Sunken Desert

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 600 A.D.
Music: A Shot of Crisis, Longing of the Wind
Items: 5000g, 1 Aeon Helm, 1 Aeon Suit, 1 Elixir, 2 Full Ethers, 1 Full Tonic, HyperEther, 1 Lapis, 1 Memory Cap, 1 MuscleRing, 1 Power Tab
Enemies: Hexapod, Mohavor
Bosses: Retinite

The Sunken Desert is a pit of deforesting evil created by Retinite, a renegade Mystic monster. It is home to several monsters who slowly eat away at Fiona's Forest during the middle ages. The Sunken Desert was eventually infiltrated by Crono and his team, who defeated Retinite and enlisted Robo's aid in restoring the forest. The desert holds many good treasure items which can all be accessed before the sidequests formally begin.




From: Locations (Chrono Trigger)