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Completed Works[edit]


Crimson Tears[edit]

Crimson Tears is a story about a commonly written person. Where Aitrus takes this man, however, is something entirely new and interesting of its own...


A Radical Dream[edit]

A Radical Dream is a short, connective piece.


Sleeping Sun[edit]

A CT based poem, made while listening to Sleeping Sun, Nightwish (a beautiful song it is!)

Captain B[edit]

Chains of Fate[edit]


This is a story I wrote a few years ago, and had completely forgot about until I saw it in a folder recently. The Prologue is based on the timeline after Trigger, when Lucca's mother was saved by Lucca changing time via the Red Gate. This was fun for me to write about my favorite character, but I had begun working on Crisis at the time, and couldn't do much with the Guardian War, as I wanted to make something new for this. But anyway, I hope you guys can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Happy reading!


Zealian Salvation[edit]


Chrono Corruption[edit]

Check out the Fan Art page under ChronoWeapon for characters featured here.

Echo the Insane[edit]

Forever Zero FlyingArrow[edit]

This is a short piece recommended by rushingwind about Serge. Find out what it has to do with Serge inside...


The Artificers[edit]

An exploration of the backstory of the Three Gurus of Zeal and their artifacts.


Payback Mate[edit]

Written on my Smartphone.

Sleeping Kid[edit]


Chrono Break[edit]

Katie Skyye[edit]


  • 'Marcy', Winter's Fragments 2010 Winner



About Cyrus.

Law Student[edit]

Habeas Cronos[edit]

A student in law school had to do a report on a fictional trial, and chose Chrono Trigger's. His report won first place! See it inside.

Legendary Biologist[edit]

Chrono Miracle & Tales of the Dragon[edit]

Curiosity & Flaws[edit]


A Chrono Cross fanfic.


A Chrono Cross drabble.


Chrono Poems[edit]

Matt Taylor[edit]

Chrono Avengers: Lucca Pendragon[edit]


Scars of Time[edit]

Alright, so this short story/fan fic has been in the works for a few years. I wrote one version of this in one session and turned it in for an English project back in 10th grade. It did well, though it was quite longer than everyone elses. I had attempted to breach one of the borders between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross by talking about Luccas death and Kid being saved by Serge, but involving Crono by having him there and encountering Lynx. It was fun, but I discovered after playing Chrono Cross again that I was WAY off. This story has gone through a ton of revamps the more and more I discover about the world of Chrono, but right now I'm rather satisfied with this. It's decently written, it's mostly accurate, and involves a new theory or two. So...enjoy! I may or may not write more stories to talk about other unanswered questions, but I dunno. If someone were to give me a specific subject, that would help.


Fritz Chronicles[edit]

You remember when Crono freed Fritz from the guillotine, right? Well, this is a short story about how he got there, after a small travel around the world.


Any comments and/or critics are welcome!


Chrono Variance[edit]

So, back at the beginning of November, I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month. You have from midnight November 1st to midnight November 30th to write a 50,000 story. I opted to attempt to churn out a little idea of mine that had been rolling around in my head for a while. I crossed the 50,000 word mark easily in enough time, but the story continued so I just kept writing.

What I have is an 8 chapter tale that takes place before the events of the game as we are all so familiar with. I have just completed the final portion just an hour ago and finished proofreading less than half an hour ago.

Final count:
134 pages
just shy of 77,600 words

A darn fine start for an aspiring novelist, no?

True, I'll likely never be able to get this thing published...but if it's well received, it could be the stepping stone to being a professional author.

To save you all the trouble of having to wade through the whole mass of text just to get to the bottom of the screen, I've enclosed links to the actual chapters rather than loading them here. They are publicly accessible and while they do contain violence and maybe one or two uses of a dirty word, they are for all intents and purposes, clean (NO DIRTY STUFF IN THIS FIC...that's kind of a first for me...I'm usually known for my...less than kid-friendly story-telling). If you navigate to anywhere other than the folder containing the Chrono Variance chapters, I cannot be held responsible for the need to bleach your eyeballs.


