Fall of Lavos


General Information[edit]

Era: 65000000 B.C.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The Fall of Lavos is the name given to the impact of Lavos upon the planet in prehistoric times, marking his rapid descent beneath the crust. Lavos's leaving point unknown, Lavos traveled for an indeterminate length of time in space before angling toward the planet. Shortly before Lavos fell, the Reptites became aware of the impending crash and a "red star" also became visible in the daytime sky. No preventative action could be taken, and the Reptite leader Azala surmised that the fall would cause an unmitigable Ice Age for millions of years. Lavos's final descent utilized a curved trajectory to increase momentum for impact; the resulting collision completely shunted the Tyrano Lair deep beneath the planet's crust and left a huge, raised crater where the foundation of the Lair had once sat. Lavos wasted no time afterwards, and burrowed deep within the planet's crust. Days after the fall, the ensuing climate change began thinning out animal populations and causing other adverse effects on the ecosystem. Among the Iokans and Larubans, the fall would be remembered as the day "big fire" burned the Reptites. Ayla's label for 'Lavos' would also survive as the humans retreated to the caves.

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