Fanfiction: Chrono Crystal: A Love Story Across Time 0

Prelude: The ending of the second Crusade

The darkness surrounding them couldn’t blacken the expressions on their faces. They stood so far apart from each other now, void of any emotion, faces hung low and blank. So time ago, their friend had vanished into the darkness that was slowing turning into a land neither had seen.

She was shivering. Her red vest falling slowing down her shoulders lifelessly, going unchecked as she stared at the ground with surprising interest. Her blond hair covering her from his face, one had could spark so many emotions at once upon the slightest glance. Her face had turned beet red, her lips suddenly dried and shivered from some unknown anticipation. She had known long ago that he had been someone else’s. That he was taken, and despite her growing flusters at his approaches, that he would never be hers. That was what she had been lead, for so long, to believe.

Until now, in this barren darkness. He shouldn’t have remained so long, staring at her with his ocean blue eyes fixed upon her, forcing her to star down. His meshed hair hidden beneath the folds of a red bandana with golden circle prints, his studded silver vest glowing to some unknown light. What was keeping him there. They had one, he had a life to go to, there would be no memory of this event. Of her, of them, and the unknown factor that had driven him to save her so many times.

“Kid…” He spoke, his hand suddenly reaching for her.

“Don’t mate.” She said, backing away a little further. “Don’t get anywhere near me. You’re only making this worse.” His eyes seem to jolt with anger for an instant, than he took another step. This time, she shouted. “DON’T!”

His face faltered into a scowl. He wouldn’t take her order. He stepped closer. “Don’t you get it mate? This ain’t never gonna happen! I can’t live with you or live your life. I can’t have your friends or anything. I’m gonna fade away from time, you’ll have never met me. I’ll just be….” Her face suddenly righted itself. As he stared, scowling at her words, his face only deepened into it as the tears rolled down her cheeks, smearing the white strips lining her cheeks. He had never seen her cry like this. Even when she had confessed her past to him, alone in the woods, while everyone was resting for another day of travel.

“You’ll never be forgotten.” He finished. “I promise you that. “

Kid laughed: He didn’t get it. He didn’t get the rules of time. Didn’t get that now, none of this had happened. There was no memories to grasp. It was all one big conflicting existence that would find some way to right itself. Time always managed to right itself. I would find someway to live without the clone.

“Kid.” He continued. “I’ll find you again. I’ll search the whole world and find you. That, I swear. Even if I die. I’ll find you before I rest in peace. Even if your old and married and with children. I’ll still find you, no matter what.”

“Why? Why do you do this to me?” She screamed, falling to the floor that had now become dirt, with grass beginning to sprout in patches. “STOP IT!”

“I can’t.” He whispered. He towered over her, hunching over her slightly. He offered her hand, but she batted it away.

“STOP IT!” She screamed again. “Stop doing this!”

“I told you. I can’t.” He said again. “And I never will.”

“Why! Don’t you Leena! Don’t you have a life to go to! Why are you going to toss this all away for me? What have I done besides cause you grief and pain! I’m the one who got you involved in all this! The one who had your father changed!”

“No. You weren’t.” He whispered. She finally took notice to his figure, hunched beside her, breathing softly next to her ear. “Kid… you were the girl… I fell in love with…”

And then, he was gone. And she was alone. “I… can’t….” She breathed to the darkness that was slowly calling back to her. “I… can’t….” She stood up again, wiped the tear from her eyes, then turned to the darkness, her face standing with a breaking glare.

“I WON’T LET IT END LIKE THIS!” She declared as the darkness swallowed her whole.

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