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Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 1000 A.D.
Music: Delightful Spekkio, Silent Light

Medina is the home of the Mystics, built upon the ashes of Magus's Lair and designed for everyday living after the defeat of its occupants in 600 A.D. The Mystics lead lives similar to humans, doing chores, cooking food, running shops, and managing daily affairs. While the Mystics harbored a grudge against humans, most were docile enough to allow casual visitation (though some extremists in Heckran Cave still wanted to revive the war). Public display of animosity was still common in the modern era, as many Mystics met to parade around a statue of Magus in the Medina Square. This hostility was completely eroded after Crono and his group defeated Ozzie in the past, leading to a jovial atmosphere and encouraging relations with humans (the most visible element being the construction of a ferry to Truce by Bandeau). While Medina was originally led by Ozzie VIII, the actions of the time travelers resulted in his demoting to kitchen cleaner and the rise to the position of elder by a better leader. The prices of all items sold in the city also dropped to levels that undercut the fees of human merchants elsewhere. Last seen, Medina was poised to enter a bright future.

Areas of Medina:

Chrono Cross[edit]

One of the workers in Chronopolis mentions that he is from Medina, confirming that the city exists in 2400 A.D.

Name Origin[edit]

Medina is the home of the religion of Islam. The founder, Muhammad, took his followers to Medina, where he became leader of the city and was known as the Prophet -- the title also given to Magus as he revists Zeal in the Keystone Timelines, and also his status over the Mystics.



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