Old News

Chrono Trigger II: The Brink of Time Lives[edit]

--ZeaLitY 14:24, 19 Jan 2005 (CST)

BrownMan, who fell victim to a reformatting that erased his current work on the fan project CT II: The Brink of Time, has decided to resume work and create it anew, enlisting the help of a few of his friends.

I found most of my old resources that I made on my old computer. Unfortunately, my map files weren't there. Im going to have to make some new sprites, mostly enemies -- but also Magus, since he was done on the other computer (the one that got reformatted). I'm going to have to make the database again, and all the techs and stuff, so after all that I'll be releasing a demo. But it will take a while though for me to get back on my feet. Wish me luck!

The project Chrono Crisis also underwent two complete reboots before reaching its current state as well. An interview with BrownMan about CT II: The Brink of Time is on the way in Editorials in three weeks.

Interview with Chrono Crisis Creator & CT Music Supplement[edit]

--ZeaLitY 15:38, 15 Jan 2005 (CST)

After releasing the demo for Chrono Crisis recently, Chains of Fate has agreed to an interview detailing the history of his project, its inspiration, and his plans for the future. This is first in four interviews with Fan Project creators, so don't miss it at Editorial 2! Additionally, I have released an .spc supplement to the soundtrack of Chrono Trigger, featuring tracks such as "Leene's Bell" and "Mt. Woe Tsunami" that were not included with snesmusic.org's .spc pack. It can be found here.

Concept Art for Chrono Trigger Equipment added[edit]

--ZeaLitY 08:02, 14 Jan 2005 (CST)

When Chrono Trigger was created, artists drew every piece of equipment in the game, including Key Items, Accessories, Weapons, and others. These were eventually placed in player's guides, but thanks to the efforts of CuteLucca, they have come to the Compendium in high-resolution glory, scanned from Chrono Trigger: The Perfect. If you don't plan on viewing all the individual entries, check these comprehensive tables, also available on each type of equipment's listing page. Accessories - Armor - Helmets - Items - Key Items - Weapons . It is a great day for the Chrono Compendium, and fans of Chrono Trigger!

Chrono Crisis Demo Released[edit]

--ZeaLitY 21:39, 9 Jan 2005 (CST)

Chains of Fate, creator of the Fan Project Chrono Crisis, has revamped his plot and released a demo of the project. It requires the RPGMaker2003 runtimes to use. His preview is, Many eras have passed since mankind was first born upon the world. Countless lives have been lost, saved, and ruined, and only a few heroes have been born. Among these heroes, are three teenagers, Crono, Nadia, and Lucca, who risked their lives to save the future of their world, even though they would never live to see it themselves. Although they saved so many people, was what they did really right? What happened to the people who WOULD have been born if time had not been altered? After thinking about it, they feared that one day someone may discover the truth and seek revenge on them. Now that they're older and have lives of their own, are they willing to lose everything because they did what they thought was right?

Check it out.

Chrono Crisis Demo: http://chronocrisis.uct2.net/ChronoCrisisDemo.lzh
Required Runtimes: http://files.rpginfinity.com/get/nb/maker/rpg_maker_2003/rm2k3_106.rar
Font Error Fix: http://files.rpginfinity.com/get/nb/utility/msgpatch/msgpatch.zip


--ZeaLitY 13:13, 3 Jan 2005 (CST)

Thanks to Arc Impulse and Hopeful Death

Dengeki Online has done a special feature that interviewed several game composers. Among them was Yasunori Mitsuda, who commented that he's working on a project involving music, pictures and stories with Masato Kato, creator of the Chrono series, and that he's also releasing an arranged version of the Chrono Cross OST in 2005. Here's a rough translation:

Aspirations for 2005!
In 2005 I'm thinking about many items [i.e. music] I want to make and send out. To start with, for the first item on the list, I've done a collaboration CD called "Kirite" with Mr. Katou [Masato Kato] who did Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross's scenario and supervision, and it will come out this spring. The speech, photos, and music are having the finishing touches put on them right now. [sorry, shaky here, but that's the general gist] One more thing, a Chrono Cross arrange version CD is also planned to go on sale around July. No matter which [month?], it will be on sale from Procyon Studio (Sleighbells Label).
I'm deciding right now whether to participate in works for 3-4 other games, but I can't say the names of those. Sorry (laughs).
In all the things I've mentioned, I feel like I want to keep tirelessly working my best in 2005.

