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General Discussion / A Message From ZeaLitY
« on: December 02, 2004, 11:10:33 pm »
Ask away at what youd like me to do, however I must admit my web skills are lacking.  Perhaps a little technical writing to get myself back into shape?

Meh, just an occasional visitor stopping back in to annoyingly reintroduce old theories that are pertinant to todays questions.

Empiric Wrote
The Dreamstone would have had to undergo a lot to become what Ayla held in her hand to give to Crono. Remember that in *our* timeline, we are just unsurfacing gems that used to be dinosaurs and other life; several ways for Ayla to have a well formed gem:

1.) The Dreamstone is of Volcanic origin and thus a newly formed gem (Unlikely since Zeal is capable of mining it to build the mammon machine and other things. However, after seeing the active magma in Prehistoric Age, its not a complete impossibility.) However, minerals created in this manner are not known for being very hardy when used as construction materials. They are not durable, and less likely to survive for long periods of time.

2.) The gem is a small 'meteorite' that fell from Lavos early; however, this is also hard to imagine, since there would have to have been One HECK of a meteor shower of Red stones that fell with Lavos. This could also be more plausible if it just broke off of Lavos as he burrowed under the earth, creating a seam of Red crystals that would lead too Lavos. However, The environmental conditions (The coldness the villagers complain of; reduced animal population) could be the result of a massive meteor shower that kicked dust into the atmosphere... Perhaps Azala's prediction was not only an omen of disaster and bloodshed, but a prediction regarding how Lavos would rule by salting the earth with his red stones?

3.) The gem could have been cooking in the earth for years, since the beginning of time. The only question would be how the humans got their hands on it in the first place; considering they did not seem to have any motivation for mining. Mining typically evolves after farming, when the need for construction materials and bargaining pieces appears. Ayla's tribe used natural items for bargaining chips, thus I dont think they would have mined for those kind of materials.
Thus, unless the Red Stone have found its way to the surface by itself through natural erosion and tectonic movement: like field stones; the Red Stone might have been a throwaway of the Reptites, who DID have a mineral dependent society.
Just think, the reptites might have evolved through the entities plans using the dreamstone. As a society grows it gets harder to control resources, and some of it falls into the palms of a less sophisticated race: the humans. These ape descendents evolve due to the leftover energy eminating from the dreamstone, and become a threat to the Reptites, who cant have anyone competing with them; Darwins survival of the fittest. The Reptites would have won however (Creating one of the CT timelines), if Lavos had not of come and created the Ice Age that killed off the Reptites. With the Entities influence dwindling slightly, Lavos used the dreamstones, something already tuned to biological energy, to jumpstart human evolution thricefold, getting them ready for the genetic devouring that is too come.
This could also be what seperates that world from all the others, that specific genetic 'edge' that focuses that Lavos to the planet. These crystals were not necessary, just something the entity and then Lavos used to steer the planet.

Could the entity have originally slowly controlled human/reptite evolution through the red stone until Lavos appeared, who overrode this biological/spiritual capacitor and put the humans on evolutionary overdrive?

and Empiric also wrote "Battery Theory"
Earlier on it was stated that the Masamune was effective against Magus because It absorbed/distorted the energy of Lavos that permeated Magus's being. I propose that purpose be taken a step further, in that Melchior created the Masamune to be a 'receptacle' of Lavos power. Fighting fire with fire. The Red Weapon was the untuned form of Masamune, and thus was attuned to Lavos's energy when it was plunged into the Mammon Machine, thus 'completing' it, with Masa and Mune as a sort of 'guardian' or keeper of the absorbed energies.

As the battles continued, the Masamune absorbed more and more of the latent energy of Lavos. How Masamune Two of CT fits in (As I see it) would be that Cyrus's spirit joined with the blade and 'increased' the energy of Lavos that could be harnassed.

Frog faces off against the true form of Lavos with the others, holding the Masamune in his hands. One slash, two slashes, each one would have absorbed more of Lavos's power, pure and untainted (relative).

After Lavos is dispatched, Masa and Mune sleep, knowing that the threat is 'over.' Cyrus goes on to his great reward, reincarnated, or completely nullified as time sees fit. In their ignorence (and the two have litterally proven they are airheads) they figure no more Lavos, no need for the sword; little do they know that in fact Lavos still exists, albeit in a somewhat different form. Lavos takes over the Masamune while the two sleep, creating the 'Demon Blade' of CC out of the pulsing-dangerous energy that the sword had accumulated over time.

