Temporal Vortex

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General Information[edit]

Music: A Narrow Space Between Dimensions

The Temporal Vortex is a colorful, strange place apart from the two dimensions of Home and Another. It is home to several strange monsters and a type of orange fruit that allows a meager living possible for any beings stranded there. Impossible architecture is also present, suggesting the vortex is some kind of chaotic anomaly. Sprigg was somehow thrown there during her checkered history; she subsisted off the orange fruit and a juice brewed with the Vortex's connection to the outside world—a dimensional distortion leading to the Hydra Marshes that she did know of. When Sneff found himself there, she gave him a berry that enabled him to turn people to cats and back. Lynx forced Serge into the Temporal Vortex after he switched bodies with the boy at Fort Dragonia; Serge subsequently found Sprigg and was aided by Harle in escaping the world. Serge had to choose who he believed to be his real self in a strange room of doors in order to exit the area. Travel was then abilitated by the newly discovered dimensional distortion in the marshes. Sprigg became upset at this revelation, lamenting that her juice had been brewed with swamp water.

Sneff's visit to the Temporal Vortex is found only in the Japanese version of Chrono Cross:

US Translation:

An old troll gave me a
mysterious berry during
my travels, long ago.
She was saying someffing
about the Bend of Time...



utunnels Translation:

"In the old days, when I was on my journey of training, I got a mysterious fruit. I think I was in a Temporal Vortexnote or somewhere..."

Note: The literal meaning of 次元の狭間 is 'a narrow space between dimensions'. It is used in one of the chapter titles '次元の狭間 - さまよえる魂たちよ/Temporal Vortex - Where lost souls wander' as if it is an equivalent of Temporal Vortex. However, 次元の狭間 is also the Japanese equivalent of Bend of Time, hinting the natural of Bend of Time and Temporal Vortex is the same: Temporal Vortex is also a narrow space between dimensions.





-The anomalistic temporal vortex somehow discovered and adapted for living.
-Sprigg is banished here for an unknown reason, and lives here.
-Serge comes in from 1020 A.D. in the form of Lynx.
-Harle assists Serge in escaping with Sprigg.

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