Mammon Machine (Monster)

General Information[edit]

For biographical information, see Mammon Machine.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 12000 B.C., 600 A.D., 1000 A.D.
Home Area: Black Omen
Level: 48
Attacks: Attack used to increase defense!, Magic becomes attack power!, Mammon M. stands still..., Point Flare, Releases stored energy!
Charm: MegaElixir
Item Won: None


HP: 18000
Attack: 100
Defense: 127
Magic: 4
Magic Defense: 50
Speed: 11
Stamina: 10
Evade: 20
Hit: 100
TP: 0
Exp: 0
Gold: 0
Absorbs: None
Cancels: None
Resists: None
Weakness: None

Final Fantasy Chronicles: If you have Frog in your party, you can absorb energy from the Mammon Machine with the Masamune. Another method is to use physical attacks.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Japanese: まじんき
Translation: Demon Machine



Mammon Machine Sprites.gif

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