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Full Name: Kino
Age: Indeterminate, high teens
Species: Early Human
Home Time: 65000000 B.C.
Home Area: Ioka

Kino is the simple-minded companion to Chief Ayla of Ioka. He was found crying on Mystic Mts and raised by Ayla. Kino "walks like a duck" according to Lucca; in his first encounter with the party, he became intensely jealous of Ayla's attention to Crono and was internally driven to swipe Lucca's Gate Key while the party rested. He was assaulted and mugged in turn by the Reptites, losing the Gate Key to them. Ayla punched him and explained that irrespective of the heroes' arrival, she still liked Kino best of all, and instructed him to act as Chief in her absence. He then apologized to Crono.

After the party fought Magus and were displaced by the huge distortion made by Lavos, an assault was carried out on Laruba. Kino rushed to the scene and fought, but was captured and interred in the Tyrano Lair. He lamented his capture when rescued by Ayla, and even offered to help take down Azala, but was once again reminded of his obligations to the tribe in the event Ayla died. He quickly showed Ayla a trick to open the corridors of the Lair and retreated. Displaying a good sense of planning, he retrieved the Dactyls and spirited the party away from the impending Fall of Lavos. His last appearance was at the Moonlight Parade, where he jokingly ensured Marle that he and Ayla would have strong children. The ending cut scene of the Final Fantasy Chronicles version shows him accepting a wedding ring from Ayla while celebrating with his tribesmen in a tent.

Name Origin[edit]

Kino is the protagonist of a short story by John Steinbeck called "The Pearl," in which a poor Mexican man is obsessed with finding a rich pearl so that he can afford medical treatment for his child. It is also Japanese for yesterday.



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