Music (Chrono Trigger)


Complete Track List[edit]

The Complete Track List is structured according to .spc rips, or data from the actual game cartridge, rather than CD track lists. Translations are provided by DaBubba, ca. 1996. Thanks to Chris McGee and Conqueso for time signatures. Note that Frog's Theme is incomplete, the total version only appearing on the official releases. Battle 2, unused in Chrono Trigger, originally appeared in the Prerelease during Frog's flashback of fighting the Frog King.

All tracks composed by Yasunori Mitsuda except 17. Silent Light, 25. Mystery of the Past, 27. People Who Threw Away the Will to Live, 31. Bike Chase, 39. Underground Sewer, 41. Primitive Mountain, 45. Burn! Bobonga!, 49. Tyran Castle, and 53. Sealed Door, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, and 18. Boss Battle 1, composed by Nobuo Uematsu and Noriko Matsueda. Tsuyoshi Sekito composed the backing music used in the PSX FMVs, and is believed to have composed 84. One Sunny Day When We Met, 85. Scattering Blossoms, 86. A Meeting with Destiny, and 87. Time To Rest -After the Battle-. Note that in Procyon Studio Question and Answer Forms, Mitsuda mentions that these four tracks were composed by Toei Studio's in-house composer instead, without his knowledge; we aren't sure who the composer was.

Click on a track to view which albums it appears on and its existing remixes and arrangements. DS music box track list is here.

  1. A Premonition
  2. Chrono Trigger
  3. Morning Sunlight
  4. Peaceful Days
  5. Memories of Green
  6. Guardia Millennial Fair
  7. Gato's Song
  8. A Strange Happening
  9. Longing of the Wind
  10. Goodnight
  11. Secret of the Forest
  12. Battle 1
  13. Courage and Pride
  14. Huh?!
  15. Manoria Cathedral
  16. A Prayer to the Travelers
  17. Silent Light
  18. Boss Battle 1
  19. Frog's Theme
  20. Fanfare 1
  21. The Kingdom Trial
  22. The Hidden Truth
  23. A Shot of Crisis
  24. Ruined World
  25. Mystery of the Past
  26. Dome-16's Ruin
  27. People Who Threw Away the Will to Live
  28. Lavos's Theme
  29. The Final Day of the World
  30. Reckless Robo Gang Johnny
  31. Bike Chase
  32. Robo's Theme
  33. Remains of the Factory
  34. Battle 2
  35. Fanfare 2
  36. The Brink of Time
  37. Delightful Spekkio
  38. Fanfare 3
  39. Underground Sewer
  40. Boss Battle 2
  41. Primitive Mountain
  42. Ayla's Theme
  43. Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth
  44. Burn! Bobonga!
  45. Magus's Castle
  46. Confusing Melody
  47. Battle with Magus
  48. Singing Mountain
  49. Tyran Castle
  50. At the Bottom of Night
  51. Corridors of Time
  52. Zeal Palace
  53. Schala's Theme
  54. Sealed Door
  55. Undersea Palace
  56. Crono & Marle ~ Far Off Promise
  57. Epoch ~ Wings that Cross Time
  58. Black Dream
  59. Determination
  60. World Revolution
  61. Last Battle
  62. Festival of Stars
  63. Epilogue ~ To Good Friends
  64. To Far Away Times
  65. Rat-A-Tat-Tat It's... Mitsuda
  66. Unknown Fanfare
  67. Sounds of the Ocean
  68. Leene's Bell
  69. Ocean Tide
  70. Time Gate
  71. Truce Canyon
  72. Prison Tower
  73. Mystic Chant
  74. Rain
  75. Lavos Scream
  76. Strong Wind
  77. Earthquake
  78. Fall of Mt. Woe
  79. Fall of Zeal
  80. Blackbird (Inside)
  81. Blackbird (Outside)
  82. Inside the Shell
  83. Breath of Lavos

Playstation Only Tracks

These songs were believed to be composed by Tsuyoshi Sekito for the Playstation release of Chrono Trigger. However, he is not explicitly credited, and it is probable that an unnamed composer who was working for Bird Studios composed them. They appear around the Extras menus, and can be played in the Music Box.

84. One Sunny Day When We Met
85. Scattering Blossoms
86. A Meeting with Destiny
87. Time To Rest -After the Battle

Revised Track Names[edit]

The original Chrono Trigger song translation was never perfectly accurate, but in the 14 years that have passed since the OSV's release, these song names have become "official" within the fan community. Radical Pan has written a guide showing the true names of songs, with original Japanese, romaji, and English. The guide uses the Chrono Trigger DS track list.

To view the guide, click here.

Official Releases[edit]

Chrono Trigger Arranged Version: The Brink of Time[edit]


Compact Disc (52:47)

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Gizaemon de Futura, Guido, Hiroshi Hata, Kalta Ohtsuki
Release: June 25, 1995; October 1, 2004
Label: NTT Publishing, Pryaid Records
Catalogue Number: PSCN-5024, NTCP-5024 (VGMdb Listing, VGMdb Listing)

Mitsuda gave the others the idea to do acid-jazz, rock style arrangements of the songs, citing an underrepresentation of those genres in the Japanese market at the time. The arrangement was inspired by Jamiroquai. He acknowledged criticism for this style, reflecting that if Twitter had been around in 1995, he would have "gone up in flames."

"The Brink of Time" was recorded at Studio GREENBIRD, a very large, spacious studio. The footsteps in the intro of Chrono Trigger were recorded live. At one point during the album's recording, a guitar amplifier caught fire. The photography for the Brink of Time's CD jacket was done in the studio. Mitsuda joked in his Procyon Q&A that any failed attempts at cooking the eggs were eaten by the studio assistant.

Track List

1. Chrono Trigger (6:13)
2. Secret of Forest (6:10)
3. Zeal Palace (4:46)
4. Warlock Battle (3:46)
5. Chrono Corridor (7:15)
6. Undersea Palace (4:09)
7. World Revolution (6:03)
8. The Brink of Time (2:45)
9. Guardia Millenial Fair (6:28)
10. Outskirts of Time (5:08)


Limited Availability


Pictures thanks to Doulifee

Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version[edit]


Three Compact Discs

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu
Release: May 20, 1996; October 1, 2004
Label: NTT Publishing; Pryaid Records
Catalogue Number: PSCN-5021~3; NTCP-5021~3 (VGMdb Listing; VGMdb Listing)

Track List

Disc 1 (46:33)

1. A Premonition (0:34)
2. Chrono Trigger (2:01)
3. Morning Sunlight (0:58)
4. Peaceful Days (2:48)
5. Memories of Green (3:51)
6. Guardia Millenial Fair (3:17)
7. Gonzalez's Song (0:42)
8. A Strange Happening (1:43)
9. Wind Scene (3:22)
10. Goodnight (0:08)
11. Secret of the Forest (4:46)
12. Battle 1 (2:29)
13. Guardia Castle ~Courage and Pride~ (3:28)
14. Huh?! (0:05)
15. Manoria Cathedral (1:13)
16. A Prayer to the Road that Leads... (0:11)
17. Silent Light (2:23)
18. Boss Battle 1 (1:58)
19. Kaeru's Theme (1:49)
20. Fanfare 1 (1:16)
21. The Trial (3:45)
22. The Hidden Truth (0:59)
23. A Shot of Crisis (2:39)

