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A seed discovered in a food storage facility.

This seed and other incarnations of it appear throughout the eras of Chrono Trigger as a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of adversity. Chronologically, it first appears in 12000 B.C., given by Melchior to a woman in Zeal Palace. Though she was subsequently ordered by Queen Zeal to burn it, she later planted it in the Last Village, and doing so had an interesting ripple effect in time: the Fiona's Forest sidequest became available, and the Sunken Desert appeared. The woman revealed that Melchior had cited it as a sapling with powers to cure the environment. Secondly, the seed appears in the aforementioned location. Fiona, member of a family who had held a seed for generations, thought of reviving her forest. This wouldn't be possible thanks to Retinite and other desert monsters. After these foes are extinguished, the seed later assists in the restoration of her forest with the assistance of Robo. Lastly, the seed appears in 2300 A.D., where it is a wonderment and optimistic symbol to the people of the Arris Dome. While it is unknown how it came into his possession, it is found on the person of a man who attempted to forage for food in the dome's lower corridors. It adds hugely to the cheer of the residents there, giving them the will to continue living in an age of utter despair.

The seed is incorrectly ascribed to Belthasar after the fall of Zeal. The Japanese version confirms that Melchior made it. The North American version omits the detail about Fiona's family holding the seed for generations.

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