Chrono Trigger 10th Birthday

Welcome to the Chrono Compendium's celebration bash on this day of anniversary! Chrono Trigger's ten years old today, and to commemorate the event, have fun and browse all our best features and content! On this page you'll find our very coolest stuff collected and written here on the site, all provided for your enjoyment. Let's remember the good times we had playing Chrono Trigger for the last ten years, and look forward to even more fun in the days ahead!

Chrono Series Timeline

  • - The Chrono Trigger Prerelease cartridge is shipped to secure sales support from various retailers.
  • March 11 - Chrono Trigger stuns the world in its Japanese release.
  • June 25 - The Brink of Time, a funky, jazzy arrange of Chrono Trigger songs by Kalta Ohtsuki, is released.
  • August 16 - The Chrono Trigger - Jet Bike Special, Music, and Character Libraries are released for the Satellaview.
  • August 22 - Chrono Trigger is released to eager North American fans.
  • - A fan made OVA about the misadventures of a Nu and Poyozo, called Nuumamonja, is shown around Japanese trade shows.
  • - A sidestory to Chrono Trigger called Radical Dreamers is released for the Satellaview in Japan.
  • May 20 - The Chrono Trigger OST is released, making available all 60+ tracks to fans.
  • November 2 - Chrono Trigger is released in Japan for Playstation with new extras and anime cutscenes.
  • November 18 - Continuing the story and world of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross is released in Japan.
  • December 31 - As one Nintendo Power fan wrote in his letter, the world breathed a sigh of relief as Lavos did not emerge from the planet's crust.
  • August 15 - Chrono Cross (and an accompanying music preview CD & clock) is released in the United States and exceeds sales expectations.
  • December 18 - The Chrono Cross OST, a major achievement for Mitsuda, is released.
  • July 10 - Final Fantasy Chronicles is released in North America.
  • August 21 - The soundtrack to Final Fantasy Chronicles is released, sporting the arranged versions of highlighted Chrono Trigger tracks.
  • December 5 - Square Enix files two trademark licenses -- Chrono Brake in Japan, Chrono Break in the United States.
  • April 15 - Neo Demiforce releases the English translation of Radical Dreamers.
  • July 23 - The Chrono Compendium is officially founded.
  • August 21 - Chrono Cross is rereleased as a greatest hits title for the second time.
  • November 13 - Square Enix withdraws the patent for Chrono Break in the United States; the Japanese license for "Chrono Brake" still stands.
  • December - Final Fantasy Chronicles and Chrono Cross (again) are rereleased as greatest hits titles.
  • November 24 - Temporal Flux is released, allowing unprecedented editing of the Chrono Trigger ROM.
  • August 22 - Chrono Trigger turns ten years old in North America, and fans celebrate (many starting new playthroughs of the game).

The rest of history is up to you to write! Have fun, and keep on playing!

Birthday Specials


Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Demo

One year ago, Temporal Flux changed rom hacking Chrono Trigger forever. Now, months later, the first serious hack is in production! Crimson Echoes aims to be a full-length game taking place between Trigger and Cross and featuring the original cast. Download the demo and don't miss the interview with ZeaLitY!
[ Download - Interview ]


Chrono Trigger Recollections

Over the last ten years, Chrono Trigger has touched and inspired various generations of gamers. Share in their experiences by reading Chrono Trigger Recollections, a chronicle of experiences had by community members and remixers alike! By each remixer's story is also a link to his or her work; check it out!
Chrono Trigger Recollections


bLiNd Chrono Samples

Well-known remixer and trance extraordinaire bLiNd was scoring the Chrono Trigger Remake Project before it closed down. But he's not calling it quits! Check out these four samples of his latest work!
[ Boss Battle 1 - Ruined World ]
[ Wind Scene - Wings Across Time ]


Chrono Trigger Official Art

Renowned artist and creator of Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama drew all the official character art used for Chrono Trigger, and for the first time in fansite history, all his creations have been collected and organized. Check out each detailed drawing, as well as special art created for the PSX release of the game -- hi-res character drawings and anime cels!


Character Biographies

The Chrono Compendium wants to establish a complete database for all basic, factual information for the series. One of the first aims in realizing this dream has been the completion of the Character encyclopedia for Chrono Trigger. It's done, and you can now view plot information and statistics on all your favorite player characters and NPCs!


Chrono Trigger Manga

Back when game guide companies were writing material for Chrono Trigger, one enlisted the aid of an artist and permission from Square to create a short manga that detailed the first few minutes of Chrono Trigger. A lighthearted and fun romp through the Fair and Crono's encounter with Marle. Lina Darkstar and CuteLucca have tastefully infused English text over the original bubbles!

Chrono Series Scripts

What better way to celebrate than have the scripts of all three Chrono series games at your disposal? The complete text of each game has been edited, organized, and chronologically arranged in these documents. Search archives of dialogue and listings for quotes, plot information, or just for fun! Everything's here and ready to be perused by loving fans' eyes.

Chrono Trigger PSX Menu Music

Get the five new songs by Mitsuda used in Chrono Trigger PSX!

Chrono Trigger Prerelease

Before Chrono Trigger was released, a beta version was sent to game reviewers and stores to guarantee sales support. The Compendium's explored every inch of the beta, and has documented all the findings! See for yourself the lost areas, such as Singing Mountain or Zeal Dungeon, or read about how Gaspar may have been an eighth playable character at one time!

Lavos vs. JENOVA & Anime Music Video

Lavos vs. JENOVA is a hot DnB track by abg on VGMix. abg touched up the song and made a new ending just for the Compendium; we owe him a big thanks! Credit also goes to IoG, who made a Chrono Trigger AMV using the popular "Whistle Song."
'Lavos vs. JENOVA (Compendium Edition)' by abg
'Chrono Trigger Whistle AMV' by IoG

Chrono Trigger Rom Hacking & Modification

As the Crimson Echoes demo has proved, anyone can now pick up his or her Chrono Trigger ROM and sculpt new worlds and events. The only limit is your desire to learn! In addition to Temporal Flux, select many tools and resources to select you in the Compendium's modification section, which boasts tutorials, utilities, offset listings and an archive of completed hacks.

Chrono Testament

The Chrono Trigger Testament was a Geocities site run by Xathael until 2003. It made a case for the game being a parable of the bible; though some of the points may be a stretch, and Masato Kato has stated that the game isn't such an allegory, it is nonetheless a very interesting and engaging read! It's been backed up on the Compendium's encyclopedia for your viewing.


So there...Now that you've browsed our best, what do you plan to do to celebrate? Do you have a running piece of fanfiction you're writing, or a drawing to finish? Are you part of a fan project team dedicated to making a remake or sequel in a new engine? Will you bust out Chrono Trigger for a totally new playthrough, or complete an old file by attaining level ** for all characters and getting 99 of every item? Or will you create your own "playthrough" by using Temporal Flux to modify the locations and events in the game? Anything's possible, and I wish you well! Stay tuned in to the Compendium for Chrono series news, features, analysis, and developing community projects. I hope you've had a good time celebrating at the site; I'll see you around!

Several banners were made in preparation for the birthday, and have been used at several Chrono forums. You can see them all at Birthday Banners. Don't miss LHA's wallpapers!


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