General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Used by: Crono, Slash
Type: Sword
Attack: 43
Stat Increase: 24
Base Critical Hit Rate: 10%
Effects: Speed +2
Sell: N/A

How to obtain:

  • The Slasher can be obtained after defeating Slash in Magus's Lair; it is left behind after Slash escapes.

Slash's beloved katana.

Chrono Cross[edit]

Used by: Fargo, Glenn, Pierre, Steena, Turnip, Viper
Type: Sword
Attack: 20-23 (10%)
Hit %: +4%
Effects: Increased Critical Hit rate.
Materials: (Cannot be dissassembled)

How to obtain:
Common drop from Slash.
(Can't be forged)

A demon sword used by Slash.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Japanese: ソイソーとう
Translation: Soy Sauce Katana

Name Origin[edit]

It is likely that Slash named the sword after himself. The Japanese equivalent is named after soy sauce, which is Slash's name in the game. In the Chrono Trigger manual, it was incorrectly billed as the Fleaver, a combination of Flea and cleaver.



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From: Weapons (Chrono Cross)