Fanfiction: Wraith of Gaia

I had a dream last night. Although, dream probably isn't the best word to describe it. Maybe, "Vision in the Guise of a Dream." Well, whatever I call it, the fact remains that it's directly responsible for me making this entry. Let me explain.

I can't remember any visual details, which is just as well, as they were far from the important parts. What I do remember, is one man, his message, and this book, the "Codex."

The man seemed unlike anyone I had ever known. He was calm and controlled, but gave off a sense of power. He seemed to possess a soul deeper than any human's, and felt completely trustworthy, as if he'd never even consider lying. Although, since he was in control of my "dream," he may have been able to force this impression on me, but somehow I doubt it.

His message didn't make complete sense to me, but here it is:

"I don't have much time here. I couldn't reach the origin world at all, but this one is close enough that I can project myself here for a short time and give you this book. It's called a "Codex." Once it's been "aligned" with a world, it will record its history automatically from that point on. I'm here now because your world is about to face a crisis. Even more important than the events that will occur is that they be recorded. I'm entrusting this Codex to you so that you may fulfill that purpose. All you have to do is make one entry, describe yourself and your world, and then keep it in your possession. It is vastly important that you not let it fall into the hands of others, and that you resist the temptation to read it yourself. For, it not only records the past, but the present and a glimpse of the future as well. If one were to know the future from it, disaster could ensue. If in dire need of a miracle, you might be able to alter reality by writing what you need into it, but this power isn't to be taken lightly; one mistake could spell disaster.

"I've chosen you for two reasons. One is that I can tell you are trustworthy and won't abuse the power of the Codex. The other is your role in the coming events, and your connection to the hero aspect. You'll meet him soon enough. He'll seem powerful, and he is, but he needs support. You must be that support; he can't fight if he doesn't know for what he's fighting. You must be his constant reminder of the good in the world."

Even though I don't completely believe everything he said, I guess I have nothing to lose by making this one entry and then carrying this book around with me for a while. If what he says turns out to be true, I'll figure out what to do from there.

My name is Rianna, but most of my friends just call me "Ria." I was born here, in the town of Larin nearly 20 years ago. At the age of 14, I joined to the town militia. I've always been good with a bow, and this seemed the best way to use my talent. I'm currently engaged to the boy-next-door, Torin, who's in the militia with me. We've been friends since we were born, it just seemed natural to get together. Sometimes, though, I wonder if I really love him, or if this is just a mixture of friendship and convenience. No one seems to be able to help me. They just tell me that you can't explain love to someone else, you have to feel it for yourself to know it.

The town of Larin is on the outskirts of Choras territory. Choras is one of the three large nation-states in the world. The others are the militaristic Porre and the mysterious Mystic League. Porre has been expanding its reach since around 1003 AD, so the Mystic League and Choras have formed a weak alliance, in hopes of maintaining the balance of power. I wouldn't exactly call this situation a war, it's more a series of random, minor battles over territory. It's been going on for 19 years, now, and there's no end in sight.

I wonder whether this situation is about to break out into the "crisis" my vision mentioned? Maybe, maybe it will be something else. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Apparently, I'll be at the forefront of it, so I'll know soon enough.

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