Original article at [1]

SPECTACULAR. I absolutely cannot wait until July. You can bet the Compendium will instantly have a track listing and purchasing information around then.

First Editorial Released[edit]

--ZeaLitY 23:38, 28 Dec 2004 (CST)

The first in a long line of Chrono Compendium editorials has been released, the subject being "rate the characters of Chrono Trigger." Several editorialists did just that, and offered commentary on why they placed each in a certain spot. Check out the final results at Editorial 1.

ZSNES v1.40 Released[edit]

--ZeaLitY 14:56, 28 Dec 2004 (CST)

ZSNES, often considered the best SNES emulator around, has had its first official release in a few months, with countless features updated and some new attractions. These include 48khz audio and a new kind of video filter, the HQ, which varies according to resolution. The HQ filter makes the game look positively stunning, as it rounds off blocky pixels and sprites and adds tiny shading to them. Examples include Before HQ and After HQ. Unfortunately, ZSNES.com was Slashdotted and is apparently down due to traffic overload. A mirror exists at http://ipherswipsite.com/zsnes/ or at the ZSNES sourceforge page.

New Mitsuda CD Release Planned[edit]


Merry Christmas-eth. Just in time for Christmas, it is now known that a new Yasunori Mitsuda CD is coming out-eth in 2005. While it is limited to Japan at this time, and details are unknown-eth, it does have a page at http://www.procyon-studio.com/sleighbells/index.html#moonlitshadow which allows viewers to listen-eth to samples of some tracks. Enjoy-eth this present!

Chrono Trigger Remake Project Updated[edit]

--ZeaLitY 23:48, 23 Dec 2004 (CST)

The Chrono Trigger Remake Project has, at last, updated its site, and it was well worth the wait. New screenshots are up of the Millennial Fair, which looks beautiful in the Unreal engine, and new .mp3's are up. Additionally, the site has a sort of Christmas-theme going on. This is a must-see for any Chrono fan; check it out at http://www.chrono-trigger.com .

New Fanfiction[edit]

--ZeaLitY 22:32, 22 Dec 2004 (CST)

Part 3 of Legacies of the Fallen has been posted on the Compendium, written by Jasson Knight and part of a series following the Magus, albeit under different circumstances! It is interesting from the get-go, and recommended. View it at Fanfiction:JinxandJedi_Legacies_3. Additionally, Hadriel has released the second chapter in his fanfiction about Ayla, called The Edge of Forever, about "Ayla's attempt to save her tribe from the impending Ice Age prophesied by Azala...[a quest that] will be like no other she has ever faced." Hadriel immediately dives into engaging dialogue, and allows the reader to peer into Ayla's own thoughts. Check it out at Fanfiction:Hadriel_Edge_2 Part II - Converse Echoes. Lastly, a new, wonderful piano remix of Singing Mountain, called 'Lonely Mountain,' has been released, done by RainyAida and available in Music (Chrono Trigger) or below under ReMix Watch.

