Lavos's Theme

General Information[edit]

Areas Played: 1999 A.D., Arris Dome, Lavos Space, Ocean Palace, Truce Dome
Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Original Japanese Title: ラヴォスのテーマ / Lavos no Theme

The full theme naturally plays if the song is used in the game's event commands. However, in most areas, an incomplete version without the breakdown plays, toggled by a special command. The full theme appears at the final battle's pre-battle dialogue section (using the flightless Epoch) and at the Arris Dome. Chrono Trigger DS uses the full version in all cases.

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Dan Goodale

Dwelling of Duels

December 2006

1: 'I Could Be Banned Soon Trigger' by Snappleman

July 2022

Alternate 'Lavos Delaverno (Big Fire of Hell)' by Unknown Pseudoartist

Personal Remixes

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