Frog's Theme

General Information[edit]

Areas Played: Cathedral, Guardia Castle, Guardia Forest, Hero's Grave, Magic Cave
Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Original Japanese Title: カエルのテーマ / Kaeru no Theme
Time Signature: 4/4 (triplets imply 12/8)

The full Frog's Theme only appears on the Official CD releases below; it is not in Chrono Trigger. Yasunori Mitsuda was asked about the song's cut at Procyon-Studio; the question and response:

(This is slightly paraphrased because the Japanese is a little more redundant than is grammatically acceptable in English.)

クロノ・トリガー未収録曲[歌う山]ですが、あの曲がゲームの中に入っていないのがとても残念です。多分あの曲はク○ノが死んだ後のイベント死の山でしたっけか? ク○ノを復活させる為の山に挿入予定だったのでしょ? なんで没になったのでしょうか? とても良い曲なのに (生楽器生声で一度聞いてみたい)。それと[カエルのテーマ]もゲームでは前奏が入っていなくてCDでは入っている。どうしてゲームでは前奏を入れるのをやめてCDでは、入っているのでしょうか?

About the not-yet-recorded Chrono Trigger song "Singing Mountain", it's really too bad it didn't make it into the game. Was the song for an event at Death Mountain after Crono dies? Was it planned to insert the song when going to the mountain to revive Crono? Why was it rejected? It's a very good song (I'd really love to hear it with live instruments and vocals). Also, the prelude to Frog's Theme wasn't included, but it was on the CD. Why was it in the CD, but not in the game?


(From Mitsuda himself) There was a dungeon where that song was used, but because the dungeon didn't contain much and there were no problems or anything that advanced the game, it was cut. So inevitably the song was cut with it (*sniffle*). About Frog's Theme, because the prelude was meant to rise up during an event, the song starts out partway through, but since we took great pains with the CD it started from the prelude there.

Thanks to JLukas for finding this and Arc Impulse for translating it.

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