor, and Pierre) after seeing Kid in Viper Manor (if you neither gave her the Hydra Humor nor recruited her with Doc), after Kid says "Bugger! How'd she know about that?", or after the Korcha/Macha scene. The Korcha scene can be skipped if you don't get Korcha's boat by promising that Kid will marry him, but instead go directly to Opassa Beach and fight the TD.

"Bad" Ending[edit]

This ending can be had by playing a regular New Game and defeating the Time Devourer without using the Chrono Cross. It simply rolls the credits after the Devourer is absorbed into a strange portal above the Darkness Beyond Time.

Chrono Cross Ending[edit]

If the Chrono Cross is used to defeat the Time Devourer, Schala will break free and quote a long speech concerning the struggle of evolving organisms against each other. She then tells Serge that she will find him someday; he awakes on Opassa Beach, where he seemingly loses his memory. This is a point of interest, and analysis on it can be found in the Theory section.

Programmer's Ending[edit]

If the Time Devourer is defeated before Serge crosses the dimensions, this ending results. All the major developers populate Viper Manor, and hilarious exchanges and notes about the game are provided to the player. Contrary to popular belief, there is no special Key Item to be had here, and neither can Kid be ushered to pickpocket a man in one of the rooms.

Thanks to morao, we have an idea of how the rumors of these were started:

  • Kid already is orphanage Kid; she doesn't change costumes.
  • There is some sort of shadow overlay in her sprite to make it look like she is hiding in the shadows.
  • When you acess Serge status with the Spectra Swallow equipped, it glitches the shadow overlay for some reason.
  • Her nods and shakes are merely the programmed reaction she has in the orphanage scene playing over and over again, it has nothing to do with the music playing.
Enter with Serge's Spectra Swallow Equipped and enter in and out of your menu,
    checking the Status. Once you get back out, Kid will be in her orphanage costume
    wearing it from the top down.
    The reason this occurs is Serge's identity is taking on a color or station of
    passage which Kid remembers, causing her to immediately come out of the shadows
    in that particular orphanage outfit.
    It's very interesting how the programmers have outlined this and when looked at
    closely you can only guess how well it was done:

    Regular swallow: No effect, kid stays shadow
    Mastermune: Same as previous
    Copper swallow: Same as previous
    Stone swallow: Same as previous
    Silver swallow: Same as previous
    Spectra swallow: Causes kid to appear in original Orphanage costume
  • Why should Kid remember spectra swallow? Spectra swallow is completely optional, not even mastermune is necessary to save Kid from the fire, you can do it with just the Chrono

Cross, besides you can't get developers ending with the mastermune it's impossible. Quote

   Story A1: Serge treats others in a way which he himself usually lives as during
   the game, Harle takes the black Relic, Serge recognizes his purpose before
   entering the Sea of Eden.
   Man in front of door changes his speech to "............". You may wonder what
   or how it occurred.
  • Just after you save Riddel, you can in fact go to Marbule and get the black relic before Harle leaves the party. But it doesn't really matter; there is no different dialogue or anything of the sort. It didn't change anything getting the relic with Harle.

General Kid[edit]

After crossing the dimensions, but before breaking into Viper Manor, this ending is available. Serge has become a fisherman in Arni, while Kid loses her patience waiting for him. She breaks into Viper Manor alone, takes down Lynx, and receives the Frozen Flame (which is actually the Dragon Tear in this scenario). She wishes herself Lord of El Nido, and creates the Acacia Empire by vowing to conquer the Kingdom of Guardia, and then Porre.

The True Hero (Without Kid)[edit]

While Kid is incapacitated after the Viper Manor break-in, this ending can be achieved. Serge works in Termina at Lisa's Element shop, and a biting exchange takes place between Lisa and Leena. Later, Kid is seen working in Viper Manor as a spy with Norris, who gave her the Hydra Humour. Afterwards, Solt, Peppor and Pierre are seen surmounting Fort Dragonia, the latter member of the group afflicted by stomach problems. Before they enter the sanctum, they begin a game of rock, paper, scissors in order to see who goes in first. Pierre loses, and complains for a rematch. The game then reveals that they were never heard from again.

The True Hero[edit]

The True Hero is the former ending, save with Kid in good health and the Korcha marriage dialogue having taken place. Instead of Kid working in Viper Manor, she enters Lisa's Element Shop after Leena and is insulted for not qualifying for a beauty pageant in Termina. Korcha then enters, attempting to reforge his wedding vows with Kid, but ends up proposing to Macha, who enters as Kid leaves.

The Magical Dreamers[edit]

Before attacking Fort Dragonia, this ending can be had if Nikki is in the party and Razzly was acquired as well. Kid must also be in good health. The player sees Lisa and Leena rushing to see the Magical Dreamers, who now have three new members; Serge is a percussionist, Kid is a vocalist, and Razzly is the band's mascot. After the concert fades, Lynx is seen exiting Fort Dragonia.

New Beginnings[edit]

This ending occurs if the Time Devourer is beaten after Serge receives Lynx's body. Lynx now lives in Marbule with Harle, and the villagers adore him; the Sage of Marbule then asks him to take his position in a few days. The ending cuts to Radius, Zappa, and Fargo in the Pearly Gates. They confront Lynx and vow to make him pay for his crimes, but Kid drops down from the ceiling and promises that they won't have the chance.

Onward, Dragoons![edit]

This ending can be had if the Time Devourer is defeated right after rescuing Riddel, but not after going to Hermit's Hideaway. The Acacia Dragoons are all assembled in Viper Manor, and Viper decrees that they will depart to fight Lynx's army across the land. Taking the battle to the SS Invincible, the Dragoons eventually corner Lynx, who taunts them. The scene cuts to Lynx and Harle, who are still living in Marbule; Kid accosts them at their house, and Harle prepares to fight her.

The Darkened Fate[edit]

This ending is available after Harle leaves the party. Lynx and Kid enter Chronopolis; the former proceeds to the Frozen Flame, while Kid stays behind to deal with Harle, who is trying to stop the duo. The scene cuts to Arni, wherein an old man is consulting the Record of Fate. It turns a black color, alarming the man, who rushes out to get the chief. The scene returns to Lynx, who muses that he can now finally become FATE.

A Career Change...[edit]

This ending is available after Dario is fought, but before Terra Tower rises. In Viper Manor, the kids of the orphanage stand at attenetion to General Viper, who instructs them to work hard and play hard. An Acacia Dragoon talks to Dario and suggests a Dragoon youth camp; the two laugh as they formulate a plan to provide funding. Later, the scene cuts to Lynx, Harle, and Kid arriving in Termina. They enter The Dragon's Tail bar, which is now staffed by the Devas and Luccia. Lynx and Kid order Galaxy Nights, while Harle orders coffee, Denadoro Mountain Blend. After the drinks are served, two of Starky's race meet and decide that since the planet has no unique characteristics, their plan to destroy it must begin at once. Lynx is then given a huge bill, and when he enters the consultation room to dispute it, Zoah stands ready to mug him.

Return of the Downtrodden[edit]

This ending is available while Terra Tower is still in the sky. The Sage of Marbule, the Dwarf Chieftain, and the Dragon God have met at the top of Sky Dragon Isle. The Dragon God instructs them to begin wiping out humanity in El Nido with their respective forces; the Dwarf is eager to do so, while the Sage questions this course of actions. Nonetheless, it is carried out, and Demi-humans now populate the islands. Harle walks around Arni, overhearing conversation concerning how filthy the humans were; she then picks flowers and lays them on the grave at Cape Howl.

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