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General Information[edit]

Akira Toriyama, the artist for Chrono Trigger, is renowned for his unique style and skill. He completed several depictions of the main characters, some NPCs and enemies. These were spread through player's guides and other publications, while some anime cels and drawings were cleanly ported to the Playstation release of the game. They have been gathered here in quality heretofore unseen. The scene scans have been done by various people and differ sometimes; each version has been placed here.

Note that each item in Chrono Trigger was also drawn. Please consult the Image Indices for Accessories, Armor, Key Items, Items, and Weapons for Chrono Trigger to view those. For Chrono Cross art, click here.

Click a gallery thumbnail to see the full image. Credit to CuteLucca for most of the NPC scans, and Aitrus for filtering dot patterns.

Playable Characters[edit]

Chrono Trigger V-Jump Player's Guide[edit]

The Chrono Trigger V-Jump Player's Guide has early artwork by Toriyama, including a sketch of Gaspar and accompanying comment proving he was planned to be the eighth character of Chrono Trigger.

Non-Playable Characters[edit]


Chrono Trigger Ultimania and Masato Kato[edit]

Chrono Trigger Ultimania has a couple pages of very early concept art for Chrono Trigger done by Masato Kato.


In the second V-Jump preview video, scene art is shown with the entire frame represented.

Vlcsnap-131565.png Vlcsnap-131589.png

Vlcsnap-131613.png Vlcsnap-131670.png

Vlcsnap-131697.png Vlcsnap-131772.png

Vlcsnap-131797.png Vlcsnap-131873.png


Anime Scenes[edit]

V-Jump Alpha Version Preview[edit]

V-Jump Maps[edit]

A few special world maps were drawn for the Chrono Trigger V-Jump Player's Guide.

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