General Information[edit]

Home: Algetty
Era: 12000 B.C.
Leaders: Earthbound Chief

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The Earthbound are a humble, magic-less group of humans relegated to live in muddy caves to survive the Ice Age. After the Ice Age set in, it is likely that all humans took to the caves in order to survive and carry on the species; however, after one group found the Sun Stone, created Zeal, and departed to the sky, the Earthbound were left to mind the dusty caverns. Earthbound life was simple; they utilized crude furniture a scant amount of cookware sat on crude tables and shelves. They used a series of ladders for mobility around Terra Cave, which provided material in the form of rough vines and greenery. The history of the Earthbound, until the separation of the Enlightened Ones, was probably monotonous and uneventful, having carried on for thousands of years without divergence from simple survival. It is worth noting that the Earthbound may have been descended from the people of Ioka, and the Enlightened ones from the people of Laruba; this is apparent in hair color and also those prehistoric groups' ways of life. Whatever the case, after Zeal was created and took to the skies, the Earthbound were considered filthy and primitive and were almost universally looked down upon by citizens of Zeal. The Earthbound would occasionally receive visits from their brothers, but the nature of these were probably exploitative considering Dalton would later use them as slave labor in the construction of the Ocean Palace. The Gurus and Schala alone would show courtesy to the Earthbound, but this came near the end of the Earthbound's history. The Earthbound feared the Beast's Nest, the gate to a penal, floating mountain anchored to Terra Cave.

During 12000 B.C., tumultuous events led to the formal end of the Earthbound and Enlightened Ones schism. The Ocean Palace Incident caused Lavos to obliterate Zeal with destructive fire; the islands tumbled down and caused massive tidal waves that temporarily engulfed most the landmass of the world. Either the Earthbound fled across the world as Zeal fell, or the continent in which Terra Cave was established ruptured from the crust -- whichever the scenario, the Earthbound ended up halfway across the world in the eastern hemisphere. There, they established Last Village, and cared for Enlightened Ones who had miraculously survived the Fall of Zeal and happened upon the new settlement. Utilizing arts long dormant, the Earthbound constructed rudimentary tents and chose a flat piece of land as a common meeting place. After an initial scare from Dalton (in the Keystone Timelines), the Earthbound and their reunited friends were allowed to inherit the new world; as the water receded to the polar ice caps and land reappeared once more, the men and women of Last Village dispersed to the four winds, and the Earthbound people were officially disbanded. Their important legacy included the survival of the human species, and the serving as a counterweight against the wild ambition of Zeal.

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