Lavos Timeline

General Information[edit]

The Lavos Timeline is the world before Chrono Trigger occured, and is void of any of Crono's actions and influences.


*** by a point means that a footnote is provided at the end of the timeline.
'-' means that an event succeeds everything above it, while a series of
'*'s mean that it is unknown which event occurred before the other.
'-U-' means that this event is dated according to Ultimania, a flawed guide for
Chrono Cross written in Japan that may nonetheless have some credibility.

=>Pre-65000000 B.C.

*Nu mysteriously exist.
*Two sentient races evolve—Reptites and early humans.
*Ioka and Laruba are established; the Tyrano Lair is also built.
*Reptites begin to wage war on humans for control of the planet.
-Kino appears on Mystic Mountain.

=>65000000 B.C.

-Nu reside at the Hunting Grounds.
-The Ioka clan chiefly fights the Reptites; the Laruba clan hides.
-Laruba village may or may have not been burned to the ground by the Reptites.
-Lavos lands on the planet.
-Either during the crash or later, a piece of Lavos known as the Frozen Flame separates from the whole.
-Lavos is named by Ayla. La means fire, Vos means big.
-Lavos burrows and begins absorbing the planet's energy.

=>65000000 B.C. to 3000000 B.C.

-An Ice Age sets in due to the impact of Lavos.
-Reptites die from the Ice Age; humans retreat underground.

=>3000000 B.C.

-Early humans come into contact with the Frozen Flame, sparking evolution and
giving humanity the power of magic.
-Some humans can use magic unaided by external power sources; others can use
magic with assistance, while some are wholly incapable of using magic.

=>3000000 B.C. to 12000 B.C.

-Humans discover the Sun Stone, allowing magic use by non-innates and serving
as a huge source of power.
-Zeal is created and islands are raised to the sky as dwellings for the magic
using Enlightened Ones.
-Those totally incapable of using magic stay behind as the Earthbound.
-Schala is born.
-Janus is born.
-King Zeal dies, and Queen Zeal succeeds the throne.
-The Mammon Machine is built out of Dreamstone by the Gurus, and possibly uses
the Frozen Flame to extract energy from Lavos.
-A pendant used to control the Mammon Machine and work with sealed doors is
forged by the Gurus.
-Janus hides his magic power to avoid having to work with the new machine.
-Schala is desginated controller of the Mammon Machine; if the Frozen Flame is
inside, she is possibly its Arbiter.
-Queen Zeal becomes cold and aloof.
-The Sun Stone is discontinued as Zeal's primary power source.
*Belthasar designs the Ocean Palace and Blackbird.
*Magic tabs are invented by a resident of Zeal living in Kajar.
-Dalton is placed in charge of the completion of the Ocean Palace.
-Slave labor by the Earthbound is used at the Ocean Palace.

=>12000 B.C.

*Melchior forges the Masamune from Dreamstone and his dreams.
*Melchior creates a special magic seed and gives it to a woman.
*The Gurus learn of the Mammon Machine's possibility for evil.
*Schala presumably gives Janus her amulet.
*The Mammon Machine is moved to the Ocean Palace.
-Queen Zeal activates the Mammon Machine at the Ocean Palace, which awakens
-Lavos (or more likely, the Entity) creates gates that send Belthasar to
2300 A.D., Melchior to 1000 A.D., Gaspar to the End of Time, and Janus to
600 A.D.
-Queen Zeal and Schala are presumably killed, since Lavos does not become a
Time Devourer in the original timeline. However, Schala may have also used
her power to warp to safety with her mother. Also, a prototype Epoch may
have followed Belthasar to 2300 A.D., since Dalton reveals that Belthasar
was working on such a vehicle in Zeal.
-Lavos, awakened by the Ocean Palace, obliterates Zeal.
-The Sun Palace sinks in the sea with the Sun Stone inside.
-The storm causing the Ice Age abates.
*The magic seed is presumably planted.

=>12000 B.C. to 1 A.D.

-The land warms up.
*Schala's pendant finds its way to the Earthbound, and is passed along the
Guardia line.
*Many sealed treasure boxes from Zeal scatter throughout civilization.

=>1 A.D.

-The Kingdom of Guardia is founded.

=>1 A.D. to 590 A.D.

*The Tyrano Lair resurfaces, and is called the Giant's Claw. It houses the
Rainbow shell.
*The blue pyramid, which stores Zeal's mightiest weapons, surfaces in a forest.
*The Masamune is sealed in a cave in the Denadoro mountains.
*A beast called Yakra haunts the forest west of Guardia, and occupies a
cathedral when it is built there.
*Janus warps in from 12000 B.C. due to the ocean palace disaster. He is raised
by the Mystics and becomes a powerful mage, also taking the name Magus.
*Glenn is picked on as a child.
-Glenn becomes squire to Cyrus, head royal knight.
*War between Mystics and humans is begun by Magus to gain power necessary
to summon Lavos and avenge his sister's presumable death.

=>590 A.D.

-Queen Leene marries into the Guardia royal family.
-Cyrus and Glenn recover the Hero's Medal from the Frog King.
-Cyrus obtains the Masamune.
-Magus breaks the Masamune in a fight with Cyrus and Glenn.
-Cyrus is murdered by Magus and Ozzie; Glenn becomes Frog by Magus's spell.
-Frog buries Cyrus in the Northern Ruins of Choras.
-Cyrus haunts the ruins.

=>590 A.D. to 600 A.D.

-Zenan Bridge is destroyed.

=>600 A.D.

-King Guardia XXI reigns.
-Queen Leene is abducted in the cathedral to the west of Guardia castle by
-Frog rescued Queen Leene.
-Magus summons Lavos, and is presumably killed.
-The Mystics lose the war after their leader disappears.
-Fiona is unable to save her forest from Retinite.

=>634 A.D.

-On March 6th, 634 A.D., Toma passes away and is buried.

=>990 A.D.

-On June 24th, Taban blows off a hike with Lucca, and her mother has an
accident which costs her use of her legs.

=>990 A.D. to 1000 A.D.

*Queen Aliza, Marle's mother, passes away.
*Melchior warps in from 12000 B.C. after the Ocean Palace disaster.

=>1000 A.D.

-King Guardia XXXIII reigns.
-Ozzie's descendant, Ozzie VIII, runs Medina village.
-The Millennial Fair is held.
-U-Lucca finishes her theory on Artificial Intelligence.

=>1999 A.D.

-The Arris Dome is controlled by the Guardia family line.
-Lavos awakens and destroys the world.
-Robo is damaged and falls unconscious at the Proto Dome.

=>1999 A.D. to 2300 A.D.

*The Sun Palace resurfaces from the sea.
*Surviving humans take shelter in domes, surviving through Enertrons.
*Lavos asexually reproduces at Death Peak.
*Belthasar comes in from the Ocean Palace disaster.

=>2300 A.D.

-Doan, of the Guardia family line, directs the Arris Dome.
-A deceased resident of the Arris Dome holds a magic seed.
-Belthasar continues work on the Epoch at the Keeper's Dome.
-Mother Brain murders humans at the Geno Dome in her plan to create a
robotic nation.
-Belthasar finishes the Epoch.

=>Post-2300 A.D.

*The last few humans die; the magic seed is not planted.
*Lavos spawns depart to find new planets.
*The planet presumably recovers over countless years.***

=>The End Of Time

-Gaspar and possibly Spekkio come in from the Ocean Palace disaster.

***In the Japanese version of the game, Mother Brain notes that given enough
time, the planet will recover.

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