Disc 2 (50:33)

1. Ruined World (3:24)
2. Mystery of the Past (3:24)
3. Dome-16's Ruin (1:34)
4. People Who Threw Away the Will to Live (3:07)
5. Lavos' Theme (5:10)
6. The Day the World Revived (1:25)
7. Robo Gang Johnny (2:21)
8. Bike Chase (1:35)
9. Robo's Theme (1:32)
10. Remains of Factory (3:09)
11. Battle 2 (Unreleased Track) (2:10)
12. Fanfare 2 (0:07)
13. The Brink of Time (2:31)
14. Delightful Spekkio (2:48)
15. Fanfare 3 (0:05)
16. Underground Sewer (2:24)
17. Boss Battle 2 (2:41)
18. Primitive Mountain (3:07)
19. Ayla's Theme (1:24)
20. Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth (1:51)
21. Burn! Bobonga! (2:12)
22. Magus' Castle (0:29)
23. Confusing Melody (1:40)
24. Battle with Magus (3:30)

Disc 3 (53:46)

1. Singing Mountain (Unreleased Track) (3:05)
2. Tyran Castle (3:49)
3. At the Bottom of Night (2:31)
4. Corridors of Time (3:01)
5. Zeal Palace 3:57)
6. Sara's Theme (2:48)
7. Sealed Door (2:47)
8. Undersea Palace (3:23)
9. Crono and Marle ~Far Off Promise~ (1:56)
10. Silvard ~Wings that Cross Time~ (3:23)
11. Black Dream (3:04)
12. Determination (0:56)
13. World Revolution (3:48)
14. Last Battle (4:07)
15. First Festival of Stars (2:44)
16. Epilogue - To Good Friends (2:34)
17. To Far Away Times (5:46)

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Liner Notes[edit]

Rebecca Capowski has translated Yasunori Mitsuda's liner notes for this album, and has allowed them to be posted here.

"In my life

I don't know whether it's a good or bad omen, but I write these notes while celebrating my 23rd birthday. But when do you think I made up my mind to compose music? Even though I didn't have much contact with music (save for a few piano lessons when I was young), something got a hold of me, and I decided to go into the field. I guess I wanted a reason to leave home as soon as possible. But I wanted to study from the moment I left, and I always thought there was nothing sweeter than to be able to eat my meals with music, so I talked to my parents about entering a new school. I can see it clearly even to this day - me, fearful and timid, hearing my father's words - "Go to Tokyo! This is your chance!" I don't think I'll ever forget it in my entire life.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that my life was changed from that moment on. My mere two years at the music school were hectic. I never realized that if this didn't work out, I couldn't just go home, for there'd be no place at a corporation for someone stupid like me. I did not learn, however, how to compose at the school; instead, I was led to think of music as a living organism. At that time, such a thought always proved staggering to me.

Thus I obtained my current job "composing" for the company called "Square". Next time, however, I suppose I'll have to take the first step and initiative in following my dream.

There are two sides two everything

Do you know which is the front and which is the back of a 10-yen coin? Either choice is the right answer! Whichever side you chose as the front can also become the back. Similarly, the human race has both good guys and bad guys. But if you look a little more closely, you'll see good and bad in every individual. Whichever side constitutes one's "front" is up to personal circumstance...

Music too has "fronts" and "backs"; if the "Major" is made the front, the "minor" becomes the back, and a composition has a front beat and a back beat. In short, if you have an understanding of both sides, you strike a good balance between them. Conversely, if one side is lacking, the balance collapses. I suppose that this's most vital to me, for it's what weighs most in my mind. I think I like grappling with the various factors of fate and chance that determine success or failure; it proves useful to me afterward, and I think it's intertwined with music.

What is composition?

Whenever I hear the question "What is composition?", I am always stumped for an answer - I wonder if "the means for my own search" is the most appropriate response? It's strange that my music could end up reflecting the conditions I was working in at the time, isn't it? Of course, that could say something about my psychological state of mind, but...(ha). I wonder if this isn't one of the most overly harsh jobs in the music industry? There's an extraordinarily high number of compositions, yet since the fans are in a broad age bracket, you have to have a knowledge of so many different musical styles, and the considerations of the screens and scenarios override the music you'd like to use. It's easy to fall prey to anything from a problem to a slump. These particular circumstances brought on a slump for me. (I must've tried to start writing the music 4 times!) I was stumped for a month and a half. I would think, "I've got to do this", but when I would set about going to work, nothing would come to me, and I'd lose my will to work. Mired and immobilized in my unease and dismay, I was brought to a standstill and felt that I'd never be able to get things done. I am incapacle of "Self-Control". What opened my eyes at that time and became the most important key to escaping my slump were the many opportunities I had to draw "Power" from speaking with others who had different ideas than I did and to see things from new perspectives. (Of course, that's not the only way to pull yourself out of a slump.) I strongly felt that my other obligations factored very little into my problems with this job. The reason for my slump boiled down to one issue.

With each composition I write, I feel I can learn a little more about myself. It's interesting! And so, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop composing, and I think that it's a miraculous thing that I can live my life through doing so. The age in which I was born. The environment in which I grew up. The people with whom I've come in contact whom I wish to thank from the depths of my heart.

And, in closing, to all those who supported me in this CD set's release - Uematsu-san, Sakaguchi-san, all the numerous staff members who gave me strength, and all those who bought this album - I would like to say one word - "thanks".

1/21/95, from the Brink of Time, Yasunori Mitsuda"

Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack (PSX)[edit]


Compact Disc

Composed and arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Tsuyoshi Sekito
Release: December 18, 1999
Label: DigiCube
Catalogue Number: SSCX-10039 (VGMdb Listing) and

Track List

1. A Premonition (0:35)
2. Chrono Trigger (2:33)
3. Peaceful Days (2:45)
4. Guardia's Millennial Fair (3:18)
5. Yearnings of the Wind (3:21)
6. Secret of the Forest (4:47)
7. Frog's Theme (1:17)
8. The Trial (3:45)
9. Lavos's Theme (5:10)
10. Johnny of the Robo Gang (1:43)
11. Robo's Theme (1:31)
12. At the End of Time (2:31)
13. Jolly Ol' Spekkio (2:47)
14. Showdown with Magus (2:44)
15. Corridor of Time (3:02)
16. Zeal Palace (3:58)
17. Schala's Theme (2:44)
18. Ocean Palace (3:20)
19. World Revolution (3:52)
20. Epilogue -To My Dear Friends- (2:26)
21. Outskirts of Time (4:15)
22. Chrono & Marle -A Distant Promise- (Arranged) (0:38)
23. Ayla's Theme (Arranged) (1:31)
24. Ending (2:15) / Burn! Bobonga! Burn! (Arranged) / Frog's Theme (Arranged) / Outskirts of Time (Arranged)
25. Chrono Trigger (Arranged) (6:11)


Limited Availability

Chrono Trigger Official Soundtrack: Music from Final Fantasy Chronicles[edit]


Compact Disc (73:03)

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu (Burn! Bobonga!)
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda, Tsuyoshi Sekito (Tracks 22-24), Hiroshi Hata & Kalta Ohtsuki (Track 25)
Release: October 21, 2001
Label: Tokyopop Soundtrax
Catalogue Number: TPCD 0209-2 (VGMdb Listing)

Music from Final Fantasy Chronicles (PSX).

