Ending Locations

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Some locations in Chrono Trigger are only seen in the endings. Many of these are used in the Developer's ending, while two others are employed for other purposes.

Moonlight Parade Square[edit]

This is the Millennial Fair done at night. In game, layer 3 effects are used for strings of lights; otherwise, everything is darkened to a pale blue hue.

Futuristic Leene's Square[edit]

This is Leene's Square faithfully reproduced with the future tileset. However, this is not how Leene's Square actually looks in 2300 A.D., and is just used for purposes of humor in one of the endings. For the true appearance of the Square in the future, consult Nadia's Bell. Be sure to check out the prerelease version: Futuristic Leene Square (CTP)

E Square.png

Developer's Present Age Room[edit]

Music: Delightful Spekkio

This room is a reflection of 1000 A.D. in the Developer's ending. Yasunori Mitsuda, taking the sprite of Toma, can be found here.

E Dev1.png

Developer's Prehistoric Room[edit]

Music: Primitive Mountain

This room is done in the style of 65000000 B.C. The setup, a plateau among an impenetrable jungle of trees, is unique in the game.

E Dev2.png

Developer's Dark Ages Room[edit]

Music: Zeal Palace

This room resembles the Ocean Palace and features the Prophet sprite.

E Dev3.png

Developer's Dungeon Room[edit]

Music: Prison Tower

This is taken from the Guardia Castle dungeon.

E Dev4.png

Developer's Earthbound Room[edit]

Music: Corridors of Time

This room interestingly joins an Earthbound cave with an exit at the top. The ferret sprite appears here.

E Dev5.png

Dream Team Room[edit]

Music: Fanfare 1

This room houses the Dream Team sprites, and is done in the style of the Northern Ruins.

E Dev6.png

Developer's Future Room[edit]

Music: Sealed Door

This room looks like the human processing plant in the Geno Dome, and is the only other place the Truce Dome Director's sprite appears in the game.

E Dev7.png

Developer's Hut Room[edit]

Music: Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth

This appears to be a hut from Ioka.

E Dev8.png

Developer's Magus Room[edit]

Music: Confusing Melody

This set is taken from Magus's Lair, and appropriately features Flea.

E Dev9.png

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