Tyrano Lair

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

DS Name: Tyranno Lair
Era: 65000000 B.C.
Music: Tyran Castle
Items: 2 CeraToppers, 2 Full Ethers, 2 Full Tonics, 1 Meso Mail, 1 Mid Ether, 1 Revive, 1 Tonic
Enemies: Avian Rex, Cave Ape, Reptite, Terrasaur, Volcano
Bosses: Nizbel II, BlackTyrano

The Tyrano Lair is the seat of command for the Reptites and the home of their leader, Azala. It is an imposing structure south of the lava fields of the prehistoric continent, built from an amalgation of huge stones and dinosaur bones and it towering above the surrounding areas. It is situated on a plateau that makes it inaccessible from the ground; the Reptites maintain their battlements here, and also operate prisons. The throne room sits at the top of the structure. A tower in the very back houses the Black Tyrano, a ferocious dinosaur guardian to Azala and his troops. When the Reptites raided Laruba, they captured Kino and other humans, taking them to the Tyrano Lair; this prompted an assault by Ayla and Crono on the complex. The counterattack was successful, and the group faced off against Azala at the top of the structure. After her defeat, Azala forecasted the fall of Lavos; the party then fled on Dactyls shortly before Lavos crushed the Tyrano Lair. The entire building was pushed far underground, where it would briefly resurface in 600 A.D. as the Giant's Claw. It is possible that the Rainbow Shell was originally held in the Tyrano Lair as a treasure of the Reptites.

The Tyrano Lair was going to feature the song "Unknown Battle" from the Prerelease soundtrack, but it was replaced by Tyran Castle.




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