Track List

1. A Premonition (0:35)
2. Chrono Trigger (2:33)
3. Peaceful Days (2:45)
4. Guardia's Millennial Fair (3:18)
5. Yearnings of the Wind (3:21)
6. Secret of the Forest (4:47)
7. Frog's Theme (1:17)
8. The Trial (3:45)
9. Lavos's Theme (5:10)
10. Johnny of the Robo Gang (1:43)
11. Robo's Theme (1:31)
12. At the End of Time (2:31)
13. Jolly Ol' Spekkio (2:47)
14. Showdown with Magus (2:44)
15. Corridor of Time (3:02)
16. Zeal Palace (3:58)
17. Schala's Theme (2:44)
18. Ocean Palace (3:20)
19. World Revolution (3:52)
20. Epilogue -To My Dear Friends- (2:26)
21. Outskirts of Time (4:15)
22. Chrono & Marle -A Distant Promise- (Arranged) (0:38)
23. Ayla's Theme (Arranged) (1:31)
24. Ending (2:15) / Burn! Bobonga! Burn! (Arranged) / Frog's Theme (Arranged) / Outskirts of Time (Arranged)
25. Chrono Trigger (Arranged) (6:11)


Limited Availability

Chrono Trigger - Orchestra Extra Soundtrack[edit]


Compact Disc

Square awarded 3,000 copies of a special black design soundtrack to certain fans in February 2009. The disc contents are the same for this version.

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Natsumi Kameoka
Release: November 20, 2008
Label: Square Enix
Catalogue Number: CTEX-2008 (VGMdb Listing)

Track List

Disc 1 (6:18)

  1. Chrono Trigger ~ Orchestra Version ~ (2:07)
  2. Chrono Trigger Medley ~ Orchestra Version ~ (4:11)


Chrono Trigger DS Original Soundtrack[edit]

61SivF9cgXL SS500 .jpg

Compact Disc

Square released the CT DS soundtrack in 2009, including a DVD with an interview of Yasunori Mitsuda and video performance of the two orchestral medleys from the DS extra mini-soundtrack. Thanks to Radical Pan for information about this release.

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Release: July 29, 2009
Label: SMD
Catalogue Number: SQEX-10167~70 (VGMdb Listing) and

Track List

Disc One

  1. A Premonition
  2. Chrono Trigger
  3. Morning Sunlight
  4. Peaceful Days
  5. Memories of Green
  6. Guardia Millennial Fair
  7. Gato's Song
  8. A Strange Happening
  9. Longing of the Wind
  10. Goodnight
  11. Secret of the Forest
  12. Battle 1
  13. Guardia Castle ~Courage and Pride~
  14. Huh?!
  15. Manoria Cathedral
  16. A Prayer to the Travelers...
  17. Silent Light
  18. Boss Battle 1
  19. Frog's Theme
  20. Fanfare 1
  21. The Kingdom Trial
  22. The Hidden Truth
  23. A Shot of Crisis
  24. Crono & Marle ~Far Off Promise~ (Arrange Version 1)
  25. Chrono Trigger (Arrange Version 1)
  26. Ayla's Theme (Arrange Version)
  27. Frog's Theme (Arrange Version)

Disc Two

  1. Ruined World
  2. Mystery of the Past
  3. Dome-16's Ruin
  4. People Who Threw Away the Will to Live
  5. Lavos's Theme
  6. The Final Day of the World
  7. Reckless Robo Gang Johnny
  8. Bike Chase
  9. Robo's Theme
  10. Remains of the Factory
  11. Battle 2 (UNRELEASED TRACK)
  12. Fanfare 2
  13. The Brink of Time
  14. Delightful Spekkio
  15. Fanfare 3
  16. Underground Sewer
  17. Boss Battle 2
  18. Ayla's Theme
  19. Primitive Mountain
  20. Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth
  21. Burn! Bobonga!
  22. Magus's Castle
  23. Confusing Melody
  24. Battle with Magus
  25. Chrono Trigger (Arrange Version 2)
  26. Chrono Trigger (Arrange Version 3)
  27. Schala's Theme (Arrange Version)

Disc Three

  1. Singing Mountain (UNRELEASED TRACK)
  2. Tyran Castle
  3. At the Bottom of Night
  4. Corridors of Time
  5. Zeal Palace
  6. Schala's Theme
  7. Sealed Door
  8. Undersea Palace
  9. Crono & Marle ~Far Off Promise~
  10. Epoch ~Wings That Cross Time~
  11. Black Dream
  12. Determination
  13. World Revolution
  14. Last Battle
  15. Festival of Stars
  16. Epilogue ~To Good Friends~
  17. To Far Away Times
  18. Ending~Burn! Bobonga!~Frog's Theme~To Far Away Times (Arrange Version)
  19. Crono & Marle ~Far Off Promise~ (Arrange Version 2)
  20. One Sunny Day When We Met
  21. Scattering Blossoms
  22. A Meeting with Destiny
  23. Time to Rest ~After the Battle~
  24. Extra Mode ~Frog's Theme Intro Plus~

Purchase 3,485 Yen


To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album[edit]

TFAT Cover.jpg

Compact Disc (42:32), Vinyl LP

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Tomohiko Kira, Sachiko Miyano, Kumi Tanioka, Yasunori Mitsuda, Laura Shigihara, Natsumi Kameoka, Kazune Ogihara
Performed by: EKS Masters Orchestra (Tsunehiro Shigyo, Masahide Denda, Yoshitaka Hirooka, Mizue Akaike, Kimiko Nakagawa, Koji Suzuki, Kozue Harada, Naoko Umae, Kota Nagahara, Eri Takimura, Tetsuo Tsushima, Ayumu Koshikawa, Naoko Wakatabi, You Mashiko, Takahiro Enokido, Sachiko Suda, Taku Koike, Mayuko Takagi, Tomoya Kikuchi, Wataru Mukai, Rentaro Tomioka, Shiori Shimizu, Koji Akaike, Koichi Yonenaga), Millennial Fair (Koko Komine, Sarah Àlainn, Laura Shigihara, Akio Noguchi, Akihisa Tsuboy, Yuka Fujino, Tomohiko Kira, Natsuki Kido, Kumi Tanioka, Chiaki Umeda, AKIRA, Hitoshi Kusunoki, Yasunori Mitsuda)
Lyrics by: Koko Komine, Sarah Àlainn, Laura Shigihara
Release: October 14, 2015
Catalogue: SQEX-10501 (VGMdb Listing and

This is the fabled Chrono Cross arranged album announced in January 2005. In December 2008, Yasunori Mitsuda posted one track to Procyon Studio for preview. Click the track below to download. It was finally released in 2015 with tracks from Chrono Trigger as well.

