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Radical Dreamers[edit]

Origin: Shadow Realm

Lilith is a Shadow Huntress and the Goddess of Death of the Shadow Realm, and is featured in the scenario The Shadow Realm and the Goddess of Death. Her charge is to kill every person whose name is written in the book of death (or Soul Contract), an ancient tome with blank pages. When Kid writes a note to Lynx to buy better books in the pages of the book of death, Lilith is able to enter the normal world, and quickly kills the bodies of Lynx and Riddel both, sending their spirits into the Frozen Flame. She then uses her Crescent Scythe to shatter the jewel, effectively killing them both. She then coldly asks Kid, and then Serge, to write another name in the book; they refuse, and Lilith assaults Kid. A battle follows in which she wrestles with Magil, who reveals himself to be of the Shadow Realm as well; eventually, he grabs her and the two disappear from the normal world. Kid recovers, and comes to live with Serge, who years laters sets out again on new adventures. Lilith is presumably trapped in the Shadow Realm forever.




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