Fanfiction: Time Circuits

by Shadow

ADDRESS IT! Address it before it eats you alive...before it devours your hopes of a radiant future. ACKNOWLEDGE IT! Accept it before it gouges its vile claws into your tainted heart. Surely, nothing could be this horrendous - that it could even corrupt the being you wish to be. You can't run away from it, for it will eventually catch up to you. Nothing can ever erase that which we call the past!

The slight wind calms my racing thoughts; staring at the distorted image of the sun in the fresh blue water somehow puts me at rest. Oh, how I wish my beautiful sister could share this with me. Ah, but this view is nothing compared to what can be seen from what I used to call home...

Taking a look up into the cloudless sky brings on an uninvited sigh. Memories and feelings are resurrected from my unforgettable home. I can still remember my little orange cat and I roaming about the kingdom without a care in the world. I'd still be in utter happiness were it not for mother tampering with that damned machine...

From my mother's obsession with power, I became a, a monster that struck fear in the hearts of men. Leading my Mystics, I waged war against rivaling nations. During this time, I began to summon the most powerful being to ever exist...the one that founded my suffering! I was to put an end to my eternal pain and I cared not whether I lived or died.

That infernal frog and his followers put a stop to my plans with that detestable sword. Maybe they saved my life...maybe I owe them one...But I can never forgive them for halting my dreams of revenge! Dealing with those followers may have taught me something. Instead of disturbing myself by staring into the void of the past, perhaps I should focus on the opposite path of time...the future...

What's this? The wind has picked up suddenly. This is all too familiar! As I examine the ocean that lays in front of me become more and more restless, it somehow stamps a devilish smirk to my pale, colorless face! The black wind begins to blow...Footsteps obstruct my train of thoughts and a stern, unnatural voice begs for my attention.

I turn to receive a visual of my pursuers. That damn frog and his loyal companions are here to finish what they started. The adrenaline in their veins makes them draw their weapons, and uneasiness makes words spill from their mouths. From this point on I will accept my true fate, whatever that maybe...I will fight these pests...Maybe they can help me find my sister...Maybe they can end my suffering. I close my eyes and begin to bellow what very well may be my last words.

"I never imagined that we would settle our score in this dusty old era. Come, let us finish this charade!"

With that statement, I grasp my scythe with iron hands and prepare myself for the hereafter!

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