Mitsuda left words to fans in the insert:

Come to think of it, I've wanted to make an album like this for a while now. Of course, it didn't always have a title like To Far Away Times. When Chrono Cross was released, I wondered, "What happened to Kid, or Schala, after the ending? Was she able to cross time and meet Serge?" I was sure the players felt the same way. The characters, each with his or her own grand story to tell, are what make the Chrono series unique. Kid and Schala, however, were particularly prominent characters in both games and are very special to me; so, for a long time, I wanted to reapproach them from a musical standpoint. The Chrono Cross soundtrack has three discs entitled "Cause," "Unveiling," and "Change," and I dreamed of one day adding another called "Connection" as Kid and Schala's album. That dream has at last been realized here as To Far Away Times. This album, connected to my own feelings towards Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, has finally given me closure. Kid's journey doesn't end here, though. It transcends time and continues on into eternity. Until the day we meet again, Kid.

Track List

  1. Time's Scar 4:47
  3. Wind Scene 4:28
  4. Schala's Theme 4:07
  5. The Frozen Flame 3:21
  6. Marbule 4:01
  7. The Bend of Time 3:35
  8. Corridors of Time 3:54
  9. On The Other Side / Epilogue ~ To Good Friends 4:12
  10. To Far Away Times 4:36

Purchase (3,240 Yen for the CD)

Note that a vinyl LP was also released (VGMdb page).



Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack Revival Disc[edit]

27d272d117c7e66bce08b0904bb90f70 640 640.jpg

Blu-ray Disc (146:29)

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda
Release: June 10, 2019
Catalogue: SQEX-20066 (VGMdb Listing)

The actual blu-ray content is a jukebox/sound test, showing scenes from the games alongside the tracks.

Track List

  1. Presentiment 0:32
  2. Chrono Trigger 2:00
  3. Morning Sunlight 0:55
  4. Peaceful Days 2:48
  5. Memories of Green 3:51
  6. Guardia Millennial Fair 3:15
  7. Gato's Song 0:41
  8. A Strange Happening 1:41
  9. Wind Scene 3:22
  10. Goodnight 0:06
  11. Secret of the Forest 4:47
  12. Battle 1 2:28
  13. Courage and Pride 3:27
  14. Huh?! 0:03
  15. Manoria Cathedral 1:12
  16. A Prayer to the Road that Leads 0:10
  17. Silent Light 2:23
  18. Boss Battle 1 1:58
  19. Frog's Theme 1:48
  20. Fanfare 1 1:15
  21. Kingdom Trial 3:43
  22. The Hidden Truth 1:00
  23. A Shot of Crisis 1:57
  24. Ruined World 2:39
  25. Mystery of the Past 0:05
  26. Lab 16's Ruin 1:33
  27. People Without Hope 3:07
  28. Lavos' Theme 5:10
  29. The Day the World Revived 1:24
  30. Robo Gang Johnny 2:21
  31. Bike Chase 1:31
  32. Robo's Theme 1:32
  33. Remains of the Factory 3:08
  34. Battle 2 2:07
  35. Fanfare 2 0:05
  36. Brink of Time 2:30
  37. Delightful Spekkio 2:47
  38. Fanfare 3 0:03
  39. Underground Sewer 2:22
  40. Boss Battle 2 2:41
  41. Primitive Mountain 3:07
  42. Ayla's Theme 1:23
  43. Rhythm of Wind, Sky and Earth 1:51
  44. Burn! Bobonga! 2:11
  45. Magus' Castle 0:26
  46. Confusing Melody 1:39
  47. Battle with Magus 2:48
  48. Singing Mountain 2:22
  49. Tyran Castle 3:48
  50. At the Bottom of Night 2:30
  51. Corridors of Time 3:00
  52. Zeal Palace 3:55
  53. Schala's Theme 2:47
  54. Sealed Door 2:46
  55. Undersea Palace 3:22
  56. Far Off Promise 1:55
  57. Wings That Cross Time 3:23
  58. Black Omen 3:03
  59. Determination 0:55
  60. World Revolution 3:47
  61. Last Battle 4:08
  62. First Festival of Stars 2:43
  63. Epilogue ~ To Good Friends 2:26
  64. To Far Away Times 5:47


Square $49.99

Chrono Trigger Orchestral Arrangement[edit]

78b909a1bff3c98de85018d09dc29361 640 640.jpg

Compact disc (37:30)

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Performed by: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Release: September 4, 2019
Catalogue: SQEX-10724 (VGMdb Listing)

Supposedly arranged under the supervision of Yasunori Mitsuda, although there is no proof of his involvement. The message on the box set states:

Enjoy the emotional, magnificent and powerful music as long as "time" permits. -Yasunori Mitsuda

Track List

  1. Presentiment / Chrono Trigger 2:40
  2. Morning Sunlight / Guardia Millennial Fair / Gato's Song 4:16
  3. Wind Scene / Frog's Theme 5:16
  4. The Day the World Revived / Robo's Theme 3:25
  5. Brink of Time 2:46
  6. Magus's Castle / Confusing Melody / Battle with Magus 4:53
  7. Corridors of Time / Schala's Theme 7:23
  8. Epilogue ~ To Good Friends 6:51

The BOX version contains four additional tracks (see VGMdb listing here; catalogue number SQEX-10727~9 ).

  1. Chrono Cross -Scars of Time- (Piano Duo ver) 6:46
  2. Schala's Theme (Piano Duo ver) 6:51
  3. The Girl Who Stole the Stars (Piano Duo ver) 5:01
  4. Chrono Trigger (Piano Duo ver) 6:15


Square $34.99


Square Enix Jazz - Chrono Trigger[edit]

5f89f0809453cde7ab609e8ebc170eb8 640 640.jpg

Compact disc (55:29)

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Performed by: Several jazz musicians hired by Square
Release: January 26, 2022
Catalogue: SQEX-10912 (VGMdb Listing and for bonus track)

Once again, we welcome Trombonist Eijiro Nakagawa and Bassist Ryu Kawamura to provide the arrangements of these tracks, plus as with any JAZZ performance we incorporate lots of freestyle–sure to accentuate the familiar melodies of the original and take them to new heights.

Track List

  1. Chrono Trigger Jazz Arrangement Ver. 2 4:44
  2. Peaceful Days Jazz Arrangement 5:01
  3. Frog's Theme Jazz Arrangement 4:15
  4. Lavos' Theme Jazz Arrangement 4:27
  5. Robo's Theme Jazz Arrangement 5:29
  6. Brink of Time Jazz Arrangement 4:55
  7. Battle with Magus Jazz Arrangement 4:56
  8. Schala's Theme Jazz Arrangement 5:24
  9. Far Off Promise Jazz Arrangement 4:52
  10. World Revolution Jazz Arrangement 5:13
  11. To Far Away Times Jazz Arrangement 6:13

Bonus track:

  1. Frog's Theme Jazz Arrangement (Another Edition) 3:17


Square $34.99

Unofficial Releases[edit]

.spc Rips[edit]

What is an .spc?