The wheels of time hide within their inner workings an older story yet to be told. When time is under your mastery, how can you justify changing history? A small band of adventurers will struggle with that very notion in order to prevent the coming of something far worse than Lavos could ever loose upon a single world.

The Princess[edit]

The Princess needs to be saved, and YOU gotta help! If you need instructions...

Chrono Trigger: time keeps on slipping[edit]

The greatest fanfiction to ever come from a DNCer.

Chrono Trigger: Time Keeps on Slipping 2[edit]

not for ears!! :(

Tor'ed Back in Time 3: Chrono TRIGGER[edit]

This time it's realz


Time Circuits[edit]

This piece of writing is a sort of introductory scene to the ending in which Frog confronts Magus at his castle in a duel to the death. It features a high-octane build up to the legendary fight, and should get your Chrono gears running!


A Bold Experiment[edit]

Written from an unusual perspective! Definitely check it out.


Chrono Variance[edit]

So, back at the beginning of November, I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month. You have from midnight November 1st to midnight November 30th to write a 50,000 story. I opted to attempt to churn out a little idea of mine that had been rolling around in my head for a while. I crossed the 50,000 word mark easily in enough time, but the story continued so I just kept writing.

What I have is an 8 chapter tale that takes place before the events of the game as we are all so familiar with. I have just completed the final portion just an hour ago and finished proofreading less than half an hour ago.

The wheels of time hide within their inner workings an older story yet to be told. When time is under your mastery, how can you justify changing history? A small band of adventurers will struggle with that very notion in order to prevent the coming of something far worse than Lavos could ever loose upon a single world.


Chrono Pause: An Intermission[edit]


Cyrus, the Hero[edit]

V Translanka[edit]

Hot Lead[edit]

A short action piece starring Lucca!


An Untitled Radical Dreamers Fic[edit]

English Lyrics for Radical Dreamers[edit]


Chrono Floss[edit]


This Throne[edit]

A small narrative...


Poetry Inspired by the Chrono Series[edit]

2003 The Gaspar Collection[edit]

Gaspar, eternal observer atop the hourglass of the End of Time, is skewed to a strange dimension in a temporal error. Follow him as he makes his way home, encounters familiar faces from the Chrono series, and ultimately confronts life, death, and love.

Winter Fanfic Contest 2009[edit]

Spring's Gift Contest 2010[edit]


Accompanied by this poem:

The robot’s loneliness cannot be quieted by a program.

Electronic emotions faded in the wasteland of a young man’s desolate future.

What makes a dream mechanical?

I begin, but I begin in hope. Home, a memory from a possible past, grass fields and “I think want to be breathless next to you” as my companions. I name myself something brave and shine like a lightpost in the darkness at the end of the world. Funny, I always thought that the end of the world would be a bright rainbow, a violent reaction, spasms of energy draining life from the universe and making something more endlessly powerful from the resulting destruction.

Why is it that my eyes are dry? I cannot cry at dying humanity, but the programmed replication of companionship exploding sends electricity pulsing across my organic circuits.

Where is my animal? Where is my darkness? Where is my crossbow, my gun and my hammer? Where is my honor, my ghost, or the shadow in my pocket? Where is my fire, my Prometheus Eagle? Where is my

drowned out of existence, lost in the fight. remembered in ashes, the aftermath of loss.

The robot, an ocean of emptiness and nothing between the two.

Incomplete Works / Works in Progress[edit]


Chrono Helix (a script project)[edit]

Chrono Helix is a script adaptation of Chrono Cross with a few changes, such as a non-mute Serge. It's a fascinating read and alternative look at the game, so check it out!


Light & Dark[edit]

Chrono Trigger Novel Project[edit]

Ctnpbanner book.png

Chrono Trigger Novel Project Mission Statement By Wayne Kramer, 10/17/04 Project Information:

The Chrono Trigger Novel Project exists as an effort to create, publicize, and publish a Chrono Trigger novel as an additional form of media that can be enjoyed by current fans of the hit RPG and the non-gaming community alike. The novel itself reflects the entire story from the game, plus countless additions to supply bonus material for existing fans, fill in story gaps, and add to the overall effect of the story in novel form.

