General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 12000 B.C.
Music: Blackbird (Inside), Blackbird (Outside)
Enemies: Basher, Byte, Turret
Bosses: Dalton Plus


Ridable: Yes
Controllable: No

Parameters: The party is imprisoned on the Blackbird during an event. They can exercize no control over it.

First Seen: Docked in Zeal after first arriving in 12000 B.C.
First Used: After being captured by Dalton after the fall of Zeal.

The Blackbird is an airplane and, aside from the Ocean Palace, the ultimate creation of the Guru of Reason Belthasar. It is a pinnacle achievement of Zeal that symbolized its advanced culture and people, and was named such because it resembled a bird in flight. Propelled by jet engines, the Blackbird featured several interior corridors for storage or personnel use, at least one hangar for docking smaller airborne craft, a complex ventilation system, and armaments in the form of turrets emplaced on conveyers on both wings. In the Lavos Timeline, the Blackbird was probably destroyed in the Fall of Zeal, while in the Keystone Timelines it was commandeered by Dalton and flown to the safety of the sky. Dalton used it as an aerial headquarters after claiming authority over Last Village, and imprisoned the captured party inside. The Dalton Corps outfitted the Epoch with wings within one of its hangars. Crono's friends later destroyed it by misfiring the Epoch's laser weapons, which sheared off its port wing and caused it to crash into the sea.




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