An SPC700 sound file (or SPC) is a type of video game music file consisting of a copy of a program and music data from RAM used by the SPC700 sound chip on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or Super Famicom (though such data is usually obtained from a console emulator such as ZSNES or Snes9x, rather than from the system itself). The SPC700 chip (or emulator thereof) produces sound by executing the embedded program, which processes the stored music data and transforms them to a set of DSP commands responsible for reproducing sounds. The capabilities of the SPC700 DSP commands allow for music synthesis by samples (analogous to MOD or IT music playback); therefore it is possible to store, in only 64 kilobytes worth of data, music which, if stored as a digital audio waveform (eg. the format used in CDs), might take up several megabytes.

From: Wikipedia

SPC players can be found at SNESAmp is the recommended choice. However, use the Compendium's, rather than SNESMusic's, Chrono Trigger soundtrack, as the latter is incomplete and contains erroneous sound effects.

.2SF Rips[edit]

What is a .2SF file?

2SF is the file format used by those who rip music from Nintendo DS games. It's much like the PSF and USF formats in that individual songs are ripped as mini2sfs with one single instrument library. Chrono Trigger uses the same sound driver as Yoshi's Island.

To play 2SF files with Winamp, download this.

.psf Rips[edit]

What is a .psf?

A PlayStation Sound Format (PSF) file is a sound data file (akin to .SPC from the Super NES) ripped directly from a Sony PlayStation video game.

The PSF format was created by Neill Corlett in 2003. Neill Corlett later created the PSF2 format. Highly Experimental is the name of the Winamp plugin that plays PSF and PSF2 files. This plugin can improve on the original Playstation sound by playing the PSF's at sampling rates above 44.1 KHz.

Generally PSF files contain a number of samples and a sequence player program. This takes far less space than the equivalent streamed format of the same song (WAV, MP3) while still sounding exactly like the original song (as opposed to formats such as MIDI which depend on the creator's accuracy and quality of the MIDI synthesizer it's played on). Several PSF subformats also have a miniPSF/PSFlib capability, wherein data that is used by multiple tracks need only be stored once (in the PSFlib) and the differences are stored, with reference to the PSFlib, in a miniPSF file, further increasing storage efficiency. Additionally sections of the PSF are zlib compressed. Generally, background music stored in PSF files can be played forever, as the sequencer properly handles its own loop points, another advantage over streamed formats.

A PSF2 file is a sound data file equivalent to the PSF, but ripped directly from a Sony Playstation 2 video game.

Both PSF and PSF2 files contains a header which specifies the type of video game system the file contains data for, and an optional set of tags at the end which can give detailed information on the file (game name, artist, length, etc.) The organization of the data is determined by each individual subformat.

PSF initially stood only for "PlayStation Sound Format", but with the addition of the PSF2, SSF (Sega Saturn Sound Format), DSF (Dreamcast Sound Format), USF (Nintendo Ultra 64 Sound Format), and QSF (Capcom Q-Sound Format) subformats, a more generic backronym was developed: Portable Sound Format.

From: Wikipedia

.psf players can be found at, the recommended choice being Highly Experimental.

Alpha Tracks[edit]

Shortly before Chrono Trigger's release, the organization V-Jump released a second preview video (analyzed and available for download here) showing several Chrono Trigger scenes with music and developer interviews laid over them. Unlike the first music video, there are prolonged expositions of music only marginally touched by dialogue. Though the build of Chrono Trigger used to make the video was only a little earlier in development than the Pre, it featured different instrument samples making for some interesting-sounding alternate versions of themes.

They are presented for download in the lossless Monkey's Audio (APE) format. You can find the program here along with a Winamp plugin.

  1. A Premonition
  2. Chrono Trigger
  3. Longing of the Wind
  4. Memories of Green
  5. Secret of the Forest
  6. Guardia Millennial Fair
  7. Courage and Pride
  8. Schala's Theme
  9. Crono and Marle ~ Far Promise ~
  10. Battle 1
  11. Lavos's Theme (Ocean Palace)
  12. Chrono Trigger (Reprise)

SirDark has reconstructed Battle 1 from its two uses in the video to create a mostly clean version:

Chrono Trigger - Extra Tracks[edit]

Second to the .spc sets, these songs were composed by Yasunori Mitsuda for the Extras menu of the Playstation version of Chrono Trigger. They have never been officially released; however, they have been tolerably recorded from the source and distributed. Please note that Rat-A-Tat-Tat It's... Mitsuda also appears in the Extras Menu; it was present in the original game, though never used. Download the .spc Chrono Trigger soundtrack instead to achieve maximum quality for that fanfare.


Restorations attempt to take compressed, low-quality sampled music (as found on video games, such as Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross) and "restore" them by tracking down the original samples and recreating the songs, as they would've sounded like to the composers before being subject to hardware limitations.

Mathew Valente (tssf) Restoration (Synthetic Origins)[edit]

This is the definitive restoration, and covers all tracks from Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers. You can download this (and his other work, including FF4, FF5, and FF6) on Google Drive.

If Google Drive goes down, let me know and I'll upload the Final Fantasy stuff somewhere. For the time being, here is the Compendium's backup of the Chrono Trigger/Radical Dreamers restoration:

Other Tracks[edit]

Jammin' Sam Miller

Sam Miller did the amazing Donkey Kong Country restorations; go find him on YouTube.

OrangeC Chrono Trigger Restorations

tssf Chrono Trigger Restorations

Albums and Doujins[edit]

See: Albums and Doujins


See: Concerts


Chrono Compendium[edit]

These are remixes which have fallen outside the major sites or were personally submitted to the Compendium.

1. A Premonition

2. Chrono Trigger

4. Peaceful Days

5. Memories of Green

6. Guardia Millennial Fair

7. Gato's Song

8. A Strange Happening

9. Longing of the Wind

11. Secret of the Forest

12. Battle 1

13. Courage and Pride

15. Manoria Cathedral

18. Boss Battle 1

19. Frog's Theme

21. The Kingdom Trial

24. Ruined World

26. Dome-16's Ruin

29. The Final Day of the World

30. Reckless Robo Gang Johnny

32. Robo's Theme

33. Remains of the Factory

39. Underground Sewer

47. Battle with Magus

48. Singing Mountain

51. Corridors of Time

'Corridors of Time' by HatVGM

52. Zeal Palace

53. Schala's Theme

55. Undersea Palace

60. World Revolution

61. Last Battle

63. Epilogue ~ To Good Friends

64. To Far Away Times

85. Scattering Blossoms


Overclocked ReMix[edit]

Overclocked ReMix is a video game music remixing organization. High production values, if nothing else!



ThaSauce is a remixing / video game music news site with its own original remix subdivision.


VGMix X sucks, and the promised archive of VGMix 2 did not appear. Until then, you may find an archive of remixes by clicking the links below. Check the text file to see if you have any we're missing, then contact'

VGMix is part of a community of amateur musicians who write arrangements of video game music.


Please note that only remixes that have been rated Above-Average appear here for quality control.

Stuff of Legends


Good Stuff



VGMix 4


Blake Robinson

Blake does orchestral arrangements under the Synthetic Orchestra banner.

Blue Planet

Blue Planet is a personal remixing site for AD794, located here.

(Look near the bottom to find the remixes)

Catacomb Entrance

Catacomb Entrance is an arrangement and remixing site hosted by a guy named Ianaso.