The creation of the novel itself is not to be handled by a solo entity, namely myself. Rather, I have provided many avenues for fans to speak up and let their ideas and concerns for the novel be heard and considered. To make the content of the novel as thorough and accurate as possible, an Editorial Team has been formed consisting of a group of carefully selected individuals to assist in editorial efforts. This team is a part of a project Committee, which serves to provide input, support, and execution to the operations within the project. All of this is reflective of my belief that the story of Chrono Trigger is not my own, but that of every fan who has enjoyed the characters, events, and depth it presents.

In light of successful publication, it is my hope that, as the founder and novelist of this project, the Chrono Trigger novel would add a new, entertaining, and enjoyable story in the vast collection of fantasy literature. Through this novel, RPG fans would be treated to the ability to experience the story that they once played their way through in a fresh and in-depth narrative that can effectively supplement the gaming experience. It is my belief that this novel would be a large success if allowed to enter the mainstream, paving the way for other novels like it and a plethora of other possibilities, serving as an asset to the beneficiaries, the gaming community, the reading community, and the entertainment industry.


Echoes of the Magi[edit]

An unofficial Crimson Echoes fanfic following the Mystical Knights.

The Mystic Civil War[edit]

A three-parter.

Chrono Fusion[edit]

Chrono Trigger: Legacy of the Masamune[edit]

A screenplay.

Doc Cigarette[edit]

Crimson Cold War - Agency[edit]


Chrono Breaker[edit]


Magus Rising[edit]


Cyrus Resurrection[edit]

A novelization of the life of Cyrus.


Crono Meets the Entity[edit]

A short two-parter.

Dr. Seuss Chrono Trigger[edit]

Written in Seuss's style.

The Real World - Chrono Trigger[edit]

A reality show spoof of the Trigger cast living together.


Chrono Relics[edit]


Observers: The Black Wind[edit]

Well for those of you who had read my first attempt at this story, I am sorry. I’m not sure what the heck I was thinking when I first released it but from now on I am taking my sweet time like I did with cahpter one. If you had read my previous attempt, forget everything about it and try to read this without a predisposition. Again this takes place after Chrono Trigger and it ignores the Chrono Cross Story line though it does have the Chronopolis. That is because I happen to like that name so I used it for the name of the time station. I don’t own anything Square / Enix Related yada yada yada. You’ve probably heard this a million times but reviews are appreciated. I’ve read through this more times than I’d care to so any mistakes that are left I’d love to hear about them. On with the show.

grey the angel[edit]

Chrono Crystal: A Love Story Across Time[edit]

Alright, this story is basically a covering of the events after CC, relating more to the amibigous ending the producers managed. It stars Janus, a lone orphan boy living in a burnt down house, who world is wrecked when a woman calling herself Kid, lands square in his lap.

Let's begin, shall we?


Chrono Palooza[edit]


Shadows of Schala[edit]


Zeal Ascendancy[edit]

Jinx and Jedi[edit]

Legacies of the Fallen[edit]

During the construction of the Ocean Palace, a Zealian Nobleman is thrown twenty years forward in time where he learns his kingdom is no more.

Standard Disclaimer: Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are property of Squaresoft; I've just been a huge fan of these games since they came out. ) No claim is being made to either of these fantastic games; this story is written for nonprofit, entertainment purposes only. Characters, Storyline elements, and other additional things not in the original games were created by Jasson Scott Knight. Please do not use any of them without my permission. Thanks!

