Chapter 2: The Swordsman and the Dancer

Miki stood over top of Pierre as he didn't know what was going on. The dancer just burst into his room, and demanded to know what was wrong with his traveling companion Nikki. He knew that if he didn't word this just right, that he would be in worse trouble than he could possibly imagine.

"Oh, its iz so terrible," Pierre began, "You see, moi was guidining Serge and mesoiur Nikki to Viper Manor. Moi was only doing it temporarily and..." Miki again got angry and interrupted him. "Cut the fake French and get to the point," she exclaimed. Pierre gulped, "Wee, I mean yes," he said. He explained to Miki about all the recent events: Two worlds, Viper Manor, Kid's poisoning, Lynx, everything. Miki was finding it hard to believe, but what else could she do.

"So if what your saying is true, then this Lynx guy has done something in Fort Dragonia, the dragoons were involved, one of the Devas is Nikki's sister, and there are two worlds," Miki asked. Pierre looked around. "Well, yes, that's about the gist of it," he replied. Miki looked a little confused. "So where's this Serge now," she asked, "And Lynx, and Kid, and the Dragoons?" Miki backed away so Pierre could finally stand up. "That I am not sure about," he said, "After the events in Fort Dragonia, it took all of mine and Nikki's strength just to get back to town."

Miki went into thought. If she was to be able to aid Nikki she would have to some more investigating of her own. The most likable place to start would be the Fort, seeing as that was the last place the Devas, Lynx, Serge, and well, everyone was seen. Miki looked at Pierre. "Alright then," she said, "We're going to get Nikki, then head back to the Fort to investigate what happened. It's the only way to help Nikki." Pierre tried to protest, but to no avail. It looked the swordsman was being dragged into yet another adventure.

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