Sleeping Sun (Poem)

The darkness enveloped the far horizon, story I do recall,
Umbra of Her shown through, the clearest of all.
Dark, silent rivers and the forest of trees,
The stars shown by some, I'll tell of these.

Prayer laid for the hope for this day,
To turn is to betray.
Girl's prayer laid on mountaintop rest,
The perfect place for the Egg's Nest.

Pendant shining, effort on high,
Reached up for this dark-eaten sky.
Last of her light she will depart,
Before she can seal this as no longer apart.

Taken to that moment not too long ago,
She saves him from his fate,
One filled by untangible woe.
For this to come was so great...

Taking him back to her land,
Holding him tight and taking his hand,
Death hath been averted once more,
Now they held a score to settle further more...

From: Fanfiction