Chapter 1: The Problem with Nikki

Nikki stood at the edge of the ship where the Magical Dreamers resided and traveled. It had been a week since the incident at Fort Dragonia, and Serge, Lynx, and Kid had not been seen since. Nikki had been in a daze for quite a while, probably thinking about his sister, Marcy. He had finally found her, only to discover that she had no memory regarding him at all. Miki came out of her dressing room, just to find the rockin' bard standing there spaced out.

"This is stupid," she said, "he's just been in his own little world for so long now... What did he do that's been making him like this?" She walked of the ship to wander around Termina for a bit. "It must be those new friends of his," Miki decided, "It's all because of something that happened to him while traveling with them... Wait, I think one of them lives with the weapon smith, Zappa..." Miki charged off to Zappa's shop. She was gonna find out what happened, and why Nikki was such a drag now.

Pierre stood looking in the mirror of his room at Zappa's shop. "Ooo la la... Moi am so beautiful," he said brushing his fingers through his hair. He then picked up his hat, which set on the table, and put on his head. "Perfect," he exclaimed, while straightening his medal, "Now that Serge is gone, it is time Moi goes to join up with the dragoons!" He picked up his sword and began to head out the door, only to run into Miki. "Ooo la la," he said, "What a beautiful," he began, only to be interrupted by Miki. "Be quiet," she told him, "what have you done to Nikki?"

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