Author's Note: Legacies of the Fallen is an Original Fanfic; very few of the characters from Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are and will be present, but rather a completely new team of adventurers. This story is rated PG13 to R due to vulgar and adult language, gore and violence, and adult situations - so if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff, you've been forewarned. This is also a work in progress, so expect things to change as the story evolves. Site's at


The Wraith of Gaia[edit]


Project Unity: Chrono Trigger Episode I[edit]

"Project Unity" was a dream given form by the ambitious efforts of Masato Kato and legions of Chrono fans over the years. Looking at various pieces of fan-art and fan-fiction inspired me to attempt a definitive novel series that combines the best aspects of canon and non-canon works into a unified whole.

This four-book series will essentially retell the story of Chrono Trigger from the very beginning and, in the later volumes, will address exactly what happened at the end of Chrono Cross when Schala's spirit was freed by Serge. "Project Unity" is both a remake of Chrono Trigger and a sequel to Chrono Cross in the same story. It is, in essence, the third and final installment to the Chrono series. I plan to resolve everything in Episode IV: The final fates of the characters, the true nature of Lavos and how it came to be, and the will of the World (entity) that subtly guides how the universe unfolds.

In the course of the novels, the world of Chrono will be greatly expanded upon. There will be both minor and major changes to canon to make everything come together. But the core of the story - its spirit - will remain unchanged. I have chosen to name the novels "Chrono Trigger - Episodes I, II, III, and IV" because they will mostly focus on the cast of Chrono Trigger, though the most important characters of Chrono Cross will also be seen.

These will not be fan-fics in the traditional sense. When finished, they will be full-length novels with dozens of chapters and hundreds of pages. Because of this, you will not see them hosted on sites like, which tend to be unfriendly to writers telling big stories. (Or those who like to indent their paragraphs, like you would see in a real book.) To make this project look as neat and professional as possible, I will submit chapters in PDF format when they are ready for review.

Current status of this project: (January, 2011)

Roughly 60 - 65% of the entire plot has been outlined. I know exactly where I want things to go and how the story should end. How I get there in Episodes III and IV is still in development, but the basic structure is in place to build upon. A great many dialogue-only drafts from various parts of the story have been written and only await the full-narrative treatment. Because of the way I tend to link scenes together, I almost always write full-narrative versions in chronological order. Chapter 5 of Episode I is nearing completion and has been mostly edited to my satisfaction. I will be releasing chapters in blocks of four, so my next submission is still some time away. I have made some minor edits to chapters 1 - 4, but they are not important enough to warrant a reposting at this time. When the entire first episode is completed, I will submit it in its entirety, and any subsequent edits to previously released chapters will be incorporated.

Chrono Cross Remake[edit]


Chrono Adventure[edit]

Prince Janus[edit]



Chrono Echoes: Rise of the Fiendlady[edit]

Crimson Cataclysm[edit]

Fiendlady Saga II - The Sapphire-Haired Shadow[edit]

Temporal Flux[edit]


Crono Returns[edit]

Rockin' Nikki[edit]

Lost Tales: The Adventures Of Nikki, Pierre, and Miki[edit]

Sure Chrono Cross told a lot of story revolving around Serge, but what about other characters? This is a story just for Nikki, Pierre, and Miki.


Frog's Destiny[edit]

Rated M.


Echo Trigger[edit]


Everybody Loves Schala[edit]

To the Sea of Dreams[edit]

A closure following events after Chrono Cross.

Check out the story within a story, "On the Road to Bliss" here.


The Crooked Portrait on the Wall[edit]

Now discontinued. A tale of the royal family that changed the world.


During my first attempt at fanfiction, I realized what a long and difficult process writing an epic adventure was. After giving it some thought, I ultimately came to the conclusion that I had undetaken a task far too great to carry out by myself at this point in time and abandoned the "Portrait" project. I'm not one to abandon ideas I like, however, so I salvaged bits and pieces of my previous work and applied them here, in my second piece of fanfiction, titled "Disintegration".

I've never liked the idea that people are either good or bad; at times we may be one or the other, but rarely are our motives entirely pure or our sins devoid of remorse. This submission is an attempt to colour in the moral character of one of the most hated villians in RPG history, a woman stripped of all human compassion, a pawn in Lavos' attempt to bring destruction upon the world - the infamous, much-loathed Queen Zeal.

