Fanfiction:ZeaLitY Poetry DOZ

Days of Zeal

September 16, 2004

Line 14 was originally

"When we are near, and gazing into our eyes."

    Richly dark, the orchestra of the night
    Played softly its summer, starlit breezes,
    As we met within the aura-filled for'st,
    Among enchanted wood, lit by moon's flight.
5   Yet I was high above, in cloudy freezes,
    Adrift; immersed in an Enhasian dream,
    On a jeweled, cushioned bed of Zealian crest --
    Free to love the coming Autumn; to sight
    Endless waves below -- ripples and creases,
10  Which caressed as dreams the world to blue rest --
    For all passions and colors, brighter seem
    From vantage of majestic isle in sky --
    And too, with new luster, the world gleams --
_   When I am near, gazing into thine eyes.

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