Celestia Remixes

Celestia is a major biannual event in the Japanese remixing community, where several RPG fans come together to make tens of remixes. There are pieces of excellent quality in each festival. From Celestia 1, the lyrical At the Bottom of Night is a must, as well as the song simply titled Chrono Trigger.

The project itself, with all the other remixes, were originally hosted here. The headquarters is now at this page. Take note that the remixes are usually issued in .zip or .lzh format. You will need WinRAR or an appropriate utility to decompress them.

Celestia: Square Enix Music Arrange Festival (2005)

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

Lyrics and Notes (Thanks to D.Radium):

【 曲 名 】僻歌
[Song Title] Higauta -
【 出 典 】Chrono Trigger 「夜の底にて」より
Chrono Trigger, from "Depths of the Night"
【 作曲者 】光田 康典
Composer: Mitsuda Yasunori
【 作詞者 】Liar
Lyrics: Liar
【 編曲者 】岬
Arranger: Misaki
【  歌  】Liar
Vocals: Liar
【 使用音源 】KORG TRITON-Rack YAMAHA MOTIF-Rack Roland SC-8850
Filesize: 4.2MB
Date of Completion: 2005-09-17
Length: 3:40

Lyrics [they include a bracketed version of text to explain the lyrical meaning, since it's written in a bit of an older style]

赤く 喰らい込みその火蛾  飽かずも逝き遅る
(赤い炎に捕らわれた蛾  満足したわけもなく死に残る)
Caught within the red flames, the moth dies without necessarily being content with life.

黒く 爛らかしその彼我  虚く宿命だと謂う
(黒く爛れたあたしとお前  気が抜けたような宿命だったわね)
Blacked to a crisp, you and I, our destiny seems to have lost its will.

見え透いた諦め  腐り始めた眼差
(見え透いた諦め  腐り始めた眼差)
Giving up is so apparent, our perceptions begin to corrode.

あたしという  矜持を否む
(あたしという  存在の誇りを否定して)
Rejecting my existence, my honour, me.

紛う 愛しみ僻歌  行き失す定けし瞬時
(入り乱れてもうわからない 可愛らしい僻歌  行方も分からない確実な今という瞬間)
So complex nobody understands any more, the cute song. Where will the concrete present go, to become the unknown future.

赤く 喰らい込みその彼我  飽かずも逝き遅る
(赤い炎に嵌り込んだあたしとお前  満足したわけもなく死に残る)
Red flames enveloping you and I, dying without necessarily being content with life.

黒く 爛らかしその火蛾  虚く運命だと謂う
(黒く爛れ焼けた蛾  むなしいうつろな運命だったわね)
The moth blackened to a crisp, such an unfortunate fate.

今 君を捨て行こうか  君さえ存在しなければ
(今 君を捨てて行くわ  君の存在さえなかったならば)
Let me leave you behind, if only you had never existed.

独り 憶ってくれればいい  失いたあたしを嗤って
(独り 思い出してくれればいい  泣いて自分を失ったあたしを嘲笑ってくれたらいい)
Alone, just remember me. Smile for me, I, who cried and lost myself.

君とはぐれて 遠く
(今 君とはぐれて遠くへ)
Now, I'm lost and far away.

ただ独り 憂いてくれればいい  微笑って
(ただ独り憂い想ってくれればいい  微笑みながら)
Alone, just anxiously think of me, while smiling.

[Additional Commentary]
This is my submission to Daijin's community music event, "Celestia". I'm still an amatuer, but it's an honour to be involved.

Hello everyone, I'm Circle's representative, Misaki. This is the first event our music group "Victy" has officially participated in, so this is kind of a debut for our song. As the chief editor [for our group] for this online event, I chose this song for it's powerful impression.

It's kind of a Pop-Rock mix with the Guitar, or at least the concept was, the second half was mostly just vocals.. Check out Liar's beautiful voice! And yes, the song title is pronounced "Higauta".

Thanks for [downloading]listening to this. A big thank you to Daijin for making this whole Celestia event come together, thanks to everyone else involved, let's get this show going!

Celestia4 -Red or White- (2007)

Chrono Trigger

Celestia5 -Sunlight/Moonlight- (2007)

Chrono Trigger

Celestia8 -SquareEnix Festival 2nd Stage- (2011)

Chrono Cross

Chrono Trigger

Celestia9 -Wish our Hope- (March 2011)

Chrono Trigger

CelestiaX -SquareEnix Music Arrange Festival 3

Chrono Cross

Chrono Trigger

Celestia12 -Short Charging SQEX- (March 2014)

Celestia13 10th Anniversary (March 2015)

Chrono Cross

Chrono Trigger

Celestia14 -SQEX Festival:Altar-

Chrono Trigger Mixtape

The Chrono Trigger Mixtape is a blend of modern rap tracks on modified Chrono Trigger music and beats. A quick mashup, it's merely a hobby of compromised, the group behind it. The resulting songs are actually fun to listen to, and some good beats are laid down.

  • The Chrono Trigger Mixtape site is down. Download all three releases here.

Volume 1

  1. 50 Cent - Disco Inferno (Gato's Theme)
  2. Young Jeezy feat. Mannie Fresh - And then What (Wind Scene)
  3. Ray Cash - Sex Appeal (Secret of the Forest)
  4. Ciara feat. Missy Elliott - 1, 2 Step (The Kingdom Trial)
  5. David Banner - Play (The Day the World Revived)
  6. Common - Corners (Schala's Theme)
  7. Kanye West feat. Talib Kweli, Common - Get 'em High (At the Bottom of Night)
  8. Cassidy - I'm a Hustla (Underground Sewer)
  9. Kelis - Milkshake (Prod. by JC) (Burn! Bobonga!)
  10. EPMD - Strictly Business (Bonus Cut) (Corridors of Time)

Chrono Trigger Remake Project

These tracks were made by bLiNd and John for the now-defunct Chrono Trigger Remake Project. Since they were intended for a faithful recreation of the game, these remixes have more emphasis on reinstrumentation than different composition.



Chrono Trigger Resurrection

These rearrangements were made by tssf for Chrono Trigger Resurrection. He released them to his forums in late 2004; many are incomplete.

Crystal - Square Music Arrange Festival

This was an effort by several Japanese remixers to cover Square music.

Dan Goodale

Dan Goodale is an independent remixer. His website is here.

DJ-Dr.MNM's Chrono Trigger Hiphop Mixtape

DJ-Dr.MNM is presumably a Japanese remixer. He created a Chrono Trigger mixtape of three songs and posted it as a video on the Japanese website NICOVideo; find it here.

  1. 'Crono & Marle ~ Far Off Promise and GUST Wind - Usher - Yeah (Longing of the Wind)'
  2. 'DASH!! Time Corridor - Usher - Yeah Remix 2 (Corridors of Time)'
  3. 'Do you have a mind? - Daft Punk - Technologic (Robo's Theme)'
  4. 'ARRANGEMENT - Let's still return to that young age (To Far Away Times)'

Dwelling of Duels

Dwelling of Duels is a monthly remixing competition.

