Battle with Magus

General Information[edit]

Areas Played: Black Omen, Magus's Lair, North Cape
Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Original Japanese Title: 魔王決戦 / Maou Kessen
Time Signature: 3/4, then 6/8 (with some 7/8 and 5/8)

In 2009, Bandai featured this theme as part of a Super Robot Wars K song. Square Enix complained, and Bandai formally apologized. You can hear the usage here and see the apology in Japanese here.

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Restorations attempt to take compressed, low-quality sampled music (as found on video games, such as Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross) and "restore" them by tracking down the original samples and recreating the songs, as they would've sounded like to the composers before being subject to hardware limitations.

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CelestiaX -Square Enix Music Arrange Festival 3

Celestia14 -SQEX Festival:Altar-

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Dan Goodale

Dwelling of Duels

June 2005

3: 'Atonement' by Darangen

November 2006

7tie: Shadow of the Mystic by Rexy

December 2006

7: 'Crossin Time' by Ashane

June 2008

13: 'There's Metal in my Spaniard' by Final Atomic Buster

February 2009

14tie: Facing Dark Eternal (Hang On!) by Skummel Mask

December 2010

2: 'Trigger Please' by Shnabubula (leitmotif)

October 2011

6: 'Battle with Janus's Persona' by Culden

April 2012

Alternate: 'Devotio Aeternus' by Darangen

April 2022

Alternate: 'Battle with Magus' by BadHairlineProductions

July 2022

Alternate 'Frogificator' by Unknown Pseudoartist, et. al.

July 2023

6th: 'A Battle across Time' by jnWake, Ivan Hakštok, Lucas Guimaraes, GameroftheWinds

September 2023

52nd: 'The Black Wind Howls at the Showdown with Magus' by The Rocket Knights, Travis Snowberger

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