Editorialists Wanted[edit]

--ZeaLitY 23:42, 21 Dec 2004 (CST)

EDITORIALISTS NEEDED! The Chrono Compendium is about to begin featuring weekly polling, which hasn't been done at the site since October 2003, and weekly editorials written by a pool of members in the forums who can contribute on a whim. Editorialists are needed to fill this pool; the process of writing will be fun and will offer fresh outlooks and interpretations of the Chrono series and related events. For instance, the first planned editorial is 'Rate the Chrono Trigger characters in any way you please.' We then average the rankings, and everyone writes a paragraph on why they ranked a particular character in a certain way. Other ideas include Remix Spotlights or commentary on current events, and even supplements to polls. This should be much fun, and isn't a mandatory, weekly requirement. Authors can contribute as they wish. Check it out at http://www.chronocompendium.com/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=511 and post if you'd like to join. There are already six signed up, and more are welcome and encouraged.

Beyond Time Released[edit]

--ZeaLitY 22:55, 18 Dec 2004 (CST)

Leebot has released an article a few months in the making called Beyond Time; its purpose is the examination of temporal phenomena that fall outside the realm of the regular, and it succeeds through rigorous and informative descriptions that impart new perspectives and understandings of such enigmatic topics as the nature of the Black Omen, Pocket Dimensions, and even familiar places, such as the Bend of Time or Temporal Vortex. This is a must-read for any Chrono Scholar or fan who is interested in futher learning of the mechanics in operation behind the scenes of the Chrono games, influencing the plots and making time and dimensional travel consistent. Check it out at Beyond Time; it has also been released on Gamefaqs.

Recent downtime - December 18, 2004[edit]

From Ramsus:

"My ISP changed my IP address last week, which is why the site has been inaccessible. After I discovered the issue, I updated the DNS nameservers so that they now point to the correct IP again. Everything should be back to normal in a day or so."

Chrono Trigger II: The Brink of Time Cancelled[edit]

BrownMan has closed his sequel to Chrono Trigger in RPGMaker2003, Chrono Trigger II: The Brink of Time; the reason he cited was that his father reformatted his computer without his permission a day before he was to upload the demo. After losing so much hard work, he no longer wishes to continue, and has joined the Chrono Trigger Remake Project, at http://www.chrono-trigger.com. Good luck to him there.

New Fanfiction: Habeas Cronos[edit]

A new piece of fanfiction has been posted, called Habeas Cronos. It is part over-analysis, part comedic interpretation of Crono's trial in the Kingdom of Guardia, written by a law student for an evidentiary class (the entry won the contest). He has allowed it to be posted on the Compendium under anonymity. Be sure to have a laugh and check out Habeas Cronos.

===Music Section (Mostly) Complete=== --ZeaLitY 23:29, 1 Dec 2004 (CST)

Music has been mostly finished; the only elements lacking are images for the albums and official releases and a few Areas/Events played entries that are missing (if you can, fill these in if you know when/where a song plays). In case you haven't been following the Music section:

-Listings for all .spc, .psf, official and unofficial albums with Chrono music
-Listings for all known, good remixes, including VGMix and OCReMix
-Song information for each track, including composer, areas/events played, original title in romaji
-Also on song information are listings of what albums, releases, and remixes the song appears in
-Tons of remixes not available on VGMix.com or ocremix.org

Check it out, and go crazy with it. This is an extremely useful tool to Chrono audiophiles.

===Legacies of the Fallen Added=== --ZeaLitY 14:30, 29 Nov 2004 (CST)

Jinx and Jedi, two fanfiction authors who host their own site, http://www.lunaescence.com, have graciously allowed the Compendium to host their venture into Chrono series fanfiction, called Legacies of the Fallen. The story details a Zealian nobleman who, while present at the Ocean Palace, is thrown twenty years into the future to find that his home no longer exists. It's written in a captivating style and is suggested reading. Check it out in Selected Fanfiction.

===Temporal Flux Released=== --ZeaLitY 11:34, 24 Nov 2004 (CST)

Temporal Flux is the ultimate editor for Chrono Trigger. Here are T.Geiger's words, from http://board.acmlm.org/thread.php?id=8041

~ Now comes the part where I make many of you very happy and a few of you very sad. You see, the teaser patch was just a big swerve. Temporal Flux is not a ROM hack at all.

Temporal Flux is an editor.