September 2004

1: 'Zealous Entropy (DoD Mix)' by Ashane

June 2005

3: 'Atonement' by Darangen
4tie: 'Cessation of Mammon' by Ashane, LuIzA

December 2005 / January 2006

1. Fire Cross by LuIzA
14. The Hunt for That Girl by XenonOdyssey

February 2006

5. 'Peaceful Reminiscence' by Darangen

May 2006

11. 'Angelus Errare' by KiddCabbage

November 2006

7tie: Shadow of the Mystic by Rexy

December 2006

1: 'I Could Be Banned Soon Trigger' by Snappleman
2: 'Running After You' by Darangen
3: 'Bobonga's on Fire' by ConcreteMutant (jv)
4: 'Dimension Horizons' by LuIzA
5: 'Lavos Built My Hotrod' by norg, Ryan8bit
6: 'Wings Over Zeal' by Master Hatchet
7: 'Crossin Time' by Ashane
8: 'Preventing Judgment Day' by ansgaros, Danimal Cannon
9tie: 'The Emperor' by Vegeroth
9tie: 'Viaje Musical de Gato' TheoConfidor
10tie: 'Lab16 (WIP)' by Ranger X and Riders
10tie: '600 A.D., the place to be (formerly Wind Scene)' by Bobby Winston
10tie: 'Frog's Tears' by Scaredsim
10tie: 'Starbright' by The Prophet of Mephisto
11tie: 'Guardia State Fair' by cacomistle
11tie: 'A Forgotten Tale' by Kris Davis
12: 'Peaceful Days Metal Revenge' by bjkmenu
13: 'Millennial Fair' by Reboot
15: 'Wind Scene' by Endless Night (zmet and friends)
16: 'Sorrow Mountain' by tibone
18tie: '12000 BC Schala' by TRANSinsano
18tie: 'Windy Archipelago' by Paragon
19: 'Time Circuits 150cc' by Nario


January 2008

14tie: 'Sambacross Time' by SuprMelO 17: 'Robo's Theme' by MillennialFairs


June 2008

9: 'The Righteous Path' by Harjawaldar
10: 'Lavos Jam' by DrumUltimA
13: 'There's Metal in my Spaniard' by Final Atomic Buster

July 2008

11tie: 'Chrono and Marle in the Undersea Palace Consoling Magus' by DrumUltimA
13tie: 'Of Legends and Heroes' by VikingGuitar
18: 'Chrono Picker' by Final Atomic Buster

February 2009

14tie: Facing Dark Eternal (Hang On!) by Skummel Mask

April 2009

9: Chrono 1/2: Hard Battle by Juja
17: Final Frog by Power Tool Pursuit


May 2009

12: Corridor Echoes by El Grapadura

August 2009

7: '...And in Self-Loathing and Despair, She Found Wrath' LuIzA
10: 'Windig' by Xenon Odyssey
11: 'Ease Up, Crono' by VikingGuitar
18tie: 'Super Knight Bros in Limbo of the Lost' by Kid Belmont, King Malboro

December 2009

10: 'Drinking Eight Sodas Makes Me Sick' by J2

March 2010

10tie: 'Beware the Outer Wall Windmill's Z Blocks (circa 600 A.D.)' by Rhyok 22tie: '1000 A.D.' by serge chrono

June 2010

12: 'Beaches' by BONKERS

August 2010

Alternate: 'Wind Scene (Past)' by Rayth Xelos

October 2010

2tie: 'Continua' by Ergosonic

December 2010

2: 'Trigger Please' by Shnabubula

April 2011

4: 'By the Old Mill' by Harjawaldar

October 2011

6: 'Battle with Janus's Persona' by Culden
9: 'The Wind That Shakes Da Marley' by Hat

December 2011

Alternate: 'Feel the Wrath of my Anthropomorphic Nutsack' by OmigaDrive, Rajdeep

April 2012

5: 'Windy' by Hat feat. the KSU Jazz Ensemble
Alternate: 'Devotio Aeternus' by Darangen

October 2012

13: 'Radical ChronoGears' by Ivan Hakstok

15: 'Chrono Trigger - Hidden Truth/Singing Mountain' by Skychase2rebirth

June 2013

16: '600th 600 A.D.' by Juja

September 2013

15: 'Eye of the Trigger' by Hope Fails
37: 'Let's Just Get Out of this Stupid Sewer Already' by Dennis

January 2014

11: 'Winter Travel is a Trial' by Brandon Strader

July 2014

9: 'Epoch...Become Bird!!' by Juja, Raw Danger

September 2014

1: 'Time Flies Like a Dream' by Ivan Hakstok
3: 'Frog's Metal Trigger' by GearX2
5: 'Way' by Shipluss
9: 'Masamune' by Brandon Strader
10: 'Master Mune' by jaxx
14: 'Goodbye, Schala' by valence


October 2014

13: 'Secret of the Forest' by Milesssy

December 2014

16: 'Cronohutt' by Ailsean, flik
28: 'Funk Gang Johnny' by Gercr

June 2015

7: 'Cantina Automatica' by XPRTNovice

October 2015

5: 'Presagio Oscuro' by MushroomSword

January 2016

11: 'Give Lavos a Chance' by Moire Effect (BluuMonk, SuprMelO)

June 2016

18: 'Time Has a Chill Corridor' by Valence

September 2016

4th: 'Wings that Cross Time' by sigmabeta
7th: 'Trial and Errors' by Soniferous

June 2017

July 2017

7th: 'Omen of Antiquity' by Careless Juja, Brandon Strader

March 2018

3rd: 'Atlantis Burns Under a Lunar Eclipse' by Rifftus

December 2018

ALT: 'Queen Zeal's Bedroom' by Team Pixels

March 2019

4th: 'Tango in the Sewer' by Hat

March 2020

5th: 'Time - Lavos - Chance (original - Moiré Effect)' by Katamari

April 2020

6th: 'The Secret of the Forest' by Ian Martyn

June 2020

14th: 'Jonny Races FATE Down Under' by Ian Martyn

November 2020

3rd: 'Dancefloors of Time' by Ivan Hakstok, Sixto Sounds

December 2020

4th: 'A Shot through Time' by Powellman
ALT: 'Beat to Relax or Battle to' by FlextoneJunkie

January 2021

1: 'Lamppost Fantaisie' by Harpsibored

April 2021

34: 'Metal Domes' by Harjawaldar, Ludvig, Markus

June 2021

ALT: 'Gatito's Song' by Unknown Pseudoartist

August 2021

ALT: 'Schala's Theme' by BadHairlineProductions

December 2021

14: 'Is Loscann É' by Na Daoine Laghairt, et. al.

