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Chrono Compendium Discussion / Monster Location Encylopedia Idea
« on: March 07, 2004, 04:58:45 pm »
Alright, I have an idea that is not only hard to implement, but also would take up large amounts of graphics space and such.

The catch is, it would most certainly be a step to making this sight the complete reference guide to CT monsters and battle tactics.  Alright, here goes.

What I am suggesting is that we game maps on the sight, and then add to them the locations of monster battles.  The difference is, whenever you click on a spot for the battle, it offers a game graphic that shows how the characters and monsters are positioned on the battlefield!  Considering how unit placement is important for many abilities, this might be a rather interesting and useful addition.  We can also offer suggestions below the graphic on how to avoid the battle and how to win it!  Not only that, but if someone were to click on the monster, they would be taken to the Monster Encyclopedia entry for it.

Note:  When the monster Encyclopedia starts being made, it would be beneficial to make sure the monsters attack abilities are added, as well as a graphic if possible.

Now that I have that out of my system I can go back too sleep.  Damn these infernal dreams.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Dimensional Dilemma for Tossed Salad?
« on: January 09, 2004, 01:22:07 pm »
I've never been one to keep up to date on temporal theories, but here is something that has been nagging me for quite some time:

In order to get Turnip you must go to one dimension and cool down a patch of ground that got a little warm during a battle; whenever you go to the other dimension the character Turnip is there and ready to be dug up by Poshul?  Aggh!  
The only explanation I can think of is that Hermits Hideaway has a thinner barrier between dimensions, and that cooling the ground in one dimension saturates that anchor area with enough magic too cause the same sort of process that NeoFio was created in.  But that just doesn't seem right!  Does anyone else have any other thoughts on this?

If this seems plausible, are there any other Dimensional 'Anchor' points that seem to connect the two dimensions, where an action in one changes the appearance or function of the other?  (Apart from where angels lose their way and the dead sea.)

Magic, Elements, and Technology / Magic and Characters in CT
« on: December 12, 2003, 08:49:24 am »
I've taken a look at the forums on magic, and I have decided something.  Whenever one does a scientific experiment you change a variable, and leave the rest the same; but this is only applicable if a process exists.  I would propose that those involved step back for a second and try to determine something:  Is all magic the same in CT and CC?  I know, I know, this is the exact topic you've been studying; but I have yet to see something on HOW magic works, not just the nature of the matter.  Remember, the concept of gravity was discovered after experiments and documentation, it could not be scientifically proven by itself without proof.  It took many experiments, and MANY misconceptions before it could be truly represented.

These are the step by step questions I would ask of each character, and when we have an answer, I would imagine a systemic, easy to understand form of magic could in fact be determined by this process if applied to each character (And they would make an interesting encyclopedia category.)  I will update the chart below when a decision has been made regarding the answer to specific questions.  Remember, I expect VERY mixed results regarding the answers to these questions, and if you think there is a question to be added, say it!  Also, this is not a thread to specifically state the nature of magic.  It is designed to be a tool to be used elsewhere.

 :idea: This shall be called:  The Magic Equation

I have updated the list as to the positions stated thus far, and have given a description of the hero casting the spell/ability to help move things along.  I added the Chi theory as presented so far.  Deleted weapon catagory.  Updated as of December 15.
Crono: Hero of Time

 :arrow: Innate Element:  Light
 :arrow: Characters Physical/Elemental aspect:  Chrono's Physical appearance is that of a warrior, fast and true.  So far, has little to nothing to do with his innate.
 :arrow: Characters Mental/Elemental aspect:  Chrono's character is one of 'pure' intentions, as he appears to have few to none malicious intentions; and is willing to save his allies.  He suffers in the fact that he has to save everyone else without regard for himself.
 :arrow: Character Abilities:  
Cyclone-  Chrono spins around in a circle with his sword.  
Slash-  Crono manipulates his internal *Chi*, creating a wave of energy that physically manifests and travels in a straight line to his foes.  Slash has the ability to counter Masa/Munes wind techniques.  
Spincut-  Crono jump attacks his opponent with his sword.
Confuse-  Chrono manipulates his Chi, taking it to an almost magic level by creating several visages of himself from light either intentionally or unintentionally.  Chrono moves amidst these images to strike at the enemy when least expects to deal 4x damage to the enemy.
 :arrow: Character Magic:  
Lightning-  Crono calls a lightning bolt.
Lightning 2-  Crono either releases stored energy which radiates around a point or the area is infused with electrical energy from outside forces.
Life-  Crono calls on a little Cherub to poke his ally back to life.
Luminaire-  Crono's Chi is manipulated to the point in which it finally gains magic properties as Chrono releases a sphere of light from his body.  The heat and transferring energy damage opposing enemies within the sphere.

Chi Theory:  Chi is a magical *aura* that a character has that reflects their personality.  Some characters have the ability to tap into their *aura* to enhance their attacks and increase their fighting potential.  Chi could be magical in nature, or it could be in part psionic.  It has yet to be determined if a character has access to chi because of Lavos or if it is a natural occurence.

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