You've tried my other programs and think they rock? You ain't seen nothing yet.

I could sit here all day and list all the features this program has, but I figure you would rather just get the bleeping thing. The boards get this first. It will be posted to Zophar's front page sometime Friday.

This program requires the .NET Framework v1.1 which is available from Windows Update and elsewhere on Microsoft's website.


And Chickenlump has written up a manual that covers some of the basics.

I have to give some special thanks to Chickenlump and JLukas. Without them, Temporal Flux would only be about half as far along as it is now.

Finally, there are some ways you can help the further development of this editor. Layer 3 tiles are not displayed or editable in this version, mostly because I do not know how to render them on top of the other tiles. And a number of Location Event commands are not fully decoded, so if you can figure some of that out, it would be a big help.

What's to come? Overworld Event and (hopefully) Layer 3 editing are scheduled for the next version. The eventual goal is to be able to edit everything (though it will probably be some time before TF is capable of that ).

Bug reports and suggestions are always welcome. If you find that you like this program so much you would like to thank me in some manner, nothing says "thank you" quite like a Donation. ~

I've begun work on a preliminary plot, and Claado Shou is doing sprites. The Chrono Compendium can hopefully take full advantage of this editor and release a modification.

===Chrono Trigger Prerelease Updated=== --ZeaLitY 21:11, 23 Nov 2004 (CST)

The Prerelease section has been updated with much information from RyogaMasaki and CuteLucca, who contributed scans from promotional cards -- his site is at http://ryoga.heypoorplayer.org/ctpp/ . Especially of interest are the aforementioned cards and Extra_Playable_Characters_(CTP), as new evidence suggests that Gaspar might have been the eighth character, and once and for all disproves Schala as the possible character. Check it out.

===BIG News=== --ZeaLitY 11:21, 20 Nov 2004 (CST)

T.Geiger, one of the foremost ROM hackers of Chrono Trigger, has released a teaser for his upcoming patch, Temporal Flux, the result of 1500 manhours of work over the last year. It appears to be a continuation of the Chrono Series storyline, featuring FATE, dark versions of the protagonist, and...well, you'll just have to see the other huge surprise in there. That talk about the rumored two characters in the Prerelease may have been untrue, but in Temporal Flux, it may become a reality. Geiger says the full patch is coming Nov. 24, and will only work with Non-headered ROMs (if you downloaded your CT off the net, it is probably headered). It's unknown what the storyline exactly is, or whether he has all his facts straight, but Geiger is very professional. For now, pick it up here:

Non-Headered ROM:

Headered ROM:

To view it, make a copy of your CT ROM. Extract the .ips file. If you don't have a utility to apply .ips patches, hit up http://fusoya.cg-games.net/ and download Lunar IPS. Things should be self explanatory; use the utility to apply the patch and then load up the copied ROM and enjoy.

===Gaspar Chronicle Epilogue & The Edge of Forever=== --ZeaLitY 21:49, 18 Nov 2004 (CST)

Two new additions to fanfiction were added today, the first being the epilogue to my Gaspar Chronicle; the second was the first part of a short story about one of the protagonists of Chrono Trigger, written by Hadriel. Both are accessible from Selected Fanfiction. Get ready for a supplement to the Prerelease section; much information, both textual and visual, is being added things to CuteLucca and Ryoga.

===I need help.=== --ZeaLitY 22:24, 14 Nov 2004 (CST)

Check the General Discussion board. The Compendium's eating up a crazy amount of my time, so I cannot continue working on it at this pace. I need help, or else I'll feel like retiring completely. This site's going to be the ultimate in analysis and even fanfiction, but first we must get all this useless info out of the way, like the Weapons encyclopedia. If you can help me do a few entries, please, PLEASE post on that General Discussion thread called 'Message from ZeaLitY.'