For the most part, this holds to the series pretty closely, but I've taken my share of creative liberties and adressed a number of issues left unclear by Trigger and Cross. I'm also tried to keep this fic considerably shorter than my last. Enjoy, and please comment as you see fit.

(Currently being reworked)


Dream Child[edit]

A Magus and Metroid crossover.

V Translanka[edit]


Follow Magus (aka Janus Zeal aka, in this story, Gil) on his journey to find his sister. The beginning takes place in the year 11,999BC, one year after the events of Trigger, with Gil searching the underwater ruins of Zeal and the Black Omen for any clue as to the whereabouts of Schala.

It continues with Gil traveling to various timelines (some familiar, some not), finding clues & finding people (some familiar only to us players, and some characters with big changes) who will help him in his quest. He is haunted by ominous dreams and his failings so far in his quest to find her.

But, the story is not just about Gil/Magus/Janus/Maou (he gets called almost all of these names by various people for various reasons). Each person he meets and each person that, reluctantly or not, joins him, plays an integral role in his fortune and their own quests are played out as well.

A desperate quest for hope in a hopeless landscape.

Co-Starring & Cameos by: Schala, Prometheus, Atropos, Clotho, Lachesis, Lucca Ashtear (x3), Marcy, Mel, Zappa, Zoah, NeoFio, Gato, Crono, Marle/Nadia Guardia (x2), Luccia, Grobyc, Queen Zeal, & Guru Gaspar.

Yoko Endovale[edit]

Chrono Trigger - Redreamt[edit]

"Co-authored with Verilligo, AKA my snugglebunny. 'A faithful retelling of a classic story... you'll still hate time travel, though.' Chrono Trigger: ReDreamt is a journey through the CT storyline with new, carefully knit additions. While the flow of the story fits events outlined in the original, the new twists and turns add an extra sense of excitement and enlightenment to this vision of the plot. How would the story be viewed by outsiders? A time-tortured mage... the soundly beat-down member of a royal family... a time-traveler wandering the recesses.... This is Chrono Trigger, ReDreamt."


The Cats Came Back[edit]

Well this started out as the script for a ROM hack / spinoff sequel I wanted to do, but I don't even know how to download Temporal Flux, so it turned into this. The sequel was supposed to be humorous and slightly out of character, ignoring Chrono Cross, and taking off right after the credits of the 'best ending' Moonlight Parade.

Contains mild swearing.

Zipp Dementia[edit]

Chrono Break[edit]

It's been a while since I've tried my hand at any fan fiction, but last night I had a dream which roughly outlined the plot of a true sequel to Chrono Trigger. Obviously, writing a game and writing a story are two different things. Writing a game is more akin to writing a movie, though even that isn't a perfect translation. Games are more based on the interaction and immersion in a world, rather than complexity of plot or characters. It's this immersion which causes us to fall in love with games, and which makes them so memorable.

Chrono Trigger is unusual in that it had a very strong and detailed plot, with more ins and outs than most games, and with strong characters (though with admitedly simple back stories... "remedied" by Chrono Cross). It's one of the reasons the game is still listed as one of the best RPGs of all time, and one of the reasons that, despite the numerous times I've played it, I can't seem to bring myself to get any ending other than the main one, to see the story through to full completion and resolution.

In any case, this is not a perfect translation of what was given to me in my dream. Rather, it was that plot then put through the translation of a story format. I don't want to give the story away, but I will say that ultimately it will deal with the rise of Poore to a military power and one possible resolution for the dissapearance of Gaurdia and two of our favourite characters. I'm going to keep working on this until I either get bored or finish it. Having a place to put it up for comments/criticism may go a long ways towards the latter, though.

With that said, feel free to comment in this thread. I'll always post the additions to the story with a bolded pre-heading, so they don't get too lost. If I finish, I'll compile and edit the whole thing, and that should take care of any organizational issues.

Without further ado, I give you my version of Chrono Break.

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