Queen Zeal


General Information[edit]

For boss information, see Zeal (Monsters).

Game Information[edit]

Full Name: Queen Zeal
Age: Indeterminate
Species: Human
Home Time: 12000 B.C.
Home Area: Zeal Palace

Queen Zeal is the queen of the Kingdom of Zeal and the mother of Schala and Janus. Married to King Zeal, she seems to have been a benevolent queen who became psychotic after his death. Severely emotionally impacted by the event, the queen turned to the newly discovered power of Lavos for solace. Janus told Schala that she had changed and was "no longer their mother," meaning she was probably once kind and caring. Citizens ruminate that the Mammon Machine made her evil. She became addicted to the power, commissioning the Ocean Palace and causing the resulting Ocean Palace Incident. She had little tolerance for disdain or concerns over the possible dangers of the Machine.

While she apparently is saved from being with Lavos forever in the Lavos Timeline, she remains in the distortion in the Keystone Timelines, allowing her to form the Black Omen and begin her terror anew. There, she battles the party twice -- once inside, and once atop the structure. After she is defeated a second time, apparently she dies, or is reabsorbed by Lavos -- in any event, Gaspar notes that she can finally rest. In the end, she is remembered as a tragic woman, ruined inside by the death of her husband, and having succumbed to the bait of power and eternal life through Lavos.

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