===Fan Projects Completed=== --ZeaLitY 22:34, 3 Nov 2004 (CST)

I believe the Fan Projects page is finally complete. I've scoured the internet for mention of fan projects, even contacting old sources. It turns out that aside from Chrono Trigger Resurrection, there are twelve other projects, all varying in scope and methods of revitalizing and remaking the Chrono series. Click the link and check them out; many of them are in need of good talent, and we'd love to see a new one get finished.

===Nobuo Uematsu Leaves Square-Enix=== --ZeaLitY 16:24, 30 Oct 2004 (CDT)

From http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2004/1959.html

Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu has left Square Enix and is set to found his own company. Reflecting on his busy recent schedule, which included a Final Fantasy concert tour throughout Japan this year, activities related to his rock band The Black Mages as well as composer duties for last year's Hanjuku Eiyuu Tai 3D and the upcoming Final Fantasy XII, Uematsu mentioned, it might be best for him to become a freelance composer. However, he mentioned that there is still a possibility his relationship with his former employer will continue. Looking back Uematsu said he really liked his compositions for Final Fantasy VI, VII and VIII and will never forget Final Fantasy VIII's main theme Eyes on Me.

===Zealous Entropy=== --ZeaLitY 21:24, 22 Oct 2004 (CDT)

A fantastic new Corridors of Time remix has been released on VGMix.com. It clocks in at 10:29, featuring excerpts from the citizens of Zeal and a beautiful soundscape founded on excellent guitarwork. Ashane does extremely well in imparting the airy and majestic feel of Zeal. October must be the months of knock-out Chrono Trigger arrangements (see "The Queen with the Silver Eyes (Dream Extension)"), as this is the second one yet. Regardless, stop reading and hit it up: 'Zealous Entropy' by Ashane.

===Gaspar 3 Released=== --ZeaLitY 21:15, 21 Oct 2004 (CDT)

Softly, but deeply, the thunder rolled across the plains of the central continent, ushered in part by the longest night of nights, and a drifting rain that aimlessly wandered in search of a realm it had forgotten. The stars, though covered by the dreary, but tender mists, were nonetheless present, overseeing from regions faraway; strikes of lightning emanated a power – though not malicious, it was a declaration of strength – strength with beauty; strength with kindness; strength that demanded respect, and caressed those who gave it. It was currently set about creating a nocturnal symphony of showers and rumbles – a serenading duet between the land’s patter and refreshment from the azure drops, and the heavy, weeping sky.

Such is the beginning of Gaspar III. Echo of the Flame, my third and final installment in the Gaspar Chronicle. Gaspar, Magus, and Serge at last confront their fears in this epic conclusion. Check it out, as I need feedback. Fanfiction:ZeaLitY_Gaspar_3 Gaspar III. Echo of the Flame .

===New Fanart Up=== --ZeaLitY 17:31, 19 Oct 2004 (CDT)

This isn't a huge release or anything, but the Fanart section is finally geared up and running. We've got a completed sprite based off the Strange Gun Emplacement (CTP), and a render of Enhasa that UnforgivingEdges of OCR found on http://www.3DKingdom.org. Check them out under Compendium presentations, and if you have any of your own work, feel free to upload it and add it to the Fanart page following my example.

===Chrono Trigger Movie Soundtrack Remix Project & The Queen with the Silver Eyes=== --ZeaLitY 20:47, 16 Oct 2004 (CDT)

Claado Shou has finally unveiled the CT Movie Soundtrack Remix Project, an effort to build a conceptual orchestral soundtrack off recommended tracks for a possible Chrono Trigger movie. No, there is no Chrono Trigger movie being made; however, Claado Shou, who three years of film classes under his belt, has painstakingly written a script that has undergone nine revisions. An audition stage lasts until November 5th, after which a mixing stage occurs, in which remixers will choose scenes to score. An orchestral soundfont is being provided for the arrangers. Resources:

SCRIPT: http://www.trenzhost.com/files/Claado%20Shou/CT%20Movie%20Script.rtf. In order to read the script fully-formatted, go to www.finaldraft.com and download the Final Draft 7 demo, then C&P the text into that program. Out will come a properly-formatted script.
OST LISTING: http://www.trenzhost.com/files/Claado%20Shou/CT%20Movie%20OST.rtf. The entire thing is self-explanatory (remember, RECOMMENDED songs).
AUDITION GUIDELINES: http://www.trenzhost.com/files/Claado%20Shou/CT%20Movie%20Audition.rtf. This is the set of guidelines for all of you auditioning, and I ask that if you want clarification, you PM me or ask within this thread, and I'll do my best to make it absolutely clear. No assumptions, please.
PLOT OUTLINE: http://www.trenzhost.com/files/Claado%20Shou/CT%20Movie%20Outline.rtf. For those of you who want to know what the hell happens without reading 130 pages of script.
BANNER: http://www.trenzhost.com/files/Claado%20Shou/CT-MSRP.BMP. Something I made myself, an optional banner for those participating in the project. Please download and upload to your own hosting agent, so you don't leech my bandwidth.

I'm not even going to attempt to cover anything else on this Compendium newsbreak, so save me the trouble and go to http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=45588&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 to get the entire story on this fantastic project.

Lastly, an extremely well-executed Zeal Palace remix which fell through the cracks of VGMix 1 & 2 has been brought to the light once more. zykO - The Queen with the Silver Eyes (Dream Extension) takes the listener to a powerful soundscape perfectly capturing the despondency and decadence of the fall of Zeal and its queen. Grab it here.

===Chronology Completed; Hope for CT: Resurrection Fans=== --ZeaLitY 15:39, 13 Oct 2004 (CDT)

Well, it took two days, but the Chronology encyclopedia has been completed. One can access every relevant date or interval in the Chrono series to observe what transpired, and one can view specifically all the events that occurred in a particular timeline. Check it out. Additionally, the Chrono Remixing scene is putting out tremors. Be on the watch for a big update this Friday. Lastly, tssf of the former Chrono Trigger: Resurrection project has stated that he will continue to remix the entire soundtrack of Chrono Trigger in addition to what was done for the project and release the entire collection in the future. Thanks go to the Compendium member marr0w for pointing this out.

===Chronology Version 1.5 Released=== --ZeaLitY 18:26, 11 Oct 2004 (CDT)

My Chronology, the first effort by those who posted in the CT/RD/CC/CB thread on OCReMix long ago (eventually giving rise to the Compendium), has been updated for hopefully the final time. The Mid-Dimension Timelines have been added, as well as timelines for the Bend of Time and the Temporal Vortex. The effort to catalogue this information by timeline and date in the Chronology section of the encyclopedia can now begin; the complete Chronology .txt file can be found here.

===Project ZEAL Underway=== - --ZeaLitY 10:47, 6 Oct 2004 (CDT)

If you've visited the forums lately, you may have noticed the creation of a special forum for something called 'Project ZEAL.' Project ZEAL is a community-wide effort to produce rich fanfiction by representing a number of writing styles and outlooks on the Chrono series; several authors collaborate in writing scenes using a few Chrono series characters and several ones of their own creation. The plot is deeply interesting and its development has led to an excellent mythos in the series. If you'd like to check it out, private message me on the forums or post in the General Discussion Thread 'Anyone interested in a fanfiction project?".

===New ReMixes Released=== - --ZeaLitY 17:04, 27 Sep 2004 (CDT)

In the last week, five new remixes have been released at www.ocremix.org and www.vgmix.com. Check them out:

-OCReMix - 'Far Away Memories' by Neil Benjamin
-VGMix - 'Castletop Scramble' by DJ Naptime
-VGMix - 'The Fall of Zeal' by Darangen
-VGMix - 'To Far Away Times (revisited)' by JDHarding
-VGMix - 'Woman in a Black Dress' by Bladiator

===Chrono Trigger Prerelease Completed=== - --ZeaLitY 18:13, 22 Sep 2004 (CDT)

The special section covering the Prerelease has been completed. It includes, with pictures for nearly every entry, information on possible characters, monsters, locations, and options (such as the Epoch's hovercraft mode) that were removed from or changed in the final version of Chrono Trigger. Check it out at Chrono Trigger Prerelease.

===Chrono Trigger Prerelease Soundtrack Released=== - --ZeaLitY 16:12, 19 Sep 2004 (CDT)

Though the Prerelese section isn't finished due to maps being needed for the era entries, the CTP soundtrack has been released notwithstanding. It features a few tracks different from the final version's music, and can be found at Music (CTP).

===CTR Developer Speaks=== - --ZeaLitY 08:19, 8 Sep 2004 (CDT)

On OvercockedRemix.org, the developer of Chrono Ressurrection has offered more insight into the project and its discontinuation.

The only reason we decided to show it prematurely was because everyone who saw the project was telling us that we should show it to the public. I didn't see any harm in doing that. And, yes, Square has every right to shut the project down. I respect Square and their work over the years and I had no problem stopping the project under their request. It *is* their IP and their legal right.

Keep in mind, though, that we honestly didn't expect the project to get so big -- I know I didn't even think about that kind of exposure. And we weren't trying to play mind games with people out there, like you've suggested in so many jaded posts. We thought it would be cool to show what we were working on, that's all. Now that the project is closed, we'll be moving on to other things... Square sure did download the trailer a lot in the past day and a half, though... 1.6 GB of bandwidth just from their IP. I literally lost count of the number of unique visits.

Original thread is at http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=43169.

===Chrono Ressurrection Discontinued; CTCC Savestate Pack 1 Released=== - --ZeaLitY 17:25, 6 Sep 2004 (CDT)

Chrono Trigger Ressurrection, an effort by third-party game developers to recreate ten scenes of Chrono Trigger in 3D, has been discontinuted after receiving a cease and desist order from Squaresoft. Blame lies in e-mails sent to Square asking for them to support the development team, given even in the warning of the project members that this might occur. Several images and a trailer have been left at the site in memory; they can be found here.

Additionally, I have released the first piece of my Chrono Trigger Comprehensive Collection of savestates. These are intended to allow access to any segment of the game. It can be found here.

===Chrono Trigger Remake Project=== --ZeaLitY 12:31, 23 Aug 2004 (CDT)

The foremost fan-based Chrono Trigger update has recently come back online, and can be found at http://www.chrono-trigger.com. A preview is available which presents an impressive End of Time. Check it out!

Real World Influences Article Completed - --ZeaLitY 00:56, 21 Aug 2004 (CDT)[edit]

The latest article by the Compendium and its greatest achievement of recency has been released, having been in the making since September 2003. Comparing the Chrono series to our own history and culture, it covers Historical Parallels, Name Origins, Sociopolitical Trends, and Religious Analogies. It can be found at Real_World_Influences.

Radical Dreamers Final Translation Patch Mirrored - ZeaLitY 17:50, 11 Aug 2004 (CDT)[edit]

SERITZO completed his upgrade of Demiforce's translation patch for Radical Dreamers, unlocking the use of in-game saves and fixing minor errors here and there, technical and grammatical. A few game-crashing errors have been negated as well. It can be downloaded from the Compendium:


Server Updates - August 11th, 2004 - 4:09PM CST by Ramsus[edit]

I've updated the server to run FreeBSD 5.2.1 instead of Slackware Linux, and I've upgraded MediaWiki to the latest CVS snapshot. Unfortunately, the monobook skin (as seen at Wikipedia) doesn't work with PHP5, so things are looking like they did several months ago.

Anyway, the site is usable and you can begin contributing by creating an account on the Log In page. If you're not sure where to begin helping, just contact Zeality, who coordinates all of the non-technical activities here at the site.

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