This could also explain why Doreen was so angry with Masa and Mune, who had been sleeping on the job, letting Lavos use the accumulated energies of the sword as a form of avatar for himself.

This would explain the dual nature of the sword somewhat, for while it would 'reflect' the will of the weilder, it would also have the will of Lavos acting upon it. It would take someone of strong will to balance the ying/yang aspect of the powers. Masamune is the positive aspect of the power. Demon Blade is the negative aspect of the power.

With this theory the Hero's medal that Frog was so attached to would in fact be Psychosomatic as earlier stated, as it would focus the intention of the weilder of the blade. This would mean the Hero Medal would NOT have to be the same for both Frog and Pierre. One must have an ideal to focus on, a banner to hold high and say "this is what I strive for." It would be a power to enforce the mental-positive Masamune aspect.

For those of you asking why didn't the Masamune aspect turn everyone who weilded the blade into a raving peace zealot, remember the intention of good has never theoretically been to dominate evil, but instead to create the balance that is necessary for existence to flourish. The reason why the Demon Form DID make weilders become death zealots and jealous is because the intention of evil is indeed to overtake and sway the balance in its favor

History, Locations, and Artifacts / The Doom Sickle's Power
« on: June 14, 2004, 12:52:33 am »
There are a couple of threads I would direct you towards.  They offer both justification for our analyzations and a bit of warning about what I would best describe as metagame thinking.  Im not gonna be bothered by placing the links here, as I would prefer to continue with the discussion at hand.

This might be speculated on more appropriately if, say, Magus wielded the Doom Sickle in fighting Frog, but since you don't find the Doom Sickle until later, that's not a possibility

Anyways, as for the earlier statement regarding Magus not having access to the Doomsickle at the time of Frog's transformation; remember it is held in a Fortress held by Ozzie, a lieutenant of Magus.  Ozzie does not wield a weapon as far as I can tell, and a scythe would be beyond him.  Thus, I would imagine that Magus had access to the Sickle during the time he ruled the mystics.  Why would Ozzie hide such a powerful weapon from his lord and master?
Perhaps Ozzie had stolen the Doomsickle from Magus when Magus deserted the Mystics and the palace was being absorbed into time, taking the big guns as his gravyboat was sinking? It would make sense for Magus's minions to loot and plunder as they leave; after all, they are all villains to begin with.
Just something for you to mull over for those stories of yours.

I've always found it funny how objects are just left around in treasure chests in various RPGs.  Ozzie appeared to share that sense of humor, knowing no RPG adventurer would give up a treasure chest.
Trying to make sense of the Chaos is half the fun.

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Chrono Trigger Inquiries/Review
« on: March 12, 2004, 12:10:28 pm »
Before we get too caught onto the idea that the earthquakes in 1000 AD are caused by Lavos, I have an alternate theory.  What if the earthquakes are caused by the Sand Monster that is defeated to create Fiona's forest?  Could somebody check that one individuals statement after the Zombor look alike is destroyed?

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Chrono Trigger Inquiries/Review
« on: March 10, 2004, 10:13:14 pm »
You forget that while the Ocean Palace in proper is not exactly by those places, that the Black Omen, an extension of the Ocean Palace, almost floats directly above those places.  Not only that, but the Mammon Machine, the focus point from where those portals emerge, is on board the Dark Omen.  But this raises the question:  If everyone else was merely transported nearby, why did Janus end up on a completely different continent?

Chrono Compendium Discussion / Monster Location Encylopedia Idea
« on: March 07, 2004, 04:58:45 pm »
Alright, I have an idea that is not only hard to implement, but also would take up large amounts of graphics space and such.

The catch is, it would most certainly be a step to making this sight the complete reference guide to CT monsters and battle tactics.  Alright, here goes.

What I am suggesting is that we game maps on the sight, and then add to them the locations of monster battles.  The difference is, whenever you click on a spot for the battle, it offers a game graphic that shows how the characters and monsters are positioned on the battlefield!  Considering how unit placement is important for many abilities, this might be a rather interesting and useful addition.  We can also offer suggestions below the graphic on how to avoid the battle and how to win it!  Not only that, but if someone were to click on the monster, they would be taken to the Monster Encyclopedia entry for it.

Note:  When the monster Encyclopedia starts being made, it would be beneficial to make sure the monsters attack abilities are added, as well as a graphic if possible.

