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Chrono Trigger[edit]

Full Name: Ayla
Japanese Name: エイラ Eira (Eira, Eyla, or Ayla)
Theme: Ayla's Theme
Age: Indeterminate, early- to mid-20s
Species: Early Human
Home Time: 65000000 B.C.
Home Area: Ioka
Weapon Type: Fists
Weapons: BronzeFist, Fist, Iron Fist
Magical Element: None
Single Techs: Cat Attack, Charm, Dino Tail, Kiss, Rock Throw, Rollo Kick, Tail Spin, Triple Kick
Double Techs: Beast Toss, Blaze Kick, Boogie, Bubble Hit, Cube Toss, Drill Kick, Drop Kick, Falcon Hit, Fire Whirl, Flame Kick, Ice Toss, Slurp Kiss, Spin Kick, Twin Charm, Volt Bite
Triple Techs: 3D Attack, Final Kick, Gatling Kick, Poyozo Dance, Spin Strike, Twister

Ayla is the fearsome, strong warrior chief of prehistory. Ayla assumed the title of Chief of Ioka thanks to her strength, and she led her people in battle with the Reptites for supremacy. When she saw Crono and his party assaulted by the reptilian beings at the foot of the Mystic Mts, Ayla immediately drove them away. Crono's own combative skill impressed Ayla, who invited them to feast with her tribe and celebrate their victory. A warrior of her tribe named Kino did not understand why his Chief would throw a feast for outsiders. When the celebration ended and the party fell aleep, he stole their Gate Key and ran for the Forest Maze. Ayla's nobly aided Crono's search for the key, while Kino admitted that he only took it out of jealousy -- and that he loves Ayla and was worried that she would choose Crono over him. Ayla punched him and told him that she preferred him over Crono; he apologized but admitted that Azala and the Reptites stole the Gate Key. Crono and Ayla then defeated Nizbel and retrieved the Key.

Ayla gave Crono Dreamstone, which was necessary to forge the Masamune. When Laruba village was attacked after Crono's return to her era, she agreed to join Crono's party permanently. Though Ayla's vocabulary as an early human is limited, her intellect is keen and her humanity passionate and inquisitive. She lives with respect to the "law of earth" -- that the strong live and the weak die. Because she predates contact with the Frozen Flame, she cannot use magic. She is possibly bisexual, as she notes to Lucca that she likes strong people, whether men or women (Lucca replies that she's not in to that sort of thing). Censors removed this exchange in the American release. Ayla also expressed concern over the small size of Marle's breasts, worrying that they weren't sufficient to give milk to children; this exchange was also censored. Ayla returned to 65000000 B.C. after the defeat of Lavos and married Kino with a Dreamstone ring.

Tech Learning:

Kiss: 10 TP
Rollo Kick: 60 TP
Cat Attack: 100 TP
Rock Throw: 200 TP
Charm: 400 TP
Tail Spin: 600 TP
Dino Tail: 800 TP
Triple Kick: 1000 TP

Even though Ayla can't use magic, she has a small percentage of resistance against Fire magic (each character his a small resistance against something). This suggests that if Ayla had the genetics for magic, she'd be a Fire innate.

Chrono Cross[edit]

Ayla is the proposed name of Leah's future child. This begs the question of whether Leah is her mother. The actual name is revealed to mean "new song of land."

Theory and Analysis[edit]

Name Origin[edit]

Ayla is possibly named after a character in the book series "Clan of the Cave Bear" by Jean M. Auel. The character is a Cro-Magnon girl taken in by Neanderthals. She learns to hunt and becomes a great leader, but is exiled after a resentful man becomes chief.




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