January 2022

24th: 'Burned to the Death' by Development of Avoid
32nd: 'Johnny B. Fool' by Unknown Pseudoartist

April 2022

Alternate: 'Battle with Magus' by BadHairlineProductions

July 2022

2nd 'Chrono Trigger Warning' by BadHairLine Productions, et. al.
7th 'Corrido of Time' by Hat, Surbhu Samdani
8th 'Go! Go! Shin Gato Robo' by Jett Swole
14th'Big Black Omen' by CRGuitar
15th 'Corridors of Time - This Really Isn't a Paradise' by Ian Martyn
17th 'Before, In Those Peaceful Days' by valence
18th 'Cafe of Time' by Luna Rabbit
19th 'Whispers of the Wind' by Cyril the Wolf
21st 'Arc Impulse' by Unknown Pseudoartist, et. al.
23rd 'Wind Scene' by Izzy
24th 'Undersea Palace (This Goth Club Endeavor)' by ButcherShoppe
26th 'Can't Help Feeling at Peace' by cacomistle
Alternate 'Wait for Slurp' by Biggoron
Alternate 'Epilogue - To Good Friends' by Ian Martyn
Alternate 'Er...Hu Is Schala' by Shea's Violin
Alternate 'You knew It Was Coming' by Unknown Pseudoartist, Newmajoe
Alternate 'Frogificator' by Unknown Pseudoartist, et. al.
Alternate 'Lavos Delaverno (Big Fire of Hell)' by Unknown Pseudoartist
Alternate 'KazooNo Trigger' by zeonicfreak

August 2022

19th: 'Ayla, Queen of the Prehistoric Age' by Sly

December 2022

Alternate 'Donkey! Bobonga!' by cacomistle, The Beauty of Grind

January 2023

40th 'Goodnight, Dear Friends' by valence
Alternate 'Eh?!' by Triple B Music

April 2023

8th: 'Longing of the Wind' by Nemo, Michelle Dreyband
25th: 'Tyrano's Stash' by Lucas Guimaraes, Cory Johnson, ImAFutureGuitarHero, Brandon Harnish, ThisIsJay
34th: 'Chicken Sauce' by bjkmenu

July 2023

1st: 'Finding the Frozen Flame' by Ivan Hakštok
6th: 'A Battle across Time' by jnWake, Ivan Hakštok, Lucas Guimaraes, GameroftheWinds
17th: 'Chronossienne' by EndlessRepeat
Alternate: 'Corridors of Time - Enhasa Theme' by Ian Martyn, TriacFox
Alternate: '書っかでも着けどこ' by Ian Martyn

September 2023

52nd: 'The Black Wind Howls at the Showdown with Magus' by The Rocket Knights, Travis Snowberger
Alternate: 'The Revolution Will Be Dooted' by donut, lobby


Episodes & Melody

Episodes & Melody is a Japanese arrangement group.

Gekitsui King Contest

This was a rock oriented Japanese remixing contest. It was released here.

Lyrics to the Dream:

力に溺れ 我を失い
悪夢の果てに 何を見るの?

彼の魔を討とうと 全てを投げる
忌み嫌われ 魔王と呼ばれ



力あるもの 彼の元へは


Last Leaf

Last Leaf is the personal site for Japanese remixer Lenster.

Legend of Renegade Sega Genesis Arrangements

Levo Lution XII

Levo Lution XII are a game arranging group, and have put out a few arranged albums. It's primarily run by Lix. They also host remixes on their site.

Trance Shift 3

Low-tech Son

Low-tech Son are an original and video game music arrangement and performance group based in Japan. You can find their remixes here.


MAGFest is a gathering of video game nerds at some random place in the United States, usually on the eastern seaboard. Shameless video game music cover bands play stuff there, and arrogant scenesters with overblown egos and internet credibility hob-knob while wearing T-shirts displaying their favorite site.


MegaDriver is a video game metal cover band out of Brazil. Learn more about them at the Concerts page.

Middle Island

Another Japanese remixing site with electronica arrangements.


MintJam are an eletronica/live instrument group in Japan that both compose original music and arrange video game music. Note: 'Good Night' is actually an arrangement of Wind Scene. These also appear on MintJam's 1st GIG album.

New White

New White is a Japanese remixer who took part in the 3/4 music festival. Other information's been hard to come by.


Works-in-progress from OCReMix's forums. Most of these are either abandoned or rejected by the capricious whims of the judges' panel, and thus never see the light of day. Periodically, the Compendium reviews OCR's work in progress forum to salvage these remixes.


These are remixes once hosted on OCReMix, but removed. Thanks go to doulifée for keeping them archived.

OneUp Studios

OneUp was started in 2002 by Dale North and Mustin to arrange video game music with a new flavour and then license and sell those arrangements on CD. Since its inception, Mustin has acquired sole ownership of the company, and OUS is still changing the minds of game music naysayers all over the world.


OneUp Studios - Time & Space (Green)

Note: The official, current Time & Space does not include a few songs released on the Green version. OneUp Studios has graciously allowed these to be hosted and made available to the fan community.

OverLooked ReMiX

'OverLooked ReMiX' is, in their own words, "dedicated to ridiculous interpretations of video game music and video game culture". While many of the remixes strive to be as unpleasant to the ears as possible, several are true gems overlooked by the mainstream remixing community. Even the lousy ones are worth a listen.

Chrono Trigger

People's Remix Competition

The PRC is an informal event hosted every now and then on OCR in which a handful of remixers cover a designated song.

People's Remix Competition 19

People's Remix Competition 104

  1. 'Funky Johnny' by AlexSmith
  2. 'Open Mic Night' by TheoConfidor
  3. 'Arrogance' by Chickenwarlord
  4. 'An Otherworld Awaits Robo Gang Johnny' by Nario (virtually an OLRemix)

Personal Remixes

These are remixes created and hosted by other people, but not submitted to any of the major remixing sites.

Digital Music

Featuring .it, .s3m, .xm format arrangements of Chrono Trigger music.

Smooth McGroove

Smooth McGroove is a Youtube personality who does acapella renditions of video game tunes.


The Soeiro Bros. are Youtubers who make video game covers.

tssf - Chrono Trigger 64

Astute historians will remember that before Chrono Trigger Resurrection was developed for PC, IGN reported that the same team was working on a port of Chrono Trigger to N64. Tssf provided tracker versions of Chrono Trigger sounds (and some other odds and ends, like Cross songs) for the project, which became CTR. Check out the original pack of music intended for Chrono Trigger 64! offers a handful of remixes.

University of Maryland Gamer Symphony Orchestra

The orchestra is digitally headquarted here. They upload their performances for download.

Unknown Remixes

These remixes are part of a 12-track collection that included some audio-rips of songs from the CT PSX cutscenes. Their author is unknown; they were made around the PSX version's release, circa 2001 or 2002. If you can identify the author, please post their name on the forums. Only the original remixes are provided; check here if you want to see the others.

Update: It's now suspected these were done by NuXion/Byron Long. Please check this thread.


VGMix WIPs are works in progress posted on to receive feedback for improving the remix. While often unpolished, they are nonetheless capable of inspiration and conceptual beauty.

These are prone to removal, and may not be available.


VGMix 1 has had two itinerations, the first being a sloppy site with little quality control. A few good Chrono remixes were submitted, and though VGMix now disavows most of its former submissions, these have been found. Please note that VGMix 1 contributions often lacked polish.

VGMusic MIDIs is an archive of MIDIs from various games.


Vincent7995 is a remixer!


ViViX is an arranger of video game music that primarily plays guitar. He helped form Serenade, who put out the Nostalgic Memories collection.

Zephyr Cradle

In addition to their fan doujins, Zephyr Cradle hosts video game remixes.

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