Now that I have that out of my system I can go back too sleep.  Damn these infernal dreams.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Why analyze so deeply?
« on: March 06, 2004, 11:06:52 am »
Im going to step in, split a hair, and depart, because I love listening to these conversations rather than participating; cleans out the ears.  Besides, I prefer an intellectual discussion on the bible anyday compared to a boring sermon.  Thats why I go to a church who has a Theological Professor as a pastor (And I mean an active professor who goes and teaches classes afterwards.)  I like being taught, as opposed to screamed at that Im going to hell.  (Something I've gotten from Catholic pastors when I refuse to go to their sermons).  I find this a rather interesting note that sometimes an academic interest can indeed go hand in hand with a religious one.

The Hair:  Hitler

  Hitler was not a religious man, but he did Encourage it heavily.... albeit in a scary, cultist, paganistic sort of way (And I dont mean pagan as an insult.  It has now become an actual term for those religions as their names have faded into history.)
Hitler, to fuel his war machine and indeed to prove that his form of humanity was blessed, allowed Himler and others to search out for numerous religious artifacts (aka Indiana Jones but with far less success.)  Most of what they found was used to RELIGIOUSLY reinforce the strength of man.  The hair that Im splitting, I'm afraid, is that Hitler achieved a rather interesting balance of science and religion.  He used Religion to rally support for his science of life.

Thus, Hair split.
Keep going, I still have 2 years of earwax that Im trying to remove.

History, Locations, and Artifacts / The Doom Sickle's Power
« on: March 04, 2004, 10:59:35 am »
I always saw it as a Weapon-will-steal-your-soul kinda thing.

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Chrono Trigger Inquiries/Review
« on: March 01, 2004, 07:37:00 am »
at least one person would see a giant tick pop out of the ground and live to tell about it or at least feel the earthquake he would cause by doing so

That is, why did he just go back to sleep? He didn't after Queen Zeal awakened him in 12,000 B.C. So why is it that no one in Guardia seems to have even heard of Lavos?

I dont think the Lavos Summoning ritual was meant to 'draw' Lavos out of the ground, considering Magus was playing with Time/Space during the ritual (I say that because there would be no reason for the gate explosion if he wasnt).  Instead, It would very likely be to gain direct access to the core or the shell without having Lavos notice his attempt.  It would be a lot easier to send someone to Lavos instead of moving the 'fat giant tick' back onto the surface.  In fact, I dont think Lavos even knew about the attempt in the new timeline.

The only other true summoning ritual I noticed in the game would be Dalton and the Golems.  Looking at that, Summonings would be gateways or portals that would allow creatures to step through.  

If this were true though, why would Magus need the gate that was created after the battle with Chrono to return to 12,000BC

Whatever this ritual was, Magus was spending a lot of time preparing it; and it had a high chance of failure it seems if even Magus could not keep it under control.  If this was indeed his first attempt at opening a gateway and 'summoning', perhaps he was either too weak to try again, or perhaps he did not have the time to try again.  Remember, he probably could guess that if Frog was alive, the group would probably still go after him and finish him off.

The question this would raise is how Magus knew about the portal appearing beneath the Tyranno Lair.  Now, thinking that Magus had enough time in Zeal to enact some major changes as the Prophet, Here are two theories.

1.)  Magus made the portal beneath the city and escaped before Lavos fell, knowing where that exact place would lead him when he made the portal.

2.)  Magus studied up on his history OR Janus knew about the 12,000 BC portal.  Either way, Magus could try and find the portal that leads back to the 12,000 BC portal.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Dimensional Dilemma for Tossed Salad?
« on: February 21, 2004, 06:15:37 am »
In the parallel Dimension philosophy, I would not contend that an individuals Free will is manipulated in the interactions of the two dimensions.  What the parallel diagrams constructed would allow is for the environment around an individual to change depending on how the environment is changed around the alternate individual.  

For example, in the Dual interaction link, a character makes a choice, and that choice pushes against the fabric of the Dimensional Veil.  The other Veil would 'push back' the other Dimension, trying to balance the connection between the two dimensions.  The effect would be that the environment in both dimensions would be balanced; making the environmental effect the same, occasionally making changes in how it got there to accomodate the other dimension.

The One way interaction is rarer and more measurable.  Serge's death is such a strong interaction that it completely breaks the side on one to allow him to live on the other as a balance.  Thus, whenever the Dimension he lives on changes, it has nothing to keep it in check and balance against, creating an environment completely remote from any other.  In fact, the lack of the change in environment forces everyone else's to change in order to make up for the extra influence exerted by Home Serge's.

