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Chrono Trigger[edit]

Eras: 600 A.D., 1000 A.D.
Music: Longing of the Wind, Peaceful Days

Choras is an island town set apart from the landmasses of Zenan and Medina. Established before 600 A.D., it is home to a cafe and line of carpenters. In 1000 A.D., it is still quoted as reporting to the Kingdom of Guardia, and is adjacent to Northern Ruins where Cyrus is buried. It is possible that this town was the birthplace of Cyrus or Glenn, as Cyrus came to reside in the ruins after his death by Magus (his body was transported by Frog). A woman in 1000 A.D. references Cyrus as the town's guardian angel, further evidencing this possibility. Unlike the other cities in the series, Choras is relatively peaceful and is never quoted as having been invaded or subject to other tumultuous events. The Northern Ruins themselves may have at one time been a seat of power for local rulers of Choras, though it apparently fell into disrepair -- perhaps after Guardia annexed the city. It may be possible that Choras has always been independent, however, as at least two citizens of 1000 A.D. refer to the Millennial Fair as "Guardia Kingdom's Millennial Fair", suggesting it remains a separate polity.

Areas of Choras:

Chrono Cross[edit]

Choras is never mentioned in Chrono Cross, though it may have become its own sovereign country after the Fall of Guardia.

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