Bent Hilt

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The useless hilt of a legendary sword.

The Bent Hilt is the broken hilt of the Masamune, a sword forged by the Guru of Life, Melchior. In approximately 590 A.D., a Guardian knight known as Cyrus and his squire Glenn located the and battled Melchior's two dreams, Masa and Mune, for the legendary blade. Magus and his troops located Cyrus and easily defeated him, killing Cyrus but transforming Glenn into Frog. The stress split the Masamune into two halves, its hilt carried by Frog, and the blade lost in the Denadoro Mts.

In 600 A.D., Crono and his party located the Denadoro Mountains and faced Masa and Mune in order to claim the Bent Sword. Later, Crono and his party found Frog and convinced him to withdraw the hilt of the Masamune. Frog eventually consented, and the Bent Sword and Bent Hilt were united once more, forged by Melchior with a measure of Dreamstone obtained from Ayla in 65000000 B.C.



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