No interaction is simply that.  Occasionally the barrier needs a place to overcome and give whenever the burden on another connection fluctuates so wildly that it is hard to establish a median.  Van would be a good example.  Both versions of himself are exactly opposite; as are his fathers.  They have 'free will' just like everyone else, but in their case the environment that created them was changed not through their own actions, but through the actions of others.  They are the product of their environs.

Let me state now that I believe in free will, but that I feel that free will 'can' be influenced by environment.  Every child is born an individual and how they are raised and in what environment creates that individuals perception of what is possible within their sense of self.  

The subject of Free Will in CT and CC is an interesting one as their are examples of both free will and a complete lack thereof in both games; something that increases their appeals.  What is the compendiums stance on the free will of humanity?  Did Fate (In a sense, not the actual FATE) dictate events, or did Chrono and Serge finally free us from all influence but our own?  Knowledge on the Compendiums philosophy on this stance would allow for a better discertation on dimensional connections; as opposed to the more heavily Fate based views now being theorized about.

Either try again and wait for the picture to load, or reset your computer security.  It is there.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Dimensional Dilemma for Tossed Salad?
« on: February 07, 2004, 11:50:22 am »
So basically here is what we are talking about:

____________________________   Home World
\  /
|  |
|  |
|  |   -Tunnel:  Connection point between worlds.  Barrier on each side,
|  |                 however barrier can be breached, and breaker can 'fall'
|  |                 through to other side.  Barriers reform once fall is made.
|  |
/   \              
----------------------------------------   Another World

Example:  Angelus Errare.

____________________________   Home World
\    /
 /  \                            
/    \                      
----------------------------------------   Another World

-Dual Mountain:  Points connect, but do not allow passage.  Change
On one end is affected on other end.  If one mountain changes, the other changes as well to compensate for size changes.

Ex:  All characters that appear in both worlds that are relatively the same.
Places where change in environment is reflected in other world.

____________________________   Home World
\    /
 \  /

-Single Mountain:  Unstable.  Mountain fluctuates at will and can even pierce barrier.  Can cause complete changes in one world, but not in other.  Something exists in one world but not in the other.  Ghosts.

----------------------------------------   Another World

Ex: Serge.  Marbule Ghosts.  Characters in only one world.

____________________________   Home World

          -Plains:  No connecting points.  Area in either world is capable of
                       independent action, and may in be exact opposite of the
                       opposite world.

----------------------------------------   Another World

Ex:  Orcha, Van, characters in both worlds that are different.

I wish I had both the technology/Tech prowess to make a 3D map showing some of this in relation to the two worlds, but I dont.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / The Bend of Time
« on: February 05, 2004, 12:40:41 pm »
To continue the absolute 0 of time idea and apply it to the bend of time:

The EoT and BoT both have the same characteristics: they both have an unchanging temporal quality and they are points of 'least resistance' in which things can travel to and from them.  An end is when something stops, a bend is when something changes directions.  I propose that the bend of time is like the EoT in that it is a point of low resistance because it is where time almost stops, and then changes direction.
Just a concept to mull over.  The BoT is close to the absolute 0, but not there.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / The Bend of Time
« on: February 04, 2004, 12:40:49 pm »
The end of time is moment, a title for a time period.  However, no matter how long you stay there, the time does not change, it is never anything other then the 'end of time'.  Time has no relevence there and the void outside does not change.  I think Grey has the right idea.  It is not like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, which continually transports back to the exact moment, but instead it IS that moment.  It would, as funi30y said, exist for all time, because it IS all time.

For all we know, the Time Devourer may be the cause of the end of time, time ends when he destroys it, and the time is never specified.  He devours time so that nothing exists, and that exact moment may be preserved forever as 'the end of time'.

Now, a bend is when something changes direction.  You bend your elbows, the road bends.  Could the bend of time be where time changed direction?

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Cross Phenomena
« on: January 23, 2004, 05:29:57 pm »
This is in response to 99.  Im only posting this here simply becuase there was no where else to put it. :?

After 2-3 hours of free time, I can reasonably state that the name Norstein Bekkler is not a corruption or translation of any specific name of any Alchemist, Magician, or Illusionist that has existed and has gained any semblance of recognition (And I'll tell you, researching Alchemists took the longest time.  They arent unionized).  I briefly touched upon some listings of electrochemists and generic scientists; and no luck there.  In that case, each word in his name must have a seperate meaning, or I missed something (Very likely), OR... We just admit it is a made up name.

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