Early Human

General Information[edit]

Origin: Natural Evolution

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The term "Early Human" is given to the people of Ioka and Laruba, who evolved for millions of years on the plains of the prehistoric continent. By 65000000 B.C., they represented normal humans, albeit with immature language ability perhaps an absence of some other higher intellectual faculties. That is not to say that they were mentally stunted or childlike; they experienced the full realm of human emotion and exhibited intelligence. They were often of strong build, as a tough physique was required to survive and fend off the Reptites (who labeled them 'Apes'). They lived in small tents and hunted for subsistence. After the Fall of Lavos, they survived for 62 million years unchanged before coming into contact with the Frozen Flame, which rapidly evolved the early human brain and resulted in modern humans.

Theory and Analysis[edit]

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