Record of Fate

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

The Record of Fate is a device employed by FATE to control the actions of the citizens of El Nido to ensure none traveled to mainland Zenan or made contact with the outside world. The lore of the land insisted that each citizen visit one regularly; the citizens did not question this imperative, consulting the records often and trusting in them completely. Once contact was made, the Record of Fate would cause a neural rewrite of the person's mind. When the dimensions split, the Records of Fate in Home World stopped working, as they were not designed to function across dimensions. Once FATE was defeated by Serge in Chronopolis, the Records of Fate went silent, allowing the citizens of El Nido pure free will for the first time in history.

In one of the endings, Lynx merges with FATE, and the Records take on a dark hue to reflect his evil presence in the supercomputer.

Theory and Analysis[edit]

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