Memento Pendant

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Used by: All characters
Effects: Magic Defense +4
Materials: Cannot be disassembled

How to obtain:

Improves Magic Defense.

A beautiful, intricately-made pendant that once belonged to Dario's mother.

The Memento Pendant is a gold, jewel-encrusted pendant owned by Dario's mother. It bears six jewels surrounding a large gem in the center, most likely representing the Elements. Presumably before her death, she gave it to Dario; in 1017 A.D., he in turn gave it to Riddel to seal their engagement. However, when he perished at the Isle of the Damned, the pendant became a reminder of tragedy to Riddel, who shunned it until General Viper locked it in a vault on the right tower of Viper Manor. In 1020 A.D. (Another World), the Shaker Brothers stole the pendant to lure Karsh to the Isle of the Damned for a confrontation, as they believed he killed Dario. After the battle, they yielded the pendant to the party. It was then brought to the Forbidden Island and shown to Dario, causing him to recall his memories and summon the evil Masamune